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Learn English: All about Animals...


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Learn English: All about Animals...

  1. 1. Parts of Speech is comprised of Noun, Common Noun, Proper Noun, Collective Noun, Abstract Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Conjunction, Preposition, and Article. Noun is consists of Common Nouns, Proper Nouns Abstract Noun and Collective Nouns Common Noun is consists of People, Place, Animals and Things Animals can be discussed in terms of animal names, masculine and feminine genders, diminutives, their sounds and collective nouns. In this software, we will touch exclusively on ANIMALS
  2. 2. ANIMALS can be divided into vertebrates, and invertebrates. Animal as common noun is either in masculine, feminine or in neuter noun form. As you go along this software you will learn many types of animals. It is hoped that the student can benefit from this CD and implement into their learning process.
  3. 3. Frog croak/ribbit (USA) Goat bleating naa Goose cackling honk Horse neighing neigh Horse shuddering brrr Horse whinnying wehee Horse (hoof sound) clip clop Lion roaring raa/grr/roar Monkey – chatter! Dolphin – wail! Moose Mouse squeeking eek Owl hooting twit twoo/hoo hoo/whit woo/terwit terwoo Ox lowing boo/booh Parrot pretty Polly/ Who's a pretty boy? Pig grunting oink Pig squealing wee wee Pigeon cooing coo Raven croaking caw Sheep bleating baa Snake hissing sss Hamster/mouse- squeak! Sheep – bleat ! Sparrow Tiger roaring raa/grr Turkey (male cock) gobble gobble To listen : Move mouse over the pictures. To see more : Click twice on the blue background
  4. 4. Animal Sound English Bee droning buzz/bzzz Bird (small) cheep/chirp/ chirrup/peep Bird (medium) cheep cheep/ tweet Bird (big) squawk Bird (many birds) warble/twitter Camel nuzzing grumph Cat mewing meow Cat purring purr Chaffinch pink Chicken (hen) clucking cluck cluck Rooster (cock) crowing cock-a-doodle-doo Chick (baby chicken) cheep/peep Cow lowing moo Cow/Bull (angry) snorting snort Crane clang Crocodile (biting) snap Crow cawing kaak/ caw Cuckoo cuckoo Horse – neigh ! Cat – purr/meow Snake – rattle/hiss Bison - snort!(angry) To listen : Move mouse over the pictures. To see more : Click twice on the blue background
  5. 5. Deer troat Donkey braying hee haw/ eeyore Dog barking (small dog) yap yap/ arf arf Dog barking (medium dog) woof woof/ ruff ruff Dog barking (big dog) bow wow Dog (biting) gnash/ snap Dog (gnawing bone) chomp/chump/ gnaw Dog (angry) grrr/snarl/growl Dog (crying) whine/whimper Dog (panting) pant pant Dog (distressed) yelp/yip/ howl/yowl Dog (drinking) lap lap Dove crooding coo Duck gabbing quack quack Elephant trumpeting baraag Turkey (female hen) yelp Wolf howling owooooo Woodcock peent Dog – bark! Elephant- trumpet! Frog –croak! Deer – troat! To listen : Move mouse over the pictures. To see more : Click twice on the blue background
  6. 6. GAME : Animals and sounds Now, Let‟s RECALL : • • • • • • • • • • Horse – N_ _ _ H Bees – H_ _ _ or B _ _ Z Mice-S _ _ _ _ K Duck- Q _ _ _ K Cat- P _ _ R Goats, sheep- B_ _ _ T Bird- C _ _ _ P or T _ _ _ T Lions- R _ _ _ R Dog- B _ _ K Hogs- G _ _ _ T GAME!
  7. 7. GAME : Animals and sounds Now, Let‟s RECALL : GAME!
