ICUL 2009 Education Training Planner


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this is the promotional piece sent to our credit unions that lists professional development opportunities (including both live and virtual events). 2009 was the first official year that ICUL and CUNA partnered up to provide a joint education product.

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ICUL 2009 Education Training Planner

  1. 1. iowa Credit Union league Training Planner
  2. 2. Trust the Iowa Credit Union League andCUNA to take note of your needs and offer trainingto help you succeed in the current economy. Yourtraining budget dollars will work harder for youwhen you take advantage of our educational opportunities … plan on it! Are you balancing a tight training budget with expanding educational needs? Learn full speed ahead with self-study courses. Choose from more than 300 courses – in print or through CPDOnline. Visit and choose Self-Study Training. Gather your team for 90 minutes. Get it done. You’ll see and hear an expert presentation, ask questions, and refer to handouts. Choose from more than 150 live or archived webinars with ZERO travel costs. Purchase single webinars, or save with a webinar package. Visit and choose Webinars. Use Training on Demand here, there, and everywhere in your credit union. Select from more than 40 educational topics for $199 each. Visit and choose Training on Demand. For only $279, everything you need to plan and present a seminar is in the box – just add staff! Visit and choose Seminars in a Box. Prices and dates are subject to change.
  3. 3. Keep up the good work with education events that help you get the job done. Take advantage of state-of-the-art education and keep your dollars within the credit union system. January to MarchJ a n ua ry MarchCUNA Volunteer Institute CUNA Residential Mortgage Lending SchoolJanuary 10–14 • Cancun, Mexico March 2–5 • St. Pete Beach, FL$1,395 $1,295Iowa Mid-Size CU Roundtable Coopera Webinar:January 20 • West Des Moines, IA Understanding the Hispanic MarketFree March 4 Free CUNA Collections & Bankruptcy School:F e b r ua ry Introduction March 8–13 • Tampa, FLIowa Trainers Network $1,295February 6 • TBD Iowa Insurance Licensing WorkshopFree March 10 • Des Moines, IAIowa Small CU Roundtable $155February 11 • West Des Moines, IA CUNA Marketing & Business DevelopmentFree Council ConferenceIowa Marketing Network March 11–14 • San Diego, CAFebruary 12 • West Des Moines, IA Iowa Lending Institute with Brett ChristensenFree March 24–26 • Des Moines, IAIowa Legislative & Regulatory Issues Conference $699 first attendee, $599 each additionalFebruary 17–18 • Des Moines, IA CUNA Certified Financial Counselor Schools:$399 or $219 per day Part I & AdvancedCUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) March 29–April 2 • San Diego, CAFebruary 22–26 • Washington, DC $1,295$895 ($450 for CUs under $35 million) CUNA Sales & Service Culture Institute March 30–April 1 • Charlotte, NC $1,195 Iowa Legislative & Regulatory Issues Conference February 17–18 • Des Moines, IA • $399 or $219 per day Join us to explore the most pressing concerns and developments for credit unions. Connect with legislators and fellow credit union leaders, get informed on the issues, and discover new strategies to make your credit union vital and strong. CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) February 22–26 • Washington, D.C. • $895 ($450 for CUs under $35 million) Be bold. Be heard. Be there! The GAC is a unique, advocacy-focused event for all credit union leaders. The greater the turnout, the greater your political impact on Capitol Hill. Visit
