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Lesson plan


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Lesson plan-ENGLISH

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Lesson plan

  1. 1. Name of the teacher trainee : Shiji.E.L Name of the school : Pallithura H.S.S Subject : English Unit : Dawn of Hope Subunit : “The Last Leaf” Std: IX B Strength: 35 Duration: 40 mts Date:
  2. 2. The learners : develops basic language skills. : gets enriched with vocabulary. : develops fast reading comprehension becomes an efficient user of English language.
  3. 3. The learners :reads and analyse prose passages. : will be able to face the challenges in life with confidence. : evolve strategies in order to come out of a difficult situation. : prepare news reports. : manage disaster effectively.
  4. 4. Art is brought alive through love in O.Henry's ‘The Last Leaf’ and therein lies the beauty of the story. The story throws light on the sad and miserable living conditions of artists who are motivated only by their creative urge and underlying spirit. Sue and Johnsy, intimate friends and in their midst a cold, unseen stranger called pneumonia appears and touches Johnsy with his cold fingers.
  5. 5. Learners is familiar with hope. Learners is aware of power of friendship. Learners knows how hope is important in life. Learners knows about painter and artist.
  6. 6. 1. Source book 2. Text book 3. Profile of the author 4. Chart 5. Power Point Presentation 6. Black board
  7. 7. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES RESPONSE EXPECTED ACTUAL INFORMAL TALK The teacher indulges in an informal talk with the students. Good Morning to all How are you doing? Learner’s responds Learner’s responded
  8. 8. Classroom Procedure Response Expected Actual ENTRY ACTIVITY Teacher asks the following questions: Do you know, who is an artist? Have you seen any artist? Any idea, what is pneumonia? What is hope? Learner’s answers Learner’s answered
  9. 9. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES RESPONSE EXPECTED ACTUAL LINK TALK So, today we are going to read the story “The Last Leaf” written by “O.Henry”. Teacher writes the name of the story and the author on black board.
  10. 10. Classroom Procedure Response Expected Actual MICRO PROCESSING OF THE UNIT READING ALOUD BY THE TEACHER Teacher reads the first three paragraph of the lesson with proper pronunciation stress, pause and intonation. Learner’s listens carefully Learner’s listened carefully .
  11. 11. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES RESPONSE EXPECTED ACTUAL Silent Reading By The Pupil Teacher asks the students to read the passages silently without any lip movements and fingering beneath the lines. She also asks them to do track reading . Teacher supervises them .
  12. 12. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES RESPONSE EXPECTED ACTUAL SHARING WITH PEERS/PAIRS Teacher asks the learners to share what they understood or did not understand with their peers.
  13. 13. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES RESPONSE EXPECTED ACTUAL GLOBAL COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS 1) Who is the author of this story? 2) What is the author trying to tell us? 3) Name the two artist of this story. Learner’s respond Learner’s responded
  14. 14. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES RESPONSE EXPECTED ACTUAL WORD STUDY Teacher asks the students to locate the difficult words. Teacher megaphones and writes them on blackboard. Teacher asks them to refer glossary. Teacher presents the difficult words using different strategies. Learner’s grasp the meaning Learner’s grasped the meaning .
  15. 15. 1) Bohemian/bəʊˈhiːmɪən/n –a person often somebody who is involved with the arts. Teacher explains the meaning in an illustrative sentence. Eg: A bohemian lifestyle. 2) Stalked/stɔːkt/(n,v) – to move slowly and quickly inorder to catch or harm. Teacher explains the meaning using illustrative sentence. Eg: The lion was stalking a zebra. 3) Scarely/ˈskɛːsli/(adv) – only just: almost not. Teacher explains the meaning using illustrative sentence. Eg: I can scarcely believe it. 4) Pneumonia/njuːˈməʊniə/(n) – a serious illness affecting one or both lungs that makes breathing difficult.
  16. 16. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES RESPONSE EXPECTED ACTUAL DETAILED COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS Teacher asks the following questions to ensure comprehension of the students. 1) Name the village many people are interested to visit. 2) Why do people come to Greenwich village? 3) What is the Greenvich village known for? 4) Where did Sue and Joanna has their studio? 5) What is the familiar name of Joanna? 6) From where did the two friends belong to? 7) Where did the two friends meet? 8) Why did the two friends come to New York? 9) When did the unseen stranger walked into the city? 10)Who was the unseen stranger? 11)Whom did the unseen stranger touch? 12)How did Johnsy lay in her bed? Learner’s responds Learner’s responded .
  17. 17. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES RESPONSE EXPECTED ACTUAL GROUP ACTIVITY Teacher divides the class into groups and gives an activity. Write a small paragraph about Sue and Johnsy.
  18. 18. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES RESPONSE EXPECTED ACTUAL REVIEW As a closure of the lesson, teacher asks some questions like: 1) What added to the interest of Greenwich Village? 2) Identify an instance of personification in the story. What effect does this leave? Learner’s responds Learner’s responded .
  19. 19. CLASSROOM PROCEDURES RESPONSE EXPECTED ACTUAL FOLLOW UP ACTIVITY Write a short note about the unseen stranger.