Roots & Wings August 2009 Email Newsletter


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Roots & Wings August 2009 Email Newsletter

  1. 1. 8/24/2010 Gmail - August Newsletter Anna Heatherly <> August Newsletter 1 message Roots & Wings International <> Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 8:19 PM Reply-To: To: August Newsletter Featured Student: Manuela Tzep Lòpez Manuela is the first in her family to study at the university level and one of the first women in the region to do so. She is 24 and the sec ond oldest of four siblings. She lives in Pasac , Sololá and helps her family with crops and housework. Her father works as a day laborer for other landowners, earning $35 per month. Manuela is in her sec ond year at University Panamericana, studying soc ial work. If you would like to help an indigenous Guatemalan student such as Manuela further his/her educ ation, please consider donating $25 now! 25Computers Update RWI is one-third of a step closer to our goal of acquiring 25 donated computers by August 31, 2009. To date, we have nine donated laptops that will soon be made available to RWI’s computer lab in Guatemala. The 25Computers Campaign has generated muc h public ity among RWI’s inner circ le, and we are striving to reac h out to the greater American population. We hope to rec eive the final 16 laptops by the end of summer! Click here to be directed to our… 1/2
  2. 2. 8/24/2010 Gmail - August Newsletter 25Computers25Computers web page to learn more about how you can donate an old laptop or desktop! This month, we had also begun a university fundraising campaign aimed at various, national university staff members to publicize our 25Computers Campaign and bring in more donated computers. Hopefully, when university personnel have an old c omputer, they will keep RWI in mind! Help us expand our reach and provide more opportunities to more children. Donate a computer or make a cash contribution today. Featured Volunteer: Anna Heatherly In 2008, Anna Heatherly started her volunteer work with RWI after being inspired by the dedication of fellow roommate and RWI founder, Erik Swanson. Anna is positioned to offer expertise in managing social media for RWI. Heavily involved in promoting RWI through Twitter, Fac ebook, LinkedIn and Flickr, she says, “We use soc ial networking to connect with other like-minded individuals and organizations to find ways we c an help each other achieve our goals.” RWI’s students in Guatemala are also a source of inspiration that keeps her moving, “Their stories are amazing. They've given me inspiration and appreciation for my life and opportunities I have acc ess to.” Her most satisfying RWI undertaking? The soc ial media projec t. Everyday, she is “inspired by new people and groups we c onnec t with on the Web.” RWI is Expanding Our Horizons! Thanks to the diligent work of our new and established volunteers, Roots and Wings International (RWI) is now featured on Twitter, Facebook and has a new blog! Join us on Twitter/Facebook/Wordpress! (Click on the ic on) We encourage you to log on, follow us and participate! C hange email address / Leave mailing list Powered by YourMailingListProvider… 2/2