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DSN San Leandro 1.17.13

  1. 1. Boosting Girls’ Interest inEngineering with PBS’ pbs.org/designsquad
  2. 2. DESIGN SQUAD NATION GOALS• Introduce kids to engineering• Update kids’ image of the profession• Give kids opportunities to think and build like engineers• Show how engineering connects to what kids are interested in and to daily life pbs.org/designsquad
  3. 3. Every aspect of Design SquadNation reinforces the designprocess.Use it with kids to: • expand their thinking • become more innovative • learn from their mistakes pbs.org/designsquad
  4. 4. ONLINE RESOURCES • 40+ Animations • 46 Episodes • 24 Profiles • 94 Short Videos • 63 Challenges • 1 Online Workshop • Links to intriguing engineering stories/videos pbs.org/designsquad
  5. 5. • 8 contestants• A new challenge each episode• $10,000 college scholarship pbs.org/designsquad
  6. 6. Making dreams come true through engineering • Hosts: Judy and Adam • One kid client • Illustrating that engineering can be found everywhere! pbs.org/designsquad
  7. 7. DESIGN SQUAD NATION YEAR 5 • Kids’ Website • Short Videos • Activities • Contests & Events • Research Project pbs.org/designsquad
  8. 8. ONLINE RESOURCES • 40+ Animations • 46 Episodes • 24 Profiles • 94 Short Videos • 63 Challenges • 1 Online Workshop •Links to intriguing engineering stories/videos pbs.org/designsquad
  9. 9. PARENTS, EDUCATORS & ENGINEERS pbs.org/designsquad
  10. 10. PARENTS, EDUCATORS & ENGINEERS pbs.org/designsquad
  11. 11. PARENTS, EDUCATORS & ENGINEERS pbs.org/designsquad
  12. 12. POP FLY pbs.org/designsquad
  13. 13. KICK STICK pbs.org/designsquad
  14. 14. PARENTS, EDUCATORS & ENGINEERS pbs.org/designsquad
  15. 15. ONLINE WORKSHOP • Self-paced • Free • Always available Learn how to integrate the design process into the projects you do with kids. pbs.org/designsquad
  16. 16. PARENTS, EDUCATORS & ENGINEERS pbs.org/designsquad
  17. 17. GUIDES pbs.org/designsquad
  18. 18. GUIDES On the Moon 6 Activities Invent It, Build It 6 Activities Teacher’s Guide 3 Units, 7 Activities Educator’s Guide 4 Units, 10 Activities Event Guide 5 Activities Activity Guide 5 Activities pbs.org/designsquad
  19. 19. GUIDE: ON THE MOON 6 activities that bring NASA’s moon missions to life. Guides have: • Leader notes • Kid handouts • Open-ended challenges • Curriculum connections • NASA connections • Science/engineering standards pbs.org/designsquad
  20. 20. ACTIVITY: TOUCHDOWN Challenge: Design a capsule that will cushion two “astronauts” when they land. Rules: No strapping the astronauts in! Materials: Cup, cardboard, index cards, tape, straws, marshmallows (large only), rubber bands (optional) pbs.org/designsquad
  21. 21. TOUCHDOWN WRAP-UPTip: Keep the conversation moving!• Who came up with a design with shock absorbers tocushion the landing?• Hold up your design if you were inspired by aparachute. (Comment on these designs.) How else didpeople slow the fall of their capsule?• Many designs tend to tip over on impact. Anyone comeup with a solution to resolve this?• How did testing helped you to improve your design? pbs.org/designsquad
  22. 22. SHOCK ABSORBERS The honey comb shaped crash pad to the left is used inside cars. Most cars are built with this type ofThis packing material is material in a crumple zone meant to This spacecraft landing devicemade with little air pockets crush a bit during an accident in has rotatable feet that arethat absorb impact by order to lessen the impact on the designed to pivot, directingchanging shape and passengers, safely protected some of the vertical landingredistributing forces. inside. force into horizontal movement. U.S. Patent #s 6318755, 3208707, and 4093068 Trademark Registration #1247076 pbs.org/designsquad
  23. 23. TALKING TO KIDS ABOUT ENGINEERING• High schoolers have no ideawhat engineers do• Someone who is motivated,dedicated, and who doesn’t mindsitting in a cubicle all day.” pbs.org/designsquad
  24. 24. Ten reasons …1. Love your work, AND live your life too!2. Be creative.3. Work with great people.4. Design things that matter.5. Never be bored.6. Make a big salary.7. Enjoy job flexibility.8. Travel.9. Make a difference.10. Change the world. pbs.org/designsquad
