YSIP 2009


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Yerevan Summer Intern Programme

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YSIP 2009

  1. 1. AGBU Yerevan Summer Intern Program
  2. 2. AGBU Yerevan Summer Intern Programme AGBU Yerevan Summer Intern Program
  3. 3. YSIP 2009 The Yerevan Summer Intern Program offers college students of Armenian descent the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience in their field of study by working in leading companies and institutions in the Armenian capital. YSIP also includes a full schedule of educational, cultural and social Activities that will familiarise your with Armenia's land and culture.
  4. 4. YSIP 2009 25 Participants from 6 Countries Duration: 6 weeks Internships at Locals & International Org’s Full schedule of Educational, Cultural & Social activities
  5. 5. Host Organisations Armenian Center for National & International Studies Medical University Hospital
  6. 6. Meetings with Prominent Individuals Ashot Ghulyan Speaker of the Karabakh National Assembly Ashot Ghazarian Head of AGBU In Armenia Hayk Demoyan Director Armenian Genocide Museum
  7. 7. Armenian Dance Classes
  8. 8. Armenian Language Classes Twice weekly Beginners & Intermediate Armenian Language Classes
  9. 9. Armenian Cuisine Evenings Dolma and Khorovadz evenings. All dishes prepared by YSIP Interns with the help of our wonderful housekeeper Gohar !
  10. 10. Hiking Mount Aragats
  11. 11. Historic Sites Armenia & Karabakh
  12. 12. Volunteering Interns Help build a home in Haytagh Village
  13. 13. Interns taught Art, Dance, First Aid, Computer & English classes in Akhpradzor Village Other Activities
  14. 14. Sign up now for YSIP 2010 !!!