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  1. 1. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 1 Rory and his Granda went to the clinic for Granda‟s regular check-up. Granda took a puff of his pipe. Suddenly, Granda‟s pocket was on fire and the smoke alarm in the clinic went off. Rory took a vase of water and poured it on his Granda. Dr. Nicol was Rory and his Granda‟s family doctor. He asked Rory about Granda‟s condition. Rory told him that Granda was getting forgetful. Dr. Nicol suggested that they should have a home help.
  2. 2. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 2 Rory was looking for his homework and could not find it. He finally realised that Granda had thrown his homework down the rubbish chute. Rory told his best friend, Darren about his homework. He told Mrs. Foley that he lost his homework. Mrs. Foley asked about Granda. Rory said that Granda was fine. Mrs. Foley wanted Rory to stay behind to complete his homework. Rory refused by saying that Granda had made lunch and would be waiting for him. In actual fact, Rory had to go to the baker‟s and get lunch for Granda. He also had to make sure Granda took his pills.
  3. 3. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 3 Mr. Hood wanted Rory to come for football practice but Rory lied and said that he disliked football. Darren suggested that Rory put his Granda in Rachnadar, a hospital for old people. Rory was upset and ran home. Rory coached Granda how to behave during Parents‟ Night. That night, Rory asked his Granda about his father. * Granda said that Rory‟s mother died because of a broken heart when Rory‟s father left her. Granda told his son never to come back again. Rory could not find out more about his father as Granda would get so angry.
  4. 4. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 4 Granda was wearing slippers and had to go home and change. They were late for the Parents‟ Night. Rory reminded Granda not to call Mrs. Roley as “Holy Foley”. After came back from toilet, Granda hung his coat and met up with Mrs. Foley. Mrs. Foley talked about Rory‟s homework. Granda moved closer towards her and commented that she had a moustache. Just then, Granda‟s coat was on fire. Darren‟s dad put out the fire. Mrs Foley‟s coat was also damaged in the fire as it was hung next to Granda‟s. Granda smoked the pipe when he was in toilet and had forgotten to put it out. Darren‟s father put out the fire with a bucket of water.
  5. 5. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 5 Darren‟s mum felt that Rory was taking on too much responsibility for his age. Rory always hid his Granda‟s pipe to ensure that he did not smoke in the middle of the night. Val Jessup, a young social worker, was assigned to look into Rory‟s case. Granda was not pleased with the idea of having a social worker but Rory was happy to finally get a home help. Rory informed Mrs. Foley that they had a social worker and home help. Mrs. Foley was pleased with this piece of news. During lunch time, the baker informed Rory that something happened at the flats. The Fire Brigade and ambulance had been around.
  6. 6. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 5 (Continue) Rory rushed to the flats and saw some policemen. They informed Rory that his Granda was taken to the hospital. Granda had left the chip pan on the stove and had forgotten about it. That was the cause of the fire. English Literature Form 5
  7. 7. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 6 Rory was taken to the hospital by a policewoman. Granda was weak due to excessive smoke inhalation. Rory was shocked to see Granda hooked up on so many drips and needles. Granda looks so frail and helpless. Rory sat alone in the room with Granda and he prayed for his Granda to wake up. Val Jessup later sent Rory to Castle Street to put up for the night. Castle Street was a home for children and Rory feared going there.