  8. 8. ADULT YOUNG ADULT YOUNG Aadvark pup dog puppy African dog pup eagle eaglet Alligator Hatchling eel elver alpaca Cria elephant calf armadillo Pup Fish, trout fry ant Antling frog tadpole anteater Pup goose gosling antelope Calf Hare(rabbit) leveret ape Infant hawk Bowet ass Foal horse Foal baboon Infant kangaroo Joey badger Kit moth Caterpillar bat Pup salmon Parr bear Cub sheep Lamb beaver Pup swan cygnet bee Larva, pupa turkey Poult beetle Larva whale Calf bird Chick, nestling,fledgling buck fawn bison calf duck duckling
  9. 9. MASCULINE FEMININE Billy-goat Nanny-goat Boar(pig) sow Buck(deer) Doe Bull Cow Bull-elephant Cow-elephant Cock Hen Colt Filly Dog Bitch Drake Duck Fox Vixen Gander Goose He-bear She-bear He-goat She-goat Lion Lioness Peacock Peahen Ram Ewe Stallion Mare Tiger Tigress Tom cat Jenny cat Kid Nanny Goat = He-bear She-Bear = cub Gander Goose = Gosling Hen = Stallion Mare = Colt Tom Cat Jenny Cat = kitten Billy Goat Cock Chicken
  10. 10. Collective Nouns birds bullfinches A bellowing of bullfinches A wake of buzzards A mews of capons A peep of chickens chicks A clutch of chicks hens A brood of hens poultry A run of poultry choughs A clattering of choughs cocks Birds A siege of bitterns chickens C- Vertebrates – Amphibian and Reptiles bitterns capons B- Invertebrates, Fish and Plants A sedge of bitterns buzzards A- Birds A covey of birds bitterns : A Yeomans of cocks swallows A flight of swallows Bird Collective noun auks A raft of auks birds A dissimulation of birds swallows A gulp of swallows birds A volery of birds swans A gaggle of swans birds A flock of birds swans A wedge of swans (flying) woodpeckers A descent of woodpeckers
  11. 11. swans A bank of swans swans A bevy of swans swans A whiteness of swans swans A gargle of swans swans An eyrar of swans teal A diving of teal teal A spring of teal thrushes A mutation of thrushes turkeys A raffle of turkeys turkeys A rafter of turkeys turtle doves A pitying of turtledoves waterfowl A knob of waterfowl waterfowl A plump of waterfowl wigeon A coil of wigeon sparrows A quarrel of sparrows sparrows A ubiquity of sparrows starlings A murmuration of starlings storks A muster of storks storks A phalanx of storks Birds
  12. 12. coots A cover of coots hawks A cast of hawks coots A raft of coots hawks A kettle of hawks cormorants A flight of cormorants herons A siege of herons cranes A sedge of cranes crows A horde of crows hummingbirds A charm of hummingbirds crows A hover of crows jays A band of jays crows A mob of crows jays A party of jays crows A murder of crows crows A muster of crows crows A parcel of crows crows A parliament of crows crows A storytelling of crows curlews A head of curlews dotterel A trip of dotterel doves A dole of doves doves A dule of doves doves A flight of doves doves A piteousness of doves doves A pitying of doves doves A prettying of doves Birds
  13. 13. ducks A dopping of ducks (diving) larks A bevy of larks ducks A plump of ducks (flying) larks An exaltation of larks ducks A paddling of ducks (on water) skylarks An exultation of skylarks ducks A flush of ducks snipe A walk of snipe ducks A raft of ducks snipe A wisp of snipe ducks A sord of ducks sparrows A host of sparrows ducks A team of ducks ducks A twack of ducks dunlin A fling of dunlins eagles A congress of eagles eagles A convocation of eagles falcons A cast of falcons finches A charm of finches finches A trembing of finches finches A trimming of finches jays A scold of jays lapwings A deceit of lapwings lapwings A desert of lapwings Birds
  14. 14. flamingoes A flamboyance of flamingoes grouse A lek of grouse flamingoes A stand of flamingoes grouse A pack of grouse goldfinches A drum of goldfinches guillemots A bazaar of guillemots goldfinches A troubling of goldfinches guinea fowl A confusion of guinea fowl gulls A colony of gulls gulls A screech of gulls goldfinches A charm of goldfinches geese A wedge of geese (flying) geese A flock of geese geese A gaggle of geese geese A nide of geese geese A skein of geese geese A plump of geese (on water) goshawks A flight of goshawks grouse A covey of grouse Birds
