Country bumpkin and city sleeker mouse


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Just my make-up ridiculous story..of the 2 distinctive characters.. lol

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Country bumpkin and city sleeker mouse

  1. 1. A city sleeker mouse(Pekan Mouse) and a country bumpkin mouse ( Ulu Mouse)-..a funny story by Anna Isha © Mac2013
  2. 2. Once upon a time, there were two mice .One was named Ulu Mouse which came from Ko’diang while another was known as Pekan Mouse which came from the metropolist city of Kuala Lumpau. They were actually two cousins. Ulu Mouse was very modest in contrast to Pekan Mouse who was quite arrogant. Now it was the time for the Pekan Mouse to visit Ulu Mouse. Pekan Mouse arrived by Metallic orange coloured Mc Laren F1 which was parked right in front of a tiny wooden hut of Ulu Mouse. Pekan Mouse was a real dandy who wore a bona fide leather jacket with Rolex wrist watch, RedWings shoes and other imported brand name products .But one thing he intentionally forgot to take off was the dangling price tags all over -may be it intended to show off . He was accompanied by 2 daft cloned bouncer hamsters with two short fangs which suffered from a serious stammer. The half wit hamsters sometimes had synergised thought and voices due to imperfect DNA molecules during the couplet metamorphosis stage intervention.
  3. 3. “ Please get in my hut Pekan Mouse, you know how much I miss you” Ulu Mouse bent his body and beckoned with his hands towards the door. Due to its paunchy belly , Pekan Mouse had to squeeze along sideways to enter the small door till the hut quivered from side to side as if it was hit by an earthquake. Pekan Mouse was now cross-legged seated sweatingly on a woven screw pine mat, looking around while fanning his chest.
  4. 4. “Where is the air-con, my cousin? The sun is boiling 100 degrees heat , and you don’t even have an air-con?” infuriated with the over warm atmosphere inside.Then he took off his layers of clothings piece by piece until he became shirtless. “O, my brother, Pekan , don’t you worry. We are naturalist, we use natural resources to entertain ourselves.” uttered Ulu humbly. He squeaked the window slab, squeaaaaaakkkk….
  5. 5. “Here is the organic breezy wind, a gentle nano tech breeze, a zesty zephyr for you dear brother.” He said while glimpsing the Mc Laren F1 by the window.”Wow!”monologued to himself while hindering the innerside feeling and retained straight mousy face. While gazing out , Ulu said ,“I need to winnow the rice grains.Can you wait for a while? There were lots of chaff and critters in the rice. “O-k” retorted Pekan snortly .”o—ok oo o-ok o-ok” Both body guards reiterated stammeringly while grinning showing both disorientated lower and upper teeth.
  6. 6. After a long wait, both bouncers started playing peek-a-boo due to boredom. “I am sorry.This is the only meal I can give you for lunch.” It was a simple simmered plain rice with salted fish and “ulam”. “What’s this?” asked Pekan Mouse in jest and pouting his lower mouth. “It’s a Malay salad brother” replied Ulu Mouse nodding his head. “Ooo.. Do you have thousand Island or sorts?” asked Pekan “Oh, yeah we have Penang Island brother.It is quite close to Ko’diang but you have to go through a highway right from Adam Popiel’s house.” replied Ulu innocently.
  7. 7. “Who is Adam?” giggled Pekan not really telling the truth. “You know Adam, a guy from America who taught me a bit of American slang” “Ok, I am flat now. Do you have any kind of cheese. You know, Parmesan, Mozarella, or Cheddar may be?” “Oh.. Cheesee.. you meant “, in hybrid of American and Kedah slang “ Yes yes I have ,brother cousin” while waving a hamster to follow him to get from fridge. “Here is the one.It tastes good if you eat with smoked fish or sambal malaysian cheese , you know .” There Ulu Mouse handed over a “Belachan” (shrimp paste) along with fried fish.
  8. 8. He quickly gasped ,and jumped. “What *%^%*..” “I have never tasted like one before. Never ever in my life you know!” Ulu Mouse apologised. He blushed. How on earth did he thought to give the ‘belachan’. But instead, a radiant smile painted on his face. Meanwhile, Pekan Mouse was dipping the fried fish with ‘belachan’ . “Oh, I like it..I like it you know! Sam sam sambal Belachan is the best in the whole wide world!I don’t know that living in Ulu is much better with be-la-ch-ch-aan..” stammered Pekan Mouse gleefully. Both hamsters ran around to play hide and seek and said never want to return to metropolist anymore. They made a deal.