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project presentation


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project presentation

  1. 1. Scientific and Technical Systemic Engineering Accelerator for children and youth innovative products
  2. 2. from scratch tо final product In the process of the accelerator participants pass the way from idea to a real prototype, and the finalists will bring their products to the level of small-scale production. mission
  3. 3. accelerator mission Developing creativity and interest in science, technology, research, systems engineering. The support and project progress in the accelerator. Formation of the federal data bank portfolio gifted young people. Participation in the federal accelerator technology projects GenerationS. The rapid development of innovation products in the Russian market and in the global market.
  4. 4. Annually beginning September 1 end April 1st 4 level Dates
  5. 5. 1 level 2 level • Accepting applications. • online forms : September 1 - October 30. • screenings online form experts. Not more than 300 projects. • remotely : November 1 - January 14. 3 level • Product Demonstration via online conference. • remotely : 15 - 20 January. 4 level • Final. 60 projects. • Russian Children "Eaglet" Centre: March 23 - April 1. Stages of the Competition
  6. 6. science and technology, have an opportunity of wide application in daily life or industry. The project must include scientific, research, engineering observation the author (s). Projects are accepted in Russian and English languages. the project must be
  7. 7. a primary school 7–10 years old school children 11–13 years old students 14–18 years old students 15–21 years old Age groups
  8. 8. Robotics. Mechatronics. Medicine and Biotechnology. Energy-efficient technology. Technologies & Tools in engineering education. Small pilotless aircraft. Clusters
  9. 9. Applied space activities.Space technology. Vehicles of the future Undersized innovative shipbuilding. Environment. Application programming. Clusters
  10. 10. Nanotechnology. Home technics. "Wearable" gadgets. 3-D modeling and industrial design. Information and telecommunication technologies. Clusters
  11. 11. Agrotechnologies. Formation of safe person Architecture. Building. Other areas. Clusters
  12. 12. Project scale More than 5000 participants Experts 50 Russian and CIS universities More than 10 ready- made business solutions
  13. 13. Project support Support profile specialists Experts universities: consulting, online lessons and master classes Mentors: the online meeting with businessmen Attracting the attention of investors
  14. 14. Organising Committee The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Founder & Operator Laboratory of Intelligent Technology «Lintech» Russian Children's Center "Eaglet" ANO "Agency for Strategic Initiatives to promote new projects" under the chairmanship of President of Russian Federation Putin V.V. Universities in Russia and CIS
  15. 15. partnership
  16. 16. FGBOU VPO MSTU «STANKIN» MSTU. Bauman, Moscow MSTU. Bauman Tyumen State University UC's "Youth Space Center" MSTU. Bauman Crimean Federal University. Crimean Federal University named. Vernadsky IRO Kirov region Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI" VI Ulyanov Experts
  17. 17. South Federal University New Siberian Institute National Research Tomsk State University Ural Federal University. First President of Russia BN Yeltsin Maikop State Technological University Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University Experts
  18. 18. National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University Saint Petersburg State University Far Eastern Federal University Kazan (Volga) Federal University Russia First Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Sechenov Siberian Federal University Russian University of Peoples' Friendship Experts
  19. 19. Vyatka State Agricultural Academy Belgorod State Technological University. VG Shukhov St. Petersburg National Research University Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics MAMI Moscow State Technical University Kazan State Technological University North-Caucasian Federal University FGBOU VPO "Russian State University of Oil and Gas the IM Gubkin " Experts
  20. 20. International partners Belarusian - Russian University Belarusian State Technological University East Kazakhstan State Technical University. D.Serikbaev
  21. 21. + 7 (499) 11 - 014 - 40 + 7 (926) 137 - 77 - 34 +7 (903) 966 – 84 - 83 Website : Contact Us