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Between person and person toward a dialogical psychotherapy


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Between person and person toward a dialogical psychotherapy

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Between person and person toward a dialogical psychotherapy

  1. 1. Between Person and Person: Toward a Dialogical Psychotherapy Richard Hycner
  2. 2. Publisher : The Gestalt Journal Press Release Date : 2012-02-24
  3. 3. The publication of Richard Hycner’s long-awaited book BETWEEN PERSON AND PERSON: TOWARD A DIALOGICAL PSYCHOTHERAPY marks a major stride forward in the maturing of the movement of dialogical psychotherapy. By dialogical psychotherapy we mean a therapy which is centered on the meeting between the therapist and his or her client or family as the central healing mode, whatever analysis, role playing, or other therapeutic techniques or activities may also enter in. It is more of an approach than a school of psychotherapy because it belongs to no one school and has had its representatives and pioneers in many major schools of psychotherapy. -- From the Preface by Maurice Friedman AUTHOR ---Richard Hycner is the co-author with Lynne Jacobs of THE HEALING RELATIONSHIP IN GESTALT THERAPY (1995, Gestalt Journal Press) and co-editor, with Jacobs of RELATIONAL APPROACHES IN GESTALT THERAPY (2010 Taylor & Francis). Hycner has been a psychotherapist for thirty five years and is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in California. He and Lynne were described by Erving and Miriam Polster as bringing richness, clarification and thoughtful perspective to the continuing renewal of Gestalt therapy. PREFACE -- Maurice Friedman is professor emeritus of religious studies, philosophy, and comparative literature at San Diego State University. He is the author of MARTIN BUBER: THE LIFE OF DIALOGUE, which Buber himself called "the classic study of my thought," and MARTIN BUBER'S LIFE AND WORK, which won the National Jewish Book Award in 1985. He is the Co-Director of the Institute for Dialogical Psychotherapy in San Diego. Download Full PDF Here
  4. 4. ISBN : Author : Richard Hycner Download Here
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