  4. 4. April to June M ay CUNA Consumer Lending Schools: Foundations & AdvancedAp r i l May 4–7 • Tempe, AZ $1,295CUNA HR/TD Council SummitApril 6–9 • Las Vegas, NV ICUF Discovering Untapped Markets Conference & Spring Vendor ShowcaseIowa Mid-Size CU Roundtable May 5–6 • TBDApril 7 • West Des Moines, IA $259 first attendee, $129 each additionalFree Iowa Insurance Licensing WorkshopIowa Small CU Roundtable May 13 • Des Moines, IAApril 15 • West Des Moines, IA $155Free Iowa Marketing NetworkCUNA Security & Fraud Institute: Introduction May 14 • West Des Moines, IAApril 19–23 • St. Pete Beach, FL Free$1,295 CUNA CFO Council Conference & RoundtableCUNA Robbery & Fear Seminar May 17–20 • Las Vegas, NVApril 20 • St. Pete Beach, FL$395 CUNA Volunteer Certification School May 17–22 • St. Pete Beach, FLCUNA Branch Management Institutes: $1,695Foundations & StrategiesApril 20–22 • St. Pete Beach, FL Iowa Trainers Network$1,295 May 22 • TBD FreeIowa Sales Management WorkshopApril 22 • Des Moines, IA CUNA Management Essentials for Supervisors:$199 first attendee, $169 each additional Introduction & Advanced May 31–June 4 • Las Vegas, NVIowa Frontline Sales & Service Workshop $1,295April 23 • Des Moines, IA$199 first attendee, $169 each additionalCUNA Compliance Fundamentals SeminarApril 25–26 • St. Pete Beach, FL June$500 CUNA Marketing Management Schools:CUNA CU Finance for Non-Financial Part I, II & IIIManagers & Volunteers School June 1–4 • Las Vegas, NVApril 26–29 • St. Pete Beach, FL $1,295$1,195 Coopera Webinar: Financial Products &CUNA Regulatory Compliance School: Services for the Hispanic CommunityIntroduction June 3April 26–May 1 • St. Pete Beach, FL Free$1,295 CUNA Strategic Planning InstituteCUNA Regulatory Compliance School: Update June 19–21 • Boston, MAApril 26–30 • St. Pete Beach, FL $1,095$1,195 America’s Credit Union Conference & ExpoCUNA Business Development School: Part I June 21–24 • Boston, MAApril 27–30 • San Francisco, CA $895 ($450 for CUs under $35 million in assets)$1,295 Iowa CU Foundation Golf Outing June • TBD $100 or $375 per foursome Iowa Corporate Central Credit Union Annual Meeting June • TBD Free ICUF Discovering Untapped Markets Conference & Spring Vendor Showcase May 5–6 • TBD • $259 first attendee, $129 each additional Open your eyes to ways of serving more members while enhancing the bottom line. Young people, low income, and minority markets present a vast opportunity that has largely been untapped in financial services.
  5. 5. America’s Credit Union Conference & Expo June 21–24 • Boston, MA $895 ($450 for CUs under $35 million) Be in Boston for an inspiring conference that provides the insights and innovation vital to your credit union’s success. This year be part of the celebration of 100 years of America’s credit unions. Visit July & August Au g ust CUNA Economics & Investments Conference August 2–5 • San Diego, CA $1,095 CUNA Technology Council SummitJ u ly August 5–8 • San Francisco, CACUNA Management Schools Iowa Marketing NetworkJuly 12–24 • Madison, WI August 13 • West Des Moines, IA$2,299 FreeThe Members Group Client Conference Iowa Trainers NetworkJuly 13–15 • Las Vegas, NV August 14 • TBDFirst attendee free, $99 each additional FreeIowa Small CU Roundtable CUNA Financial Management Schools:July 15 • West Des Moines, IA Part I & IIFree August 16–20 • Boston, MA $1,595CUNA Business Lending Certification InstitutesJuly 20–24 • Madison, WI CUNA Disaster Preparedness & Recovery$1,795 Conference August 17–19 • Boston, MAIowa Credit Union Board/Executive Summit $895July 24–25 • TBD$425 first attendee, $399 each additional CUNA Management Schools July 12–24 • Madison, WI • $2,299 You’ve heard the saying “nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.” Well, that’s especially true when it comes to effective leadership. In cooperation with the University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Business, this intensive three-year educational program helps you develop your skills as an effective manager and leader.