  8. 8. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 7 Rory blamed himself for not hiding the chip pan. Rory met Tess who is emotionally unstable and difficult. She went berserk and sent all the mugs and tea spilling all over the place. Tony and a woman dragged Tess back to the room. Rory slept in a room with Tom and Jackie. Tess was still shouting in her room. Rory felt very insecure in Castle Street. English Literature Form 5
  9. 9. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 8 Rory could not sleep well at Castle Street that night. He was up early and got dressed. Nellie was always keeping a close watch on Tess. Tess was still planning to give Rory a hard time. Tess went to school by taxi and she had a private tutor. The other children were unhappy with the special treatment that Tess received. Val took Rory to the hospital. Granda was unhappy that Rory had to spend a night in Castle Street. The nurse and Val tried to calm him down. He finally did when Rory informed Granda that it was only a temporary measure until he got well. English Literature Form 5
  10. 10. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 9 Val took Rory back to his flat. The flat was damaged by the fire. Val packed some clothes into the rucksack. The hospital supplied the pills for Granda so Rory put Granda‟s bottle of pills into his rucksack. Rory planned to paint the flat but Val told him not to think of that for a while. Rory was scared of Tess as she was always threatening him. Val picked up Rory from Castle Street everyday to visit his Granda. Rory noticed that Granda was getting stronger. Val called that night to say that she wanted to discuss an important matter with Rory in person the next day. This call worried Rory the whole night. English Literature Form 5
  11. 11. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 10 Mrs. Foley showed her kindness towards Rory by being nice and sending flowers from the class with a card to Rory‟s Granda. She asked Rory about his life in Castle Street. Mrs. Foley decided that Rory should not stay there. Darren disclosed to Rory that Mrs. Foley wanted to foster him. Rory was shocked to hear that. Rory tried to convince himself that Granda would be out of the hospital soon. Rory started to feel sick at the thought of not having his Granda around. He went to the hospital after school. At the hospital, Rory found that Granda was gone. The bed was empty. He thought that his Granda had died. English Literature Form 5
  12. 12. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 11 Rory totally lost control when he thought his Granda was dead. The staff nurses heard Rory shouting and tried to speak to him. One of the nurses called Val. The other nurse told Rory that Granda was not dead. Staff Nurse Maureen invited Rory to wait for Val in her office. Val explained at length to Rory his Granda‟s condition. Rory could not go home with Granda because the doctors have assessed him. Rory was able to figure out where they had sent Granda even before Val mentioned it. He had been moved to Rachnadar. English Literature Form 5
  13. 13. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 12 At Rachnadar, Rory saw Granda crying. Rory cried and ran towards Granda. Granda wanted to go away from Rachnadar but Rory was helpless. Granda was so overwhelmed that the nurses had to give Granda some medication to help him sleep. Back at Castle Street, Tess was at her worst. Rory shouted back at her and told her to shut up. Tess punched Rory on the nose. She was still getting at Rory until Nellie and Tony pulled her off. Granda was unhappy at Rachnadar. Rory realized that his Granda was dying there. At Castle Street, Tess attached Tony. That night, Rory perked up and knew what he had to do – run away with Granda. English Literature Form 5
  14. 14. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 13 Rory spent three days planning the escape. Darren helped Rory by giving him the spare key to his mum‟s caravan. Rory would wedge open the door of the emergency exit at Rachnadar on the day he planned to carry out the escape. Val was unaware of Rory‟s plan to escape with his Granda. Visiting Granda that night, Rory wedged open the emergency exit. Val was having coffee with the nurses. Later that night, Rory went back to Rachnadar and executed his escape plan. As expected, Granda was still up. Rory urged Granda to follow him. The plan went well and soon they were outside the hospital. English Literature Form 5
  15. 15. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 14 Rory struggled to help Granda as they walked through the Rachnadar grounds. Granda was rather unsteady and fell a few times. Despite noisy, they managed to escape from Rachnadar unnoticed. At the station, the place was empty. Rory and Granda had a smooth journey on the train. * The pier head was the final stop for the train. Rory and Granda got off the train. Their presence was unnoticed. The journey was difficult as they had to go uphill and the path was winding. Moreover, it was raining. English Literature Form 5
  16. 16. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 14 (Continue) They finally arrived at their destination. Rory was relieved to find the caravan parked in a secluded area. Granda was happy but he looked sick and tired. Darren was the only person who knew of their location. * English Literature Form 5
  17. 17. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail Summary Chapter 15 Rory and Granda were safe as there was no text message from Darren. Rory was amazed to see Granda so alive and was his old self again. Rory woke up early and made breakfast for both of them. He was so happy that he began to sing and Granda joined in. They felt free. Rory no longer had Tess haunting him and Granda was able to enjoy the time together with his grandson. Granda was also free from the Rachnadar. * They chuckled and laughed so much that they were unaware of the presence of people around them. English Literature Form 5
  18. 18. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 16 Rory sensed danger as he heard footsteps. Granda was totally oblivious to his surroundings. Rory jumped to his feet, picked up a thick branch and positions himself to defend against the intruder. The thought of being caught filled Rory‟s mind. Granda is still unaware what was happening until a man and a boy showed up. They asked Rory who they were. Rory lied about staying at his granny‟s caravan. Suddenly, Granda took over the situation. He shouted at them rudely as referred them as „tinkers‟. The man and the boy left them alone. Rory and Granda went back to the caravan. Granda skillfully prepared the fish for tea. English Literature Form 5
  19. 19. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 16 (Continue) Granda told Rory that his father had taught him the skill and he passed the skill on to his son. Then, Granda stopped and said that he did not have a son anymore. He also said that Rory was his son and no one else. One afternoon, Rory received a text message from Darren. He warned Rory that the authorities knew of their whereabouts. Darren told him to run. English Literature Form 5