  15. 15. Reptile or amphibian Collective noun snakes A pit of snakes alligators A congregation of alligators snakes A slither of snakes crocodiles A bask of crocodiles toads A knot of toads crocodiles A congregation of crocodiles toads A nest of toads crocodiles A float of crocodiles crocodiles A nest of crocodiles toads A knob of toads cobras A quiver of cobras toads A lump of toads dragons A flight of dragons dragons A weyr of dragons dragons A wing of dragons frogs An army of frogs frogs A colony of frogs frogs A knot of frogs iguanas A mess of iguanas monitors A bank of monitors rattlesnakes A rhumba of rattlesnakes snakes A bed of snakes snakes A den of snakes snakes A nest of snakes Reptilian & Amphibian tortoises A creep of tortoises turtles A bale of turtles turtles A bevy of turtles turtles A dule of turtles turtles A nest of turtles turtles A turn of turtles vipers A nest of vipers vipers A den of vipers
  16. 16. Invertebrates, Fish and Plants clams A bed of clams Fish, invertebrate, or plant Collective noun cockroaches An intrusion of cockroaches ants A colony of ants cod A lap of cod ants A swarm of ants eels A fry of eels ants An army of ants eels A swarm of eels bacteria A culture of bacteria fish A draught of fish bananas A hand of bananas fish A drift of fish bass A shoal of bass fish (caught or cooked) A mess of fish bees A grist of bees fish A scale of fish bees A hive of bees fish A school of fish bees A swarm of bees fish A shoal of fish blackfish A grind of blackfish flowers A bouquet of flowers butterflies A flight of butterflies flowers A patch of flowers butterflies A kaleidoscope of butterflies flies A business of flies butterflies A rabble of butterflies flies A swarm of flies butterflies A rainbow of butterflies gnats A cloud of gnats caterpillars An army of caterpillars gnats A clout of gnats gnats A horde of gnats goldfish A troubling of goldfish
  17. 17. Invertebrates, Fish and Plants grapes A bunch of grapes salmon A bind of salmon grapes A cluster of grapes salmon A run of salmon grasshoppers A cloud of grasshoppers shark A shiver of sharks grasshoppers A cluster of grasshoppers shrimp A troup of shrimp herrings A glean of herrings snail A rout of snails jellyfish A fluther of jellyfish spiders A cluster of spiders jellyfish A smack of jellyfish spiders A clutter of spiders ladybirds A loveliness of ladybirds stingrays A fever of stingrays tilapia A taint of tilapia lobsters A risk of lobsters trees A grove of trees locusts A plague of locusts trees A copse of trees trees A stand of trees trees A thicket of trees trout A hover of trout worms A knot of worms worms A bryce of worms midgets A smallness of midgets mites A mite of mites mosquitoes A scourge of mosquitoes oysters A bed of oysters pickles A peck of pickles
  18. 18. Oh yea, I forgot on something. I want to tell you several jokes!
  19. 19. La! La!La! I want to be single forever…for I need to care for my looks, my figure, my posture blabla…la!la! 1 234 5 67 8! Again! Argh! I‟m stressed, pressured, tensed… Once upon a time, there was a bull searching for a partner – a cow. This was a beautiful cow. She was so vain and always took care of her figure everyday by exercising.See? She was so obssessed with her looks. And then, one day came a bull. He was a bachelor bull. He was the only bull left on this earth without a partner. And all of his fellows were mocking at him. He was so ashamed and ended up running away to another village named “La Isla Coweita” where the she-cow belong at the Grand Canyon. He knew that he had to prove something to them. TOPIC : MASCULINE AND FEMININE GENDER SUSPENSE?
