Hotel Reputation Management Pyramid


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Hotel Advantage helps hotels attract more guests by helping them build a strong online reputation. This Keynote presentation features Hotel Advantage\'s Reputation Management Pyramid, and highlights our services.

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Hotel Reputation Management Pyramid

  1. 1. Hotel Reputation Management Will People Highly Recommend Our Hotel? This presentation and its contents are the property of Hotel Advantage. No portion of this presentation may be reproduced without the prior written consent of Ann Manion. Hotel Advantage / Ann Manion ©
  2. 2. What We Do Hotel Advantage helps hotels attract more customers by showing them how to build a strong online reputation Highlights Provide hotel marketing groups bandwidth by showing them strategies for developing and managing their greatest asset: their reputation. Deliver reputation management advisory services on a practical, cost effective project management basis. We’re roll up your sleeves, “hands-on” partners in your business. Share best practices for balancing traditional marketing and social media. Reputation Management for the Hospitality Industry Hotel Advantage / Ann Manion ©
  3. 3. THE HOTEL ADVANTAGE REPUTATION PYRAMID COMPONENTS OF BUILDING YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION #3 ROI on Social Upgrade Media starts at 6 hours a week. Your Visual Reputation #2 -Build Your Community #1 -Listen and Respond to Online Guest Reviews Hotel Advantage / Ann Manion ©
  4. 4. #1 - START BY LISTENING YOUR STRONG FOUNDATION IN REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Unfavorable reviews are the primary driver in lost hotel bookings. You need to know what your guests really think so you can meet unmet needs and wants. Listen and Respond Don’t worry, more than 80 percent of online reviews are favorable. Brand value is what you do, not what you say. Responding to feedback is critical. Companies that achieve best in class customer service ratings have the shortest amount of time between learning about customer needs and taking action on that feedback. Hotel Advantage / Ann Manion ©
  5. 5. #2 - ENGAGE IN SOCIAL MEDIA START TO BUILD YOUR HOTEL’S OWN ONLINE COMMUNITIES & ENGAGE Social media programs get you more customers and better link- ability to your web site where you Build Your capture reservations directly. Community Creating your own online content allows you to positively influence your online reputation. Hotels that have the strongest dialogue with guests have the strongest brand. The best ideas for service advances and innovations come from the hotel guest. Go where your customers are talking and join the Social Media Opens Doors conversation. to New Customer Connections Hotel Advantage / Ann Manion ©
  6. 6. #3 - MANAGE YOUR ONLINE VISUAL REPUTATION DEVELOP A LIBRARY OF VIDEO & IMAGES ONLINE THAT ATTRACTS GUESTS Upgrade Hotel guests are text weary and Your Visual increasingly rely on pictures and Reputation images to judge your value. A positive online visual reputation humanizes your hotel and conveys your brand’s “specialness” like no other social media platform. A picture’s worth a thousand words. What do your online images and videos say about you? Hotel Advantage / Ann Manion ©
  7. 7. Hello, and thank you for your interest in Hotel Advantage. We advise hotels on how to attract more guests by building a strong online reputation. Hotel Advantage specializes in blending emerging social media tools with traditional marketing programs. We provide a practical way for General Managers and hotel marketing groups to increase their bandwidth to access reputation management expertise on a project management basis. Outcomes of our work include higher guest satisfaction ratings, stronger customer loyalty, and rising rankings on travel review sites that attract more guests. Hospitality companies choose to work with us because they desire a tailored program for building reputation equity in their hotel brand. To find out ways to advance your online reputation and how we can help your hotel, please contact me directly at or by calling 617.531.1672., ext. 701. Ann Manion HTTP:/WWW/THEHOTELADVANTAGE.COM PHONE 617.531.1672 This presentation and its contents are the property of Hotel Advantage. No portion of this presentation may be reproduced without the prior written consent of Ann Manion. Hotel Advantage / Ann Manion ©