  25. 25. Design Squad Helps Kids Understand EngineeringStudents exposed to Design Squad demonstrated abetter understanding … • what engineering is • that engineering involves having a great imagination • of the types of projects that engineers work on Seven out of the eight teachers reported that the Design Squad challenges strengthened their students’ ability to cite examples of what an engineer does and helped them expand their definition of what engineers do (beyond just driving a train, for example). pbs.org/designsquad
  26. 26. Design Squad Encourages Positive Attitudes Toward Engineering Students exposed to Design Squad… • demonstrated more positive attitudes towards engineering, • were less likely to believe the stereotype that “engineering is boring”Seven out of the eight teachers agreed that Design Squad madetheir students more excited about engineering as a career choiceand provided an opportunity for students to educate one anotherabout the design process. pbs.org/designsquad
  27. 27. TIPS FOR WORKING WITH KIDS pbs.org/designsquad
  28. 28. TIPS FOR WORKING WITH KIDS pbs.org/designsquad
  29. 29. WORKING WITH KIDS INOUT-OF-SCHOOL TIME • End of a full academic day • Ready to have fun • Tired and hungry • More noisy and active than school day pbs.org/designsquad
  30. 30. pbs.org/designsquad
  31. 31. WATCH & BUILD pbs.org/designsquad
  32. 32. CONTESTS & GAMES pbs.org/designsquad
  33. 33. VIDEO ON YOUTUBE TOO! pbs.org/designsquadwww.youtube.com/user/DesignSquadNation/videos?view=1
  34. 34. Networking Lunch 12:00-12:30 pbs.org/designsquad
  35. 35. Robo Wheel pbs.org/designsquad
  36. 36. ACTIVITY #2: ROBO WHEELWrap-up Questions:• What challenges did you face and how did youovercome them?• What techniques did you devise to start your wheel?• Any new games or tricks? New designs?• How is this similar to a yo-yo?• Can you explain how it works? pbs.org/designsquad
  37. 37. FLYWHEELS The flywheel on this bike is mounted on the strongest part of the bike and stores energy from going down hill to help propel the biker uphill. The “Whirlygig”, applies the flywheel concept, using gravity to pull the spinning body downwards and angular momentum to cause it to return upwards.This satellite contains a flywheel that permitsspin stabilization. The fly wheel stores upenergy then uses that energy in the form ofangular momentum to either speed up or slowdown the spinning satellite. U.S. Patent #s 4037854, 59745, and 3767139 pbs.org/designsquad
  38. 38. Findings from Extraordinary Women Engineers Report pbs.org/designsquad
  39. 39. TALKING TO KIDSABOUT ENGINEERING Engineers dream up creative, practical solutions and work with other smart, inspiring people to invent, design, and build things that matter. They are changing the world all the time. Engineeryourlife.org pbs.org/designsquad
  41. 41. CLASSES & AFTERSCHOOL pbs.org/designsquad
  42. 42. CLUBS & CAMP pbs.org/designsquad
  43. 43. MENTORING OVER MULTIPLE MEETINGSSTEM Mentors Afterschool Staff• know engineering • know the kids• professional & • experienced leadersacademic experience • group managementto share KIDS having fun & learning pbs.org/designsquad
  44. 44. EVENTSSpark kids’ interest and confidence in engineeringwith a lively, fun-filled event! Feature these elements: Challenge stations Testing zone Engineer profiles 24 downloadable videos Signs pbs.org/designsquad
  45. 45. NEXT STEPS http://www.facebook.com/ DesignSquadNationhttp://www.facebook.com/DesignSquadEducators pbs.org/designsquad
  46. 46. NEXT STEPS@DesignSquad pbs.org/designsquad
  47. 47. NEXT STEPS• Visit the website and explore• Use the activities• Upload photos and share stories on the DSN Educators Facebook• Let us know how we can support you• Sign up for our e-newsletter• Follow us on Twitter pbs.org/designsquad
  48. 48. Produced in Boston,Shared with theWorld pbs.org/designsquad
  49. 49. KEEP IN TOUCH! Anna HohosAnna_Hohos@wgbh.org Chris RandallChris_Randall@wgbh.org pbs.org/designsquad
  50. 50. MAJOR FUNDING FOR DESIGN SQUAD NATIONMajor funding is provided by the National Science Foundation. Projectfunding is provided by the Northrop Grumman Foundation, and S.D.Bechtel, Jr. Foundation. Additional funding is provided by UnitedEngineering Foundation (ASCE, ASME, AIChE, IEEE, AIME).DESIGN SQUAD NATION is produced by WGBH Boston.© 2012 WGBH Education Foundation. DESIGN SQUAD and DESIGNSQUAD NATION are trademarks or registered trademarks of WGBHEducational Foundation. All rights reserved. All third party trademarks arethe property of their respective owners. pbs.org/designsquad