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Soundtect presentation january 2017

Aesthetically Sound Acoustic panels by Soundtect. A brief description of our journey, product range and passion for the business

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Soundtect presentation january 2017

  1. 1. Aesthetically Sound Acoustic  Panels
  2. 2. Introduction The  Soundtect  Story 02 Environmentally   Conscious Why  they  work The  Ranges Instal What’s  Next 1 2 3 4 5 6 Product - Professionalism - People - Passion
  3. 3. 01. Soundtect Introduced  our  unique  panels  at  the  100%  Design   Show  in  London  2010  as  a  new  innovative  solution  to   reverberation  issues  in  both  commercial  and  residential   applications. 03. A  strong  Design  &  Engineering  background  created  9   amazing  3D  designs  ,  plus  recently  launched  flat  panel   range  for  ceiling  and  high  volume  applications 02. Our  amazing  high  performance  Acoustic  Panels  are   manufactured  as  a  3rd  generation  recycled  product  from  plastic   bottles. 04. Panels  tested  for  Acoustic  and  fire  performance  with   amazing  results  due  to  our  proprietary  engineering 0.5 Year  on  year  growth  and   international  demand 03 0.6 2013  a  new  UK  HQ,  Showroom   &  warehouse  in  Watford  UK 0.7 2014  exclusive  distributors   became  part  of  the  team   rising  to  13  countries  globally   today 0.8 New  product  range  Class     launched  in  2015 The  Soundtect Story Product - Professionalism - People - Passion 0.9 2016  New  ceiling  range  Fins   launched.  2017  Showroom  in   Clerkenwell  
  4. 4. Using recycled PET bottles to create a primary product of exhibition carpets, the panels were designed after it became clear that one use for exhibitions was a real issue in our companies’ environmental beliefs. The wastage after one one use was creating landfills so we decided to give something back to the environment by creating a sustainable approach to handling the issue of reverberant noise. So, using a careful yet effective way of layering the recycled fibres from the used carpets, a superior quality high performance acoustic felt was born. A design team was brought in to create the fabulous designs that are now instantly recognisable and through Soundtect the face of acoustics changed forever. Soundtect are  extremely  proud  of  our   environmentally  friendly  approach  to  acoustics 04 Environmentally  Conscious Product - Professionalism - People - Passion
  5. 5. 05 What  And  Where u Commercial u Offices u Education u Leisure u Health   u Audio u Hospitality u Residential u Twig u Celeste u Splat u Class u Class  Circles u The  Fins Product - Professionalism - People - Passion u Wave u Cubism u Prism u Technics u Tetris u Forest
  6. 6. Why  are  the  panels  so  effective? The Soundtect ranges of panels have been manufactured to work as Absorbers and Diffusers. The sustainable and recyclable acoustic felt has been developed to be hardwearing with a superior finish whilst porous enough to absorb soundwaves on contact, turning the energy of the sound into heat in the process. The uneven surface structure of the panels ensures that soundwaves are dispersed on contact diffusing the sound that bounces back into the room on contact. The results are Class A acoustic panels 06
  7. 7. 07 3-­‐D  RANGE Product - Professionalism - People - Passion WAVE Our Highly efficient Leader of The pack Wave is our most popular High performance product. Wave brings movement & life to walls making it a true feature in any room. FOREST Taking inspiration from nature, Forest is the latest addition to the Soundtect range, emulating Natures’ greatest gift. The depth of panel is designed to give it a high absorption of sound resulting in a super-­‐efficient 0.95 NRC. Technical  – 600x600x75mm 1.0  NRC CLASS  A FIRE:BS1  DO  (UK  Class  1) Technical  – 600x600x75mm 1.0  NRC CLASS  A FIRE:BS1  DO  (UK  Class  1)
  8. 8. 08 Product - Professionalism - People - Passion CUBISM   Distinctive,  Stylish  &  Sophisticated This design not only has fantastic acoustic properties but also creates a visually different effect from all other types of acoustic panel. The asymmetrical design offers the user the ability to use 16 units in a square before repeating the pattern, this offers a huge range of unique design options PRISM An  angular,  geometric  Design A wall of triangles nestling together creates curiosity as Prism changes a plain, ordinary wall into a point of interest and beauty. Shapes are formed, imperfections hidden and sound is improved. Technical  – 610x610x50mm 0.90  NRC CLASS  A FIRE:  BS1  DO   (UK  Class  1) Technical  – 600x600x50mm 0.90  NRC CLASS  A FIRE:BS1  DO (UK  Class  1)
  9. 9. 09 Product - Professionalism - People - Passion TECHNICS A  simple  graphic  design This design of panel is more than an acoustic enhancement-­‐ it is a piece of three-­‐dimensional art. Strip-­‐ like ridges like pipes running along the wall, add fun and highly striking optical interest to places whilst disguising the panels true intent. TETRIS A  lightweight,  Tactile  Design In a fusion of geometry and raised spheres, Tetris combines art with function in this fascinating wall ensemble. Easily adapting to both residential and commercial settings, and versatile enough to be used in any environment from schools to offices. Technical  – 600x600x50mm 0.80  NRC CLASS  A FIRE:  BS1  DO  (UK  Class  1 Technical  – 450x450x40mm 0.80  NRC CLASS  C FIRE:BS1  DO  (UK  Class  1)
