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  1. 1. LINCOLN TOWNLEY: Genius and disorder; what turns a weak into an artist Many of you know the romantic assumption 'Sturm und Drang' and the literary ideal of the artist "Genius and recklessness". Lincoln Townley, emerging figurative artist seems to be the contemporary reincarnation of the 19Th century stereotype, and his art the manifestation of inner discomfort typical of modern man immersed in a metropolitan environment. Although he started to manifest his passion for painting already from the age of 10, inspired by his grandfather and the late Francis Bacon, before the debut in the arts' world, Lincoln worked as manager of strips clubs in Soho where he also started his addiction to alcohol. Its collections,already shown at the National Gallery, Freud Museum and Fitzrovia, include works having as subject 'Disappearing Soho' linked to the idea of a district always seen from the artist as chaotic, turbulent, and therefore creative. His last portraits clearly express the power of the addiction on the human face and regard big stars as Charlie Sheen, Harry Dean Stanton, Mickey Rourke, Al Pacino and many others, most of them involved in histories of addictions. The "Hunger", biography published in 2014 recount his life before the debut in Hollywood and his transition from man on the margin of society to acclaimed painter. As a result of the unexpected success in LA and the enthusiasm of the stars facing their portraits, follows the Lionel Richie portrait commissioned by John Caudwell for the auction during the Caudwell Children's Charity Butterfly Ball in June and a new exhibition entitled W1 taking place at The Royal Academy in October. Anna Di Donato