  20. 20. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 17 Rory and Granda were on the run again. They wanted to get away from the police. Rory packed their belongings together and helped Granda with his shoes. They walked downhill. Rory heard the hum of a car in the distance. He pulled Granda into the undergrowth when the police car approached in their direction. Rory was upset that so many police turned up just to track them down. Granda suggested that Rory run and he would go back with the police. Rory insisted that they were a team and would escape together. Suddenly, a hand clamped over Rory‟s mouth and another person clamped Granda‟s mouth. Rory recognised them who he had met few days ago at the loch. English Literature Form 5
  21. 21. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 17 (Continue) In a low voice, the man assured Rory and Granda that he wanted to help them escape from the police. English Literature Form 5
  22. 22. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 18 Rory was depending on the strangers for help. He had to trust them. They led Rory and Granda to a road where a caravan was parked. Rory got in after Granda and Tyrone closed the door. Granda felt better after Rory gave him some pills and water. Rory wanted to know why the strangers helped them. Sammy‟s wife, Ruby told Rory that they did not want them to be caught by the police. Tyrone informed Rory that they were on the news everyday. They recognised Rory and Granda from the photographs shown on television. Rory and Granda were safe from the police and from being caught. English Literature Form 5
  23. 23. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 19 Rory woke up the next morning to the realities of the happenings the night before. Rory was apologetic towards Sammy for their rudeness during the first encounter. Sammy announced that they would be headed north to his brother‟s place. Tyrone turned on the television to the news about Rory and Granda. Val Jessup appeared to them to get in touch. She promised them that they were in no trouble. When Darren‟s mum appeared on the news, Granda suddenly took interest. Ruby switched on the subtitles for him. Darren‟s mum revealed how she knew of Rory and Granda‟s escape and their stay in her caravan. She appealed to Rory to come back. Granda was adamant about not going back. English Literature Form 5
  24. 24. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 20 Sammy drove north through Perthshire. Then, he took the country roads. They headed for Forfar. Rory found out that Tyrone had a sister who had chosen to live with her aunt. Sammy introduced Rory and Granda to his brother, Bernie. They were having a birthday party for his daughter, Zara. Bernie informed Granda that the authorities were widening their search for both he and Rory. He told Granda to think of their next move. Sammy wanted Granda to enjoy the night and to think of the plans later. English Literature Form 5
  25. 25. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 21 They ate a meal consisting of sausage, mash and beans, all Zara‟s choice of food for the birthday party. The party was fun and enjoyable. Rory had not seen Granda happy for a long time. Then, Ruby read Rory‟s future. Rory found out from her that he was going to experience a lot of adventures. Rory would also experience great grief – a terrible sadness before he could find what he was looking for. Rory‟s question about Granda was never answered as Ruby did not have the opportunity to tell him. That question lurked in Rory‟s mind as he tried to sleep that night. English Literature Form 5
  26. 26. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 22 The police had concluded that Rory and Granda escaped with the help of travelers. They had to move on in order not to get Sammy and his family into trouble. Sammy suggested that they headed north to his relative‟s place in Glasgow. Ruby suggested that Rory and Granda sit in different carriage so that they would not be spotted. Rory felt alone when Sammy left after dropping them off. Granda was in tears. He promised never to use the word „„tinkers‟‟ on them again. English Literature Form 5
  27. 27. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 23 Rory and Granda were on the train to Glasgow. They sat in different seats and Rory realised that no one paid any attention on them. Then, a lady started to look at them. Rory felt that she recognised them. Rory made a quick getaway. He decided to get down at the next station instead of Queen Street Station. They got off at Perth Station. However, Rory had an encounter with the boy from the train when he was waiting for Granda outside the toilet. The boy threatened to turn them in to the police. Granda hit his head with a bottle and he fell down. Rory thought that Granda killed the boy and they were now criminals. Rory did not know what to do or where to go. He decided to steal a car. English Literature Form 5
  28. 28. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 24 Granda stole an old car by hot-wiring it. Rory had no choice and allowed Granda to take charge. Granda took the back roads and drove south. Then, they stopped at a lay-by in the late afternoon. Exhausted, Granda slept peacefully. Rory could not sleep. He thought of the incident at Perth Station. He hoped the boy was alive and had regained consciousness. Rory was not so optimistic about the future. English Literature Form 5
  29. 29. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 25 Granda woke up after resting. He was hungry. Rory took out the food that Ruby had prepared and they ate. Granda suggested that they move south to Dover. There, they would head for France in a boat. The car was almost out of petrol and Granda said they needed to get petrol. Rory wondered how they were going to get petrol safely. Moreover, Granda had to hot-wire the car to restart it. Granda was fast asleep. Rory tried to fill up the car but man stopped him. He pointed to a sign which said, „‟We Serve You‟‟. He told Rory to get back into the car. Once he had filled up the car, he told Rory that he was not going anywhere. English Literature Form 5
  30. 30. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 26 Rory thought that he and Granda had been caught. However, the man assured Rory that he was going to help them. His name is Rab. He told Rory that the authorities were looking for them and they would not be able to get far. Seeing Granda‟s condition, Rory began to have doubts about his decision to escape with Granda. He felt alone and wished that there was someone to share his burden. His prayer was answered when he found out that his father was in Liverpool. Suddenly, he did not feel alone anymore. He wanted his father to take up some responsibilities. English Literature Form 5
  31. 31. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 27 Rab was surprised to know that Rory had a father. Rory quickly informed Rab not to disclose the news to Granda as it would upset him. Rory planned to go to Liverpool where his father lived. However, Rory had to keep this plan as secret from Granda. The news continued to unravel the public‟s opinion about Rory and Granda‟s case. Rory was taken by surprised when he heard his father‟s name being mentioned – Jeff McIntosh. Rab agreed with Rory‟s plan. Rab guided Rory to look into the phone book to locate his dad‟s whereabouts in Liverpool. Granda fell out of bed and got up totally disorientated. He could not even recognise Rory. There was fear in his eyes.
