Augmented Reality - Game Changer or Gimmick


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This presentation is a cut down version of our key note speech at the Augmented Reality Summit in London in June 2012: It is designed to be presented in small groups to open up discussions about how we can design for change. Augmented Reality heralds massive opportunities for brands but AR expderiences need to be well planned and executed if they are to be more than just a one trick pony.

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Augmented Reality - Game Changer or Gimmick

  1. 1. MEC Viewpoint: Augmented Reality - Gimmick or game changer? Ann Longley and Katz KielyGoogle I/O Event announcement:Google Glasses available for pre order $1500 USD July 2012
  2. 2. Today’s topicsWhat is it and why it mattersHow brands are using it nowConsiderations
  3. 3. Today’s topicsWhat is it and why it mattersHow brands are using it nowConsiderations
  4. 4. AR Definition: Augmented reality (AR) is a live, director indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer- generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. Augmented reality should enrich not diminish our experience of reality.
  5. 5. Although in its infancy,augmented reality mattersbecause of its potential todeliver massive social and business benefits.
  6. 6. NASA’s AR glasses will helpcommercial pilot’s see through fog to prevent airline disasters and boost pilot performance in adverse conditions. Image Source
  7. 7. Ground-breaking medical usesare wide ranging and include diagnostics, hands-free operations and education. Image Source:
  8. 8. AR will eventually become a seamless part of our everyday experience (some say it will be the 8th mass media) as marketers and communicators, we need to design and shape experiences that will motivate people to want to use this technology.
  9. 9. The future is now –Science FACT not Science fiction. The Mobile Medic, created by the Australian Defence Force to find the best medicalstudents to sponsor, just won a Mobile Lion at Cannes for it’s AR diagnostic competition feature=player_embedded
  10. 10. Today’s topicsWhat is it and why it mattersHow brands are using it nowConsiderations 00
  11. 11. Gimmick Game changer
  12. 12. Lynx Excite: Even Angels will Fall This campaign received much attention in 2011 [+1.1M views on YouTube]
  13. 13. BBC Frozen Planet created anAugmented Reality experienceto bring the programme closer to people in shopping malls:
  14. 14. Will the humble comic book ever be the same? Marvel has embracedAugmented Reality transforming the user experience: ature=fvwrel
  15. 15. Playstation 3’s Wonderbook of Spells byJK Rowling brought this book to life in a completely new way – “the closest amuggle will ever come to magic”. But is it going to revolutionise / reinvent reading?? 0w&feature=related
  16. 16. Innovation is at the heart of the Absolut brand...the Abolut Inspirecampaign mashed up the digital and the real worlds letting users create their own bottle designs with AR streetart made using an app:
  17. 17. Could C1’sImmersive augmented reality video transform tourism, journalism and more?
  18. 18. Gold Run brings us the future of retail with virtual changing rooms and photo booths forpeople to share prospective purchases with their friends.
  19. 19. Luxury brands can now serve their customers at home using Holition’s AR technology to showcase highvalue products. Customers can try on virtual goods in front of their computer using their web cam.
  20. 20. Clarks offers a seamless journey from print to video via Aurasma’s mobile app. After watching the video it is possible to link through to the m- commerce site to purchase their shoes.
  21. 21. Many car maker are big fans of AR as it allowsusers to experience their products in new ways. BMW let customers create their own expressions of joy to share with their friends: augmented-reality-campaign
  22. 22. Emart’s Sunny Sale offers were only accessibleat mid-day when the sun hit the 3d QR Code at the right angle. Usually a slow time for business, the lunch- time offer brought people in store. e=endscreen&v=1N6EdgN3FUU
  23. 23. Tesco/Homeplus in Korea targetedtime-poor comuters in the subwayturning waiting time into shopping time. Purchases made via mobilewere delivered to shoppers’ homesdramatically boosting the retailers’ sales.
  24. 24. Today’s topicsWhat is it and why it matters 00How brands are using it nowConsiderations
  25. 25. BARRIERS to widespread adoption AWARENESS USABILITY FEAR OF CHANGE
  27. 27. Change = PAINThe top 10 myths of behaviour change:; Reuben Anderson, Vancouver Metro
  28. 28. MAKE IT A HABIT
  29. 29. @annmargaret @katzyTHANK YOU