Wk4 Pitching


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Wk4 Pitching

  1. 1. Multiplatform Module 58213 Research and Practice
  2. 2. ProgressHow are you going with?- One line / tagline- Context- Synopsis- Key Content- Audience and audience goals- Description of User Experience?- EPOC
  3. 3. The Art of the Pitch- Art or Science?
  4. 4. The Science
  5. 5. Guy Kawasaki- Calls it an art but treats like a science- Rules- Entrepreneurs pitch their idea all the time- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-8EQPpA4DM
  6. 6. Guy KawasakiSlides1. Problem 6. Competition2. Your Solution 7. Team3. Business Model 8. Projections/Milestones4. Underlying magic 9. Status and Timeline5. Marketing and Sales 10. Summary and CTAMORE INFO: http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2012/01/how-to-create-an-enchanting-pitch-officeandguyk.html#axzz2A1UhQocP
  7. 7. Guy KawasakiPowerpoint Template for Pitchinghttp://blog.guykawasaki.com/2012/01/how-to-create-an-enchanting-pitch-officeandguyk.html#axzz2A1UhQocP
  8. 8. Pollenizerhttp://pollenizer.com/universal-startup-pitch-deck
  9. 9. Pitching your concept- Take your audience on a journey- Emotional investment- Explain your concept quickly - don’t leave themguessing for 5 minutes...- ... unless you are VERY entertaining
  10. 10. Elevator PitchWe are like...
  11. 11. One Point- What is your one key point?- SMP- What will they remember (and tell others) aboutyour pitch
  12. 12. The Need- Why MUST you create the thing you arecreating?- Gap in market?
  13. 13. Audience Context- What is happening in their life?- Research
  14. 14. Practice- Tell your story 1000 times
  15. 15. Avoid Jargon- You might know what a DSLR is, or a 5D, of FCP,or eDM, or ARG... but it’s very possible they don’t!
  16. 16. The Art
  17. 17. Start Strong- Strong and confident out of the gate - sets themood for the entire pitch
  18. 18. Visuals- Give a visual early on- People will nod, but not truly “get it” until theysee it- Proof
  19. 19. Momentum- Not “We are going to”, but “we are”- Where you’ve come from, what you are doing,and where you’ll get to in the future
  20. 20. Confidence- Confidence and bullish - not passive- Get on board this train or get out of my way!
  21. 21. Listen and Respond- What are they telling you?- How can you respond in a way to ensure theyunderstand that YOU understand- Appear coachable
  22. 22. Recover- Things will go wrong- Take it in your stride- Opportunity to exhibit your personality andstrength
  23. 23. Follow Up- Personal response the very next day or evening- Create an excuse to continue communications- Relationships - work on them
  24. 24. Believe- Believe in your pitch- If you don’t believe, ask yourself, why not?
  25. 25. Your Projects- IMF Development, Marketing, App, Production- Screen NSW Development, Marketing, App,Production- Screen Australia Development, Marketing,App, Production- Australia CouncilAttachments
  26. 26. Documentationhttp://www.screenaustralia.gov.au/documents/SA_publications/Transmedia-prod-bible-template.pdf- One line / Tagline Hook- Back story and context- Synopsis- Plot Points- Audience
  27. 27. Timelines and BudgetsWho is in your team?Waterfall vs Agile MethodologiesReview with expertsAdd Contingency
  28. 28. Thanks!