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How to join the webinar


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How to join the webinar for participants of the WEA Australian Core Skills Framework program

Published in: Technology, Design
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How to join the webinar

  1. 1. How to join the webinarCopy the link below into your browser
  2. 2. How to join the webinarIf you see the following message, click on OK
  3. 3. How to join the webinarEnter your name and click on the Log in button
  4. 4. How to join the webinarYou may be prompted to click Open or Open Folder.Select Open if this is the case. Java will begin todownload.
  5. 5. How to join the webinarThen click on Run
  6. 6. How to join the webinarYou have now successfully joined the webinar andwill see your name and in the left hand column.