Wk3 Project Management


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Wk3 Project Management

  1. 1. Multiplatform Module 58213 Research and Practice
  2. 2. ProgressGroups- What are you creating?- Platforms?
  3. 3. Project ManagementProject Management for Digital ProjectsIndustries - Advertising, Software development,television and film, publishing, finance... everexpanding.
  4. 4. The Digital Producer
  5. 5. Project Manager Tester CopywriterManager Client Relations Creative The Digital ProducerTeam Leader Analytics Problem SolverStrategist Negotiator User Experience Business Development Researcher
  6. 6. Characteristics- Seek and accept responsibility- Creative and business minded- Attention to detail- Solutions and results focused- Builds relationships- Ability to motivate people
  7. 7. Skills- Understand and interpret needs of client andbusiness- Communicate with and manage your team- Ability to create production artefacts - Timelines,budgets, wireframes, user journeys.- Specific knowledge related to the industry
  8. 8. Production Process• Brief • Scoping (Creative and Technical) • Response • Refine Scope (Statement of Work) • User Experience • Design
  9. 9. Production Process • Development • Quality Assurance • Security Assurance • Launch • Review
  10. 10. Brief- Brief from a client or internally to your company- Define the problem- Objectives- Discuss Strategy- Validate timelines and budgets suit scope- Document
  11. 11. Scoping- Further define approach- Early stage wireframes/visual reference- Early stage budget, timeline and infrastructurerequirements- Including hardware, software and hostingrequirements- Team requirements- Document
  12. 12. Response- Confirm with client or team that this directionmeets objectives, within budget and works totimeline.- Response to initial designs or wireframes- Get high-level feedback early- Update- Document
  13. 13. Refine Project- Full Budget and Timelines (to be signed off toproceed)- Updated wireframes- Functional Specification- Technical Specification- Statement of Work documentation includingroles and responsibilities, in/out scope,requirements.- Document
  14. 14. User Experience- Bigger projects will need to do full userexperience testing (last week) to test thewireframes before getting into design.- How will they test?- Information architecture- Use case scenario- Sign off with team- Document
  15. 15. Design- Photoshop- Gathering of assets- Templated design- Responsive design (platforms - don’t forgetmobile)- Design Wall- Document
  16. 16. Build- Standups- Work to the next iteration- Team - Types of developers- Manage changes- There will be spanners!- Manage time - Burn report- Communicate and document- Hosting
  17. 17. Quality Assurance- Test Plan- Test Group: You, client, testers- Offshore needs a good test plan- UAT- Document
  18. 18. Security Assurance- Data encryption- Security Certificate SSL- Required external testing
  19. 19. Launch- Plan - Analytics- Date / soft launch? - Post Launch- User number? - Project end date- Training? - Next Project- Support/Uptime - Document- Warranty- Moderation
  20. 20. Review- Post-implementation review- Track and Measure the KPIs- Analytics- Optimisation- Document
  21. 21. Your Projects- IMF Development, Marketing, App, Production- Screen NSW Development, Marketing, App,Production- Screen Australia Development, Marketing,App, Production- Australia CouncilAttachments
  22. 22. Documentationhttp://www.screenaustralia.gov.au/documents/SA_publications/Transmedia-prod-bible-template.pdf- One line / Tagline Hook- Back story and context- Synopsis- Plot Points- Audience
  23. 23. Timelines and BudgetsWho is in your team?Waterfall vs Agile MethodologiesReview with expertsAdd Contingency
  24. 24. Thanks!