  10. 10. 10 Product - Professionalism - People - Passion TWIG Movement is the theme of these dimensionally sculpted panels. Mounted in a matched run on a wall, the motif excites the eye; Twig is a confident presence in the space. CELESTE Designed to balance reverberation and absorb sound and create an audio atmosphere where sound comes through crisply and cleanly. This distinct panel provides a visually pleasing design element to any room SPLAT This ceiling panel is more than an acoustic enhancement.
Adding a distinct visual appeal to any room, this panel is especially suitable for schools and play areas. Technical-­‐ 500x500x50mm,   0.20-­‐0.45NRC Class  E-­‐C  depending  on   application Fire:BS1  D0  (UK  Class  1) Technical-­‐ 800  x  800x50mm,  0.55NRC BS1  D0  (UK  Class  1)
  11. 11. Class  Range An educated combination of design, affordability and performance, ST CLASS is the perfect choice for architects, clients and contractors, providing a superb 0.95 NRC these quick and easy to install acoustic panels provide the desired absorption in any education and commercial project. Manufactured from the same environmentally friendly material as the highly desirable range of Soundtect 3-­‐D panels the all new Soundtect Class range is also complimented by ‘Class Above’ a stunning range of baffles and rafts. Simple installation brackets mean that not only are the panels unbelievably cost effective & aesthetically pleasing but the ease and speed of installation means that the new range from ST is in a ‘Class’ of its own. Technical-­‐ 600  x 600   x  50  mm 600   x  1200   x  50  mm 0.95NRC Class  A Fire:  BS1  D0  (UK  Class  1) 11 Product - Professionalism - People - Passion
  12. 12. Class  Above   CLASS ABOVE With the trend for open plan spaces still dominating the office sector, now more than ever designers are looking to the ceiling for solutions and as this is the biggest area of unbroken space as a rule, the perfect place to add acoustic treatments, hence the introduction of the Circles in 2016 Schools in particular are very much embracing the new range of baffles, rafts and circles on offer. Circles available in 800 and 1200 diameters. Baffles available in 1200 x 300 4 colours. 12 Product - Professionalism - People - Passion
  13. 13. The  Fins The Fins Ceilings are attracting attention so although we have the Class range, and all of the 3-­‐D panels can be installed to the ceiling, we decided to introduce the Fins in November 2016. Manufactured from the same high acoustic felt and created with ridges to extend the absorption this new range is exciting and already grabbing attention. Installation possible for both walls and ceilings Currently available in 1000 x 200 x 40mm 2 colours – White & Charcoal Testing booked for January 7th. 13 Product - Professionalism - People - Passion
  14. 14. 14 3-­‐D  Range  Installation
  15. 15. Class  Installation Ceiling and Wall Application 15 Product - Professionalism - People - Passion
  16. 16. 16 A  Growing  Brand Product - Professionalism - People - Passion The    NEW  London  Office In  January  the  team  are  moving  into  their  very  own  showroom  in  the  heart  of  Clerkenwell  in  St.  John’s  Square.   This  is  a  fantastic  start  to  a  year  of  planned  growth  from  products  to  people  and  will  see  the  long  awaited  arrival   into  the  heart  of  the  London  Industry. The  Team Soundtect  has  a  team  who  are  passionate  not  only  about  the  products  but  also  about  people.  Our  customer  service   is  reflected  in  this  passion  and  as  a  result  2017  will  see  the  team  growing  along  with  the  brand  across  the  UK. The Distributors   Soundtect  have  won  projects  all  over  the  world.  The  demand  became  so  great  that  in  2013  we  decided  that   partnering  with  high  quality  companies  across  the  world  to  become  exclusive  distributors  of  Soundtect  products,   would  ensure  that  even  though  the  demand  for  Soundtect  products  grows  on  a  daily  basis  we  can  still  provide  first   class,  fast    &  professional  customer  service  and  project  support  no  matter  where  you  are  in  the  world.
  17. 17. 17 Product - Professionalism - People - Passion Class  Above   Soundtect  were  brilliant  and  so  efficient.  Their  prices  were  incredibly  competitive  and  they  made   sure  to  get  the  best  deal  on  installation.  They  took  the  time  to  come  and  show  us  exactly  how  they   would  work  and  we  are  delighted  with  the  results.  The  panels  are  really  simple  and  stylish  and  have   transformed  the  space  from  acoustically  unusable  to  a  great  teaching  space.  I  would  recommend   this  clever  system  to  anyone.   Garden  House  School  Sw3 Class  Above  ”They  look  great  and  the  difference  in  acoustics  was  immediate  – such  a  neat  product   and  they  look  good  too” Ico Design  Partners 3-­‐D  Range The  panels  we  recently  installed  have  not  only  made  a  noticeable  difference  to  the  room  acoustics,   they  also  look  fantastic-­‐ the  customers  love  the  new  look  and  have  already  commented  on  how   much  quieter  the  offices  are. Aspect  Interiors,  Ireland Testimonials
  18. 18. 18 Product - Professionalism - People - Passion WWW.SOUNDTECT.COM