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Ci4 cg madness

  1. 1. 29-30 September 2014 The Open University London Campus, United Kingdom
  2. 2. Douglas Schuler I’d like to be involved in collaborative action and research projects around developing, growing, evolving social (animated?) networks that advance civic intelligence. Seattle Community Network, 1994 — Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing (CPSR), 1987 — 2008 (?) Online Deliberation (e-­‐Liberate) Pattern Language work (Liberating Voices) The Civic Intelligence Research and Action Laboratory (CIRAL) Boeing Advanced Technology Center The Evergreen State College Books or articles: Participatory Design, New Community Networks, Shaping the Network Society, Liberating Voices: A Pattern Language for Communication Revolution, Creating the World Citizen Parliament. Evil Twin Civic intelligence is the capacity of small and large groups to address shared problems equitably and efficiently.
  3. 3. Panayotis Antoniadis Senior researcher, PhD in Computer Science Background Engineering, distributed systems, peer-to-peer economics, human computer interaction, social software, urban studies, community informatics, interdisciplinarity the right to the hybrid city thinking outside the Internet the value of diversity participatory design and social learning purposeless information sharing photo: complementarity ownership
  4. 4. Maurizio Teli PhD, Research Fellow - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science “Technology is society made durable” (Latour) Background Past: The Politics of Free Software, Science and Technology Studies, Participatory Design Present: Public and Participatory Design, Digital Commons, Peer Production, Critical Theory Expectations § To mingle, create connections able to generate really effective projects (beyond publishing), build something worth at the international level § Be part of a group of people who is willing to actually study and change the world
  5. 5. George Pór Director, CommunityIntelligence Ltd. “None of us can be free until all of us are!” Inspirations Past: CI, Knowledge Ecology, Online Facilitation Research, VirComm Design Present: Collaborative Leadership, Collective Awareness & Self-Reflexivity, CI Enhancenment Lab (CIEL), Collective Wisdom, Generative Action Research, Global Brain, Pattern Language, Serious Games, Tools 4 Evolutionary Impact Expectations • Connect with people working on 3 levels of evolutionary transformation: personal, communal/organisational, planetary • Find “co-conspirators” for using our own medicine for boosting the CI of the field of CI4CG itself, by the right combo of social, inner, and electronic technologies
  6. 6. Andrea L. Kavanaugh, PhD Senior Research Scientist Center for Human-Computer Interaction Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA USA ”Only connect” – E.M. Forster, Howards End Background Past: Communication, International Development, Urban Informatics Present: Communication Behavior and Effects, Social Computing, Civic Engagement, A Kavanaugh Homepage, Virtual Town Square, Integrated Digital Events Archive and Library Expectations • Learn more about state of knowledge in deliberation and engagement • Make progress on community building and writing project with this group
  7. 7. Paolo Torroni PhD, Assistant Professor Microdebates “People are good at arguing – let’s put arguments at work for the common good” Background Past: Logic Programming & Multi-Agent Systems, SOCS project (FP5) Present: Intersections between Computer and Social Sciences, Online Debate, Argumentation, Collective Intelligence, (FP7) Expectations • Meet likeminded people, enjoy diversity, help others, make a difference, innovate, get out of my comfort zone • Exchange views on the role argumentation can have in supporting collective intelligence for the common good and enlarging citizen participation
  8. 8. Ivana Quinto PhD, Research Fellow University of Naples Federico II “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” Michael Jordan Background Past: decision-making, Web 2.0 collaborative technologies, argumentation tools Present: Open Innovation, online deliberation, Collective Intelligence, Argumentation technology Expectations • Meet interesting people, learn new things, enjoy diversity, start new collaborations, give support to others • Be part of a community that wants to develop and test technologies to support Collective Intelligence
  9. 9. George Gkotsis PhD, Research Associate Community-based Question Answering “the divisions of the universe are not the same as the divisions of the university” Background Past: Hypertext & Hypermedia engineering, argumentation & collaboration support Present: Semantic Web, data & information extraction, knowledge discovery Expectations • Meet people with similar background, exchange ideas about research, explore collaboration possibilities
  10. 10. Anna De Liddo PhD, Research Fellow Collective intelligence Infrastructures “The secret of good work is having nice people to work with!” Background Past: Urban Planning, Participatory Design, Knowledge Media Present: Crowdsourcing, Online Deliberation, Collective Sensemaking, Argumentation; and projects Expectations • Meet likeminded people, enjoy diversity, help others, make a difference, innovate, get out of my comfort zone • Be part of a community that wants to design and use technologies to support collective sensemaking and enlarge citizen participation