  32. 32. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 28 Rab made a call and assured Rory that he is not turning them in to the police. He wanted to help Rory and Granda because he believed that they should be together. Moreover, he knew where Rory was going for help. He made plans to help them get to Liverpool. Rory and Granda had to leave because Rab was having friends over and they may not be able to keep a secret. Rab drove them due south to the Borders. On a deserted road, Annie met up with them. Annie was introduced to Rory and Granda. Rab left and Annie took over.
  33. 33. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 29 Annie drove them to England. Rory told Granda that they are heading for Liverpool. Rory knew it was safe to tell him because he had not heard the news. Granda was unaware that Rory was taking him to his son. They arrived at Norma‟s place in Lake District. The weather is cold and icy. Norma, Annie‟s cousin, prepared a meal for them. Norma realised that Granda was unaware as to why they were going to Liverpool. She felt that he should tell Granda about his plan. Rory explained that Granda did not get along well with his son. However, Granda was not longer kept in the dark as he heard it over the news. His son was in Liverpool.
  34. 34. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 30 Rory knew he was unable to convince Granda to go to Liverpool. Through frustrated after having travelled so far, Rory decided to put aside the plan. That was the only way to calm down his Granda. Granda explained to Rory that he did not want him to get hurt. His dad might just reject him. The next morning, Granda‟s condition worsened. He looked pale and he was wheezing badly. Rory ran to Norma for help. Norma told Rory that they could not go anywhere. She also told that she had to go to town and insisted Nicola went with her. Nicola informed Rory that the police were on their way. Her mother had informed the police. Rory and Granda had to flee.
  35. 35. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 31 Nicola tried to complain that her mother meant well. She was worried about Granda‟s health. Rory quickly put on Granda‟s shoes and told him that they had to go. They packed their belongings and some food. Climbing the hills, Rory saw two police cars heading towards Norma‟s house. Granda summoned all his energy and ran. With no cars in sight, Rory and Granda continued to walk along the road. They managed to escape in the nick of time. Rory looked for a place to rest and located a bus shelter. Arriving at the bus shelter, Granda fell asleep immediately and Rory stayed up for awhile. Then, he touched Granda‟s shoulders. He wanted to wake up Granda. To his horror, Rory saw that Granda was dead or that was what he thought.
  36. 36. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 32 Granda was not responding to Rory. He was hoping and praying that a car would come along that path. There were no cars. Rory began to yell but no one heard him. He started to blame himself for what was had happened on Granda. He began to run until he saw a house. He pounded on the door and a man named William appeared. His wife, Alice recognised Rory. William instructed his wife to call the police. Then, he asked Rory to get into car and showed where Granda was. Granda was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Rory insisted on following the ambulance. A man tried to talk to Rory but he was not in the mood. He lost his temper and yelled at the man. Beyond Rory‟s expectations, the man introduced himself as his father.
  37. 37. Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail n Summary Chapter 33 Rory wanted to stay with Granda in hospital but his dad and his family invited Rory to stay with them. Rory met Karen, his dad‟s wife and his two stepsisters, Rhonda and Ava. Rory and Granda were reunited with Jeff McIntosh, his estranged son and a long-lost father. Rory kept in touch with the people who had helped both he and Granda on their journey. Granda got home helps, care workers and a tuck-in service. Liverpool was now their home. They lived in a flat just around the corner from Jeff‟s place. Rory was grateful that he had a family and that they were together in the end. For him, this was a happy ending.