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The Big Perspective: Why Maersk Group is all in favor of social media


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A discussion about maintaining the bigger perspective when it comes to engaging with social media on a global level within Maersk. How has our strategy changed over time? What are the key ways in which Maersk Group sees social media as another tool for achieving business objectives and what makes Maersk’s use of social media unique? Speaker: Anna Christina Granholm-Brun, Maersk Group.

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The Big Perspective: Why Maersk Group is all in favor of social media

  1. 1. Maersk Stories – Maersk Social Anna Granholm-Brun Twitter: @annacbrun Rate your experience at
  2. 2. THE CHALLENGE:Making Maersk Social
  3. 3. Authentic Relevant Engaging
  5. 5. BOUGHT MEDIA Creating buzz OWNEDINTERNAL OWNED MEDIA MEDIA EXTERNAL Enabling dialogueStrengthening and interaction relationships EARNED MEDIA Activating media relations
  7. 7. 950.000 fans 70.000visits / month
  8. 8. 5000mentions / month 4,300 followers
  9. 9. 75.000unique views / month
  10. 10. THE APPROACH:Authentic Relevant Engaging
  12. 12. Build Trust and Open doors in Ghana AWARENESS THE APPROACH: CONSIDERATION PURCHASE RETENTION UP-SELL AMBASSADOR Approach success-fully and consistentlyCorporate TVC Facebook/social WAFMAX TVC aired 8 NSA is interviewed applied in keyaired 9 times on media follow-up times on national TV. 2 x 4:26 min in growthnational TV. Media leads to 12.300 fans Media coverage prime time on marketscoverage worth at USD 6 cent pr. worth USD 4,3 mio national network.USD 14 mio person. FB campaign reaching 9 mio. pr Reaching 9 mioreaching 9 mio. pr. generates <600.000 screening. FB refers people withscreening impressions and fans to WAFMAX detailed messages <22.000 visits. film and site about Maersk operation in Ghana
  13. 13. Position ourselves as an Attractive Employer in Brazil AWARENESS CONSIDERATION THE APPROACH: PURCHASE RETENTION UP-SELL AMBASSADORTwo new Simultaneous Using geo-targeting via Of the 5%, 60% will be Of the 60%, 30% willspecific Brazil social media Linkedin to expose job make the journey to download and fill outco-productions campaign to profiles within highly, to get the registration formwill be aired on recruit fans and specialized fields. more information and and start thenational TV for build platform Target is a 5% hit-rate start the application application process toa combined 404 for ongoing with potential process. become a Maersk Oilminutes. dialogue candidates. employee.
  15. 15. Get InvolvedGather a community of Make Money $$$followers and fansEngage and Activateyour community2011
  16. 16. You didn’t learn to swim by talking about it