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STEPS' Trip To England July 2010


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STEPS INSTITUTE de Bernal organiza este hermoso tour cultural de Inglaterra junto a V.I.C.Organization. Aún quedan algunos lugares.
Si te interesa saber más llamá a Ann al 4259-3004

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STEPS' Trip To England July 2010

  1. 1. Trip to England
  2. 2. LONDON
  3. 4. Notting Hill
  4. 6. The London Eye
  5. 7. Windsor Castle Eton College
  6. 8. The Cotswolds
  7. 9. Carfax Tower Oxford Oxford is a university city located about 80 kms west of London.
  9. 12. BATH
  10. 13. Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare's home town
  11. 14. Britain's greatest Mediaeval experience at Warwick Castle Warwick Castle
  12. 15. Punting en el Río Cam Its picturesque center preserves mediaeval streets with college courtyards, gardens and bridges. Cambridge is a compact cosmopolitan city with ancient architecture of great beauty . Cambridge
  13. 16. York
  14. 17. Chester
  15. 18. Chester
  16. 19. Steps trip to England