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CMO Summit - Simple Mobile Web Solution


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Published in: Business, Technology
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CMO Summit - Simple Mobile Web Solution

  1. 1. MOBILE STRATEGY “The marketers central task is to make the brand easy to buy and this requires ensuring people can find it and know about it. Everything else is secondary.” Simon van Wyk (Partner at HotHouse )© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  2. 2. By 2013 internet access via mobile will exceed access by computer© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  3. 3. What this means People are migrating from using desktop devices to mobile devices and mobile phones as a means to access the Internet. The usage is being driven by social media and represents a new way to use the mobile phone - social media is like Internet banking was for desktop - it drives usage and expectations. The growth is extremely fast and our task is to deliver satisfactory experiences for these customers. There are some critical elements about the successful apps:  Largely about connection – an extension of why we have these devices.  Used regularly – often daily.  Very personal – the user gets a real benefit from using the applications.  Perfectly integrated with the desktop experience.© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  4. 4. It’s not just iPhone© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  5. 5. Australian numbers reflect diversity Blackberry Motorla 3%  Nokia (41%)  LG (6%) 3% Other 5%  Apple (21%)  Motorola (3%) LG  Samsung (12%)  Blackberry (3%) 6%  Sony Ericsson (9%) Nokia 41% Sony Ericsson 67% of respondents stated that they 9% had a 3G or 3.5G mobile phone, which is slightly up from last year (60%) (AIMIA, 2010). Samsung 12% What this means:  You can’t just build for the iPhone, there are a host of other devices that need to be included.  iOS and Android dominate app use but this will Apple 21% change. Source: phone-lifestyle-index© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  6. 6. Phones and age Under 25’s • Less likely to own a Motorola, Nokia or ‘other’ brand of phone • More likely to own an Apple, Blackberry LG phone. 26-40 year olds • Less likely to own a LG, Samsung or ‘other’ handset • More likely to own an Apple of HTC phone. Over 40’s • More likely to own a Motorola, Nokia, Samsung or ‘other’ brand of phone. • Less likely to own an Apple, Blackberry, HTC or Sony Ericsson phone. (AIMIA, 2010)What this means:Think really carefully about the target marketbut in reality you have to cover all options. © Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  7. 7. People use their phone differently Mobile provides the opportunity to remain constantly connected to your customers as they ‘go mobile’.© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  8. 8. …and they use it constantly throughout the week Mobile provides the opportunity to remain constantly connected to your customers as they ‘go mobile’. Desktop Search Queries Mobile Search Queries Source: Citi Investment Research and Analysis; iCrossing Mobile U.S. Google Internal Data, 2010© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  9. 9. Consumers shift to mobile everything  Australia has the second highest smartphone penetration in the world at 37%  There has been a huge increase in the use of mobile web – for shopping, banking, research, and searching for real estate.  Throughout 2010 mobile transactions increased by 25% every month.  80% of Australian businesses do not have a mobile optimised website. 80% of Australian businesses are missing out on consumers on the go.© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  10. 10. Key goals  You must provide a fantastic mobile experience – whatever the device.  You need to give your customers a truly seamless brand experience regardless of whether it’s a mobile website or a native mobile application. Mobile App© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  11. 11. Important decisions  Select the right technology solutions to deliver mobile Internet and native applications as required.  Ensure these solutions allow you to build on the existing (CMS) and infrastructure.  Select best of breed products that will give you long term flexibility, low cost of ownership and leverage for the existing platform.  Deliver to all browsers across all devices.© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  12. 12. How we can help?  We can help you take advantage of opportunities for mobile Internet and native apps now.  We’ll develop a mobile site map and wireframes of home page and second level content pages with project plan, budget and timeline for internal approval.  We will deliver to all platforms – Apple, Android and the others across all devices using our partner technology - Netbiscuits.© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  13. 13. Who is Netbiscuits?  The world’s leading mobile development and publishing platform  Overcoming device fragmentation  Delivering best of breed User Experience to high end users (smartphones/tablets)  Providing best of both worlds with hybrid apps© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  14. 14. The Netbiscuits platform Netbiscuits enables businesses to:  Create perfectly formatted rich media mobile websites  Publish any content to any mobile device on any network in any country worldwide  Integrate mobile advertising and mobile commerce to generate revenue© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  15. 15. Netbiscuits overcomes software fragmentation > 200 Carrier by providing a truly global, intelligent device detection networks world- & database … wide  Only true global mobile device database with more than 1000 in-house tested parameters and +6000 mobile device profiles  Multiple tier intelligent device detection for device, > 300 User Agents browser, carrier network parameters per device Hardware  Parameter + layout tests for each Biscuit-Element ensure unmatched quality on Legacy and Smart phones  Mobile devices profiles include also Internet enabled wireless devices such as Gaming Consoles, TVs, In- > 5,000 Mobile Car Navigation Systems, Tablets and eBooks Devices worldwide  Daily updates for new mobile devices on API > 10 Software > 15 Mobile > 500 Content > 6 Mobile OS revisions per Browsers Formats Mobile OS Software© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  16. 16. Enterprise-class mobile cloud solutions for cross platform publishing  Reliable, scalable and secure, Cloud Software Platform to power your mobile business (SaaS model)  Mobile optimized websites and mobile apps for all mobile operating systems  Publish to multiple screens: Smart and Basic Phones, TVs, Gaming Consoles, Web Tablets and more  Open a new dimension and create iPad optimised websites and apps In 2011, every month Netbiscuits delivers:  8 billion mobile pages  100 million mobile videos  to 3000+ different mobile devices© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  17. 17. Estimated platform cost? Starter account: $1990/month  200,000 page views per month  1Gb storage  5Gb outbound traffic  Location-based services  + Video streaming Enterprise account: $2,990/month  1,000,000 page views per month  5Gb storage  25Gb outbound traffic  Dedicated FTP  24/7 support with 2h response© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive
  18. 18. Rob Olver Simon Van Wyk Anthony 95 Nicholson St  St Leonards  NSW  2065 (02) 9432 3600© Copyright 2010 HotHouse Interactive