Email Opt Out?Email Opt In?Which Is Better for You?


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What does 'email opt out' mean? Comm100 tells you what is an email opt out list and whether it suits your business.

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Email Opt Out?Email Opt In?Which Is Better for You?

  1. 1. Email Opt Out? Email Opt In? Which Is Better for You?If you are starting to build an Email Marketing list, either on your website or by purchasing or rentingemails from others, this article explains the three different kinds of email lists - Email Opt Out Lists,Email Opt In Lists and Email Double Opt In Lists - and the pros and cons of each. Those email list typesrange from the least restrictive to the most restrictive. Each is explained in detail below.What are the Types of Opt-In Lists?You started building up your email list through a sign up box on your site or a checkbox when a personregisters or purchases a product. Then, along came some fussy marketing consultant and said, "Is this anopt in list? Is it a double opt in list?" You probably looked at them and wondered what exactly theymeant and why it mattered.There are three ways to build a list: Email Opt Out, Email Opt In and Email Double Opt In. Comm100 willdescribe all three options here as well as their benefits and drawbacks. You can then decide which is theright list option for youEmail Opt Out ListsYoull sometimes hear this type of list called simply email "Opt Out" or "Negative Consent". When aperson registers at your website, makes a purchase or signs up for a free white paper or other freebiefrom you, somewhere in the small print is the information that by taking that action they are agreeing toreceive emails from you. The user can choose to opt out and leave the email list later, but theyveimplicitly given you permission to email them.The upside of an email opt out list is that it can grow very quickly. If everybody who takes an action onyour site is then on your email list, your list can grow quite rapidly. Many of those people who wouldnthave actively signed up for your email list if you asked them to will ultimately discover that theyappreciate your email newsletters or promotions and will turn into active readers and customers.The downside is that this type of email opt out list building can also increase the number of spamcomplaints that you receive when you send an email. Users who dont remember signing up for youremail, or who are angry that you tricked them into signing up, will quickly hit the spam flag when theyreceive your email instead of coming back to you to opt out. This has negative long and short termeffects. In the short term, it makes your email metrics look less successful, while In the long term, higherthan average spam complaints will do permanent damage to your email sender reputation and couldresult in all of your emails going to junk folder.Email Opt In & Double Opt In Lists 1
  2. 2. Now youve know something about Email Opt Out List, let go on to have a look at the Opt In Lists. Unlikethe email opt out list, in an email opt in list, a user actively opts in, or chooses to be on, your email list.This can be done either by having them check a box when they register or purchase or by including aspecial sign-up box on your website. Users enter their email, check a box that says that they agree toreceive emails from you and then submit that information via a clickable button.The benefit of this type of email list is that your clients are actively saying that they want to receiveemails from you. Therefore youre building the most responsive email list that you can. However, in thisway, your email list will grow more slowly than email opt out list.Theres another Opt In list called Double Opt In. It is the most difficult, but ultimately safest way to buildan email list. It also usually has the highest ROI since it creates a list of entirely qualified leads. In thismethod, a person opts-in as described above. They then receive an email from you with a link that theymust click in order to be added to the email list. s to be on, your email list. This can be done either byhaving them check a box when they register or purchase or by including a special sign-up box on yourwebsite. Users enter their email, check a box that says that they agree to receive emails from you andthen submit that information via a clickable button.The benefits of this type of list building are significant. Youre sure that you really are emailing to peoplewho want to receive your emails. While this wont completely eliminate your spam or deliverabilityproblems, it will reduce them.The problem with this type of email list, as you can see, is that it is a much slower way to build youremail list than either an Email Opt Out List or Opt In List. Often, even asking people to complete oneaction to sign-up for an email list is too much, let alone two actions!In conclusion, Comm100 suggest you to find out at what point on the spectrum youre most comfortablebefore you decide which type of list to use. If simply growing the number of names on your list is thepriority, Email Opt Out is your best choice. The more qualified and "safe" you want your list to be, themore you should move up to an Opt In or Double Opt In list. Certainly, when renting or buying a list, youshould ask if the list was originally Email Opt Out, Opt In or Double Opt In.No matter what email marketing strategy you are taking, the first step to ensure a successful emailcampaign is to choose a reliable email sending partner. Comm100 , who provides this complimentarytutorial on email marketing, offers you powerful Email Marketing Software, which is both a great long-term and short-term solution to improving your email marketing program to a new level. For moreinformation please visit : 2