  20. 20. This must be my cow girl Oh no! How do I escape, I just want a handsome bull. !!! He walked and walked until he found a beautiful water stream where he saw the most beautiful cow on the other side of the river.Gently, he approached the first cow with gentleness and proposed. However, she didn‟t accept. He was dumbed and felt numbed. Later, not long after; came another bull. He was a fairer complexion bull. He came and kicked the dark bull away.Oh! No. TOPIC : MASCULINE AND FEMININE GENDER
  21. 21. I can protect you my cow dearie. I am fairer and more handsome. Will you marry me? Hi! I am a shy cow. I take care of my heatlh by eating just alfalfa. I do not know what to say. (*smile*) Oh! I am ashamed of myself. Who can help me to cover my face ? What happened was, as the dark bull wanted to open his mouth to ask her out, the fair bull came and crossed the line.Without any ado, he ran and mumbled to himself. Pity him, he had lost his self confidence. TOPIC : MASCULINE AND FEMININE GENDER
  22. 22. Suddenly , out of nowhere a hoarse voice broke the silence. That athletic figure said something… I WILL dear! I will protect you from their humiliation. I always do exercise and has martial art defense. No worry dear. Come and enjoy a happy life with me. To the rescue..Oooa..oaa..! While both the fair bull and the cow saw the wonderful moment together. Wow! He gaped and agitated to see a suitable partner just right for him. I don‟t care who you are.Where you from. What you do.. BUT…
  23. 23. But, we can be just friends. Good friends.Not more than that. Okay.. WHAT?? Where else on earth should I search any one like you. Tell me why you don‟t want me. What lacking of me? The dark bull couldn‟t accept the facts that every cow he met, didn‟t want to be friend to him. It was a real nightmare if he were approaching a decade old. Who‟s going to care? To bring him to the garden during evening time? To wipe his sweat after toiling in the farm everyday? The cow brought him to the lake and asked him to see himself on the reflection of water. See? You‟re bison not a real bull. We can‟t be together.I‟m sorry. She further added…. Sob sob sob
  24. 24. The cow lows or moos and the bull bellows, but the bison is different. Your community snorts or growls. I am afraid to see the smoke gushes out from your nostril, dear.Besides, it against our custom. Then, he had an idea…which he wished to say to every cow he met before.. He hoped that she would accept this reason. That was them not me. I am a gentle bull. When I was a calf, a milky cow took me as her baby and took care of me. Don‟t judge my heart from my skin. Furthermore we can be the very first hybrid after the cloned Dolly and we can have a more effective life. Effective Life? Are you influenced by the idea of a hybrid car as well? And now, you want to implement to me. She was soo furious….
  25. 25. Not to worry…. Anyway I accept you .. Really?? I will call my parents and we will invite our friends to a special ceremony.Don‟t worry you still can exercise and sing as you like in the kitchen. The wedding ceremony was held. They invited the cows, elephants and other animals. The cow mooed, the elephant trumpeted, the apes gibbered, the cat purred, the eagles screamed, the frogs croaked, the goats bleated, the bears growled, and the bees buzzed and hummed. There were also geese that cackled all the time, the duck quacked, the mice squeaked from the hole, the hens clucked and hatched the eggs, the lions and lioness roared, the donkey brayed, the linnets chirped, and the turkeys gobbled.
  26. 26. After a few years, the cow was not in shape anymore. She gave birth to twin calves each year. 5 years ago Now But, the most important thing was , she was a happy cow. She was able to sing and exercise as she used to do just like before. The bison was so „gentlebull‟ and understanding. Their babies were the best hybrids on earth with distinguishable characteristics. Yea, genius too. Ohho, I‟m a cow, I‟m a cow. That‟s what ppl call me a cow , a milky cow THE END
  27. 27. Help! Help me! wonder pets! I‟m just a tiny shebear Here was what happen during the ceremony… A she-bear cub played the helium ballon and went up and away. The cat ran into the cheetah because they both came from the same family. Meow ,meow, I‟m garfield, a tom cat. I am starving..See? He doesn‟t want to give me some. Yummy, yummy (*lap, lap*) The dog was selfcentered. He drank the rose syrup by himself without inviting the cat. There was no perilous situation occurred, but it was the most boisterous ceremony ever held in animal history.
  28. 28. About the author… Bibliography : Anna Isha The specky cat English Tutor May Peace be with you and a wonderful Shining Day , I would like to express a zillion thanx especially to my lecturer Mdm Sara, my family and my friends. Thank you so much! Yours Sincerely, Anna Isha
  29. 29. • Bibliography : Confidential A Self Reflection • This piece was done originally by me.Yeah, exactly ‘not Hot n Spicy’. Some of the slides (esp. with videos and recorded mp3) have been removed due to huge memory upload.You may share or embed to your websites.However, please do not remove the name of the author. • Copyright ® AnnaIsha2010 . My Multimedia & TESL synergy project