Re-branding? Questions to Help Shape Your Business


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Re-branding? Questions to Help Shape Your Business

  1. 1. Re-branding? Questions to Help Shape Your Foundation By: Anna Heatherly Date: August 2010 A very good friend of mine recently started thinking about re-branding his small business. To show support without interweaving our delicate personal/professional relationship, I put together a few questions to help him understand, develop and grow his brand. The questions are broad enough for anyone to use – whether you own a business or work for one: Brand Essence: The Value that Defines You. 1. What are the core set of values about your business that have remained constant over time- even though the executional characteristics or technical variables may have changed? 2. How would you define the foundation for which all marketing and communications should be based? 3. What is the one thing that would allow you to focus, align and link your offerings? Brand Positioning: Your Brand’s Image. 1. Who is your target audience? 2. What services do you offer that provide benefit? 3. How are you perceived by existing clients? 4. What is your business’s share of mind? 5. What is your business’s current location in the product space? 6. What is your target audience’s preferred combination of attributions (referred to as an ideal vector)? 7. What is the fit between: the positions of competing businesses, the position of the services you provide, and the position of your ideal vector? Brand Personality: How Does Your Brand Behave? 1. What are the gender, age, socio-economic class, psychographic and emotional characteristics of your brand? 2. How would your business be described beyond its attributes to provide meaningful guidance for customers? a. Example: Nike as a shoe company vs. performance-enhancer 3. How do you differentiate yourself from competitors? 4. What are the personality characteristics that have helped you build your best relationships with customers? Brand Promise: Your Promise to Clients. 1. Have you performed qualitative and quantitative research to gather customer, competitor and internal insight and an honest assessment of internal strengths, weaknesses, core competencies and strategic intent? 2. Do you want the brand promise to be something achieved through a consensus building process, developed by top executives or dictated by the CEO? 3. Does your brand promise focus on what matters most to your customer? 4. Can you clearly state the reasons to believe your brand’s promise? What are the actual points that add substance to your promise? 5. Is the brand promise an authentic, accurate offer that shows how you add value to customer’s lives?