  6. 6. September & OctoberS e pt e mb e r Octo b e rCoopera Webinar: Risk Management CUNA Collections & Bankruptcyfor the Hispanic Market School: IntroductionSeptember 2 October 4–9 • Las Vegas, NVFree $1,295CUNA Security Certification Institute: CUNA Collections & Bankruptcy School:Facilities & Fraud AdvancedSeptember 13–17 • San Diego, CA October 4–8 • Las Vegas, NV$1,495 $1,195CUNA Security & Fraud Institute: Advanced CUNA World-Class Customer ServiceSeptember 13–17 • San Diego, CA Executive Institute$1,195 October 5–8 • Phoenix, AZ $1,595CUNA Human Resource Management Schools:Part I & II CUNA Branch Management Institutes:September 14–17 • Nashville, TN Foundations & Strategies$1,295 October 19–21 • Fort Worth, TX $1,295CUNA Leadership Development InstituteSeptember 14–18 • Tempe, AZ CUNA Business Development Schools:$1,595 Part I & II October 19–22 • Fort Worth, TXIowa Credit Union Convention & Annual Meeting $1,295Hack for CUPAC Golf OutingSeptember 23–25 • Des Moines, IA Iowa Insurance Licensing Workshop October 21 • Des Moines, IACUNA Compliance Fundamentals Seminar $155September 26–27 • San Diego, CA$500 Iowa Mid-Size CU Roundtable October 21 • West Des Moines, IACUNA Operations, Sales & Service Council FreeConferenceSeptember 27–30 • San Diego, CA CUNA Community Credit Union Conference October 21–24 • Las Vegas, NVCUNA Regulatory Compliance School: Update $895September 27–October 1 • San Diego, CA$1,195 CUNA Experience Learning Live! October 25–28 • Nashville, TNCUNA Regulatory Compliance School: Introduction $895September 27–October 2 • San Diego, CA$1,295 Iowa Credit Union Convention & Annual Meeting September 23–25 • Des Moines, IA Develop new strategies, network with your peers, connect with exhibitors, and enjoy the Hack for CUPAC golf outing. It’s the must-attend event of the year for credit union employees and directors at all levels of leadership. CUNA Community Credit Union Conference October 21–24 • Las Vegas, NV • $895 To succeed as a community credit union, your products, delivery systems, marketing, and service must be tailored to fit your community. Whether your credit union is considering a community charter or has had one for years, this conference is for you. Visit CUNA Experience Learning Live! October 25–28 • Nashville, TN • $895 Attend Experience Learning Live! to build stronger training programs in your credit union. This high energy event gives you long-lasting experiences and peer interaction while you explore cutting-edge training techniques.
  7. 7. November & DecemberN o v e mb e r D e c e mb e rCUNA Bank Secrecy Act Conference Coopera Webinar:November 1–4 • San Francisco, CA Hispanic Youth: Demographics,$895 Products & Promotions December 2CUNA Lending Council Conference FreeNovember 1–4 • San Diego, CA CUNA Supervisory Committee &CUNA Management Essentials for Supervisors: Internal Audit ConferenceIntroduction & Advanced December 6–9 • Las Vegas, NVNovember 1–5 • San Diego, CA $895$1,295 CUNA Certified Financial Counselor Schools:Iowa IRA Workshops: Essentials & Advanced Part I & IINovember 3–4 • Des Moines, IA December 6–10 • St. Pete Beach, FL$359 or $199 per day $1,295Iowa Small CU Roundtable CUNA Business Lending & Services ConferenceNovember 10 • West Des Moines, IA December 7–9 • St. Pete Beach, FLFree $895Iowa Marketing NetworkNovember 12 • West Des Moines, IAFreeIowa Bankruptcy & Collections ConferenceNovember 17–18 • Des Moines, IA$359 or $199 per day Want the latest news andIowa Trainers Network updates in regulatoryNovember 20 • Waterloo, IA compliance? CUNA’sFree trusted compliance resources, including training, articles, and online resources are just a click away. Plus, be sure to sign up for the free Compliance Challenge newsletter. Visit and choose Compliance.Register Early and Save!The registration fees shown for CUNA events areearly-bird rates. Visit forupdates on dates, locations, and tuition. Did you know? ICUL’s vendor partners help keepDiscounts for Small Credit Unions education pricing low. Revenue and sponsorshipsIf your credit union has less than $15 million in raised through the VIP help subsidize Leagueassets, you’ll receive a discount on registration fees programming and services. Also, be sure to thankfor most Iowa events. our VIP vendors for their support the next time you• 5% discount for $10 million to $14.9 million 2 meet with them. If you know of a vendor that you• 0% discount for $5 million to $9.9 million 5 feel would be a good candidate for the VIP, please• 75% discount for less than $4.9 million contact Ann Lohry Smith at 515-221-3011.To be reimbursed for the small credit uniondiscount on webinars, please submit a copy ofyour invoice to the league. For details, contactAnn Lohry Smith at 515-221-3011. For more information about educational events for Iowa credit unions, contact Ann Lohry Smith, Director of Professional Development at 515-221-3011 or For registration information or assistance, e-mail or call 800-356-9655, ext. 4400.
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