  11. 11. Grazia Concilio PhD, Assistant professor Living Labs and Urban Innovation “Be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi) Background Past: Urban Planning, Collective decision making, e-governance Present: Urban Living labs, Socio/digital innovation, Smart Cities and Collaborative Services, Periphéria and MyNeighbourhood EU Projects Expectations • Be part of a wide action/research network where learning together by experimenting together • Make the difference; create impacts; synergize differences towards similar visions
  12. 12. Francesco Molinari Independent Researcher and Policy Advisor Living Labs and Participatory Innovation “Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?” Background Past: Banking and Finance, Territorial Development, Industrial Renewal, Local Government and Participation Present: Living Lab research and applications in several domains, from Workplace Learning to Public Service Co-creation, from Socio-Digital Innovation to Technology Policy Redesign and Evaluation Expectations • Make new friends J • Extend my network of professional contacts J J • Enjoy the pleasure of creative thinking and idea brainstorming with diverse mindsets and from different points of view J J J
  13. 13. Dr Andy Williamson Founder, Democratise Governor, The Democratic Society Background Past: eGovernment, Digital Democracy, Community Informatics, Social Policy, Strategy. Present: Designing collaborative, active democracies with parliaments, governments and NGOs. Expectations • Lots of ideas, lots of passion, lots of inspiration. • Hoping that my work can help and inspire others.
  14. 14. Lara Schibelsky Godoy Piccolo Research Associate @ KMi, The Open University Quasi -PhD in HCI @ UNICAMP, Brazil Past HCI researcher in Digital Inclusion in Brazil E-gov, Accessibility Expectations • Learn from experiences • Meet people that also believe we can make the planet a better place to live by means of technology
  15. 15. Brian Plüss PhD, Research Associate Computational Linguistics “. . . we may not be sure whose shoulders we are standing on, but we know whose hands we are holding.” On Whose Shoulders? – Yorick Wilks Background Past: Computer Science, IT, Dialogue Modelling, Non-Cooperation Present: Debate Analysis and Visualisation, Argumentation, Citizen Engagement, E-Democracy; Expectations • Learn about the challenges and potentials of collective intelligence to solve all kinds of problems, old and new. • Be inspired by and (hopefully) inspire others; find many new hands to hold.
  16. 16. Aldo de Moor PhD, Research Consultant Community Informatics “Making communities work!!” Background Past: Academic, Tilburg University, Free University Brussels Present: Owner CommunitySense, bridging the gap between science and society. Focus: fostering effective collaboration within, between and with communities, collaboration patterns Expectations • Research: how to better grow and apply the commons through combination of online and offline participation? • Action: build a network of networks
  17. 17. Peter Day PhD, Senior Lecturer University of Brighton “partnerships of collective intelligence for collective community problem solving” Background Past: Community Action, Community Development, Local Politics & Radio Present: Community Media, Community Learning, Community-based learning, Community Media 4 Kenya partnership & Centres development – Community Radio & ICT Centres (Raspberry Pi) Expectations • Meeting up with friends & colleagues, catch-up on what they are doing after several years, learn from their thinking and activities, challenge myself and reflect critically on the work I’m involved in. • Help to develop an exciting community network and refocus the work of the community/collective intelligence/empowerment & ICT discourse
  18. 18. Fiorella De Cindio Department of Computer Science University of Milano resp. Civic Informatics Laboratory (since 1994) research approach: action research (several real-life initiatives) research areas • e-participation, e-democracy, digital citizneship • social interaction environments, with special attention to civic , grassroots, urban communities • online deliberative processes: software tools and design guidelines research questions • reconsidering democracy in the digital era can digital technologies - which enabled people protests around the world: • support citizens and governments productive dialogue • enable forms of direct participation within the machinery of representative democracy (cf. Recommendation Rec(2001)19 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the participation of citizens in local public life) • deliberation in distributed organizations “The use of computer communication in coordination ... puts forth a challenge to the very idea of hierarchical organization that pervades our society (Terry Winograd, 1981, unpublished note) Fiorella De Cindio @ CI4CG Seminar London, Set.2014
  19. 19. SPREAD THE VOICE ENJOY! Twi<er: Anna_De_Liddo h<p://­‐de-­‐liddo Catalyst: h<p://catalyst-­‐ #CI4CG EDV – ElecLon Debate VisualizaLons: h<p://edv-­‐