Selling Smart Workshop - Psychology and Selling: Applying Transactional Analysis


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Much of our personality is shaped by early childhood programming—messages that we carry with us into adulthood. In this module, you will learn how the ego states of your personality influence your behavior, how they were developed, and the impact they have on selling success. You’ll learn how to identify repetitive, non-productive behavior and how to replace it with more appropriate behavior.

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  • Our thoughts and behaviors are largely determined by mental programming that we’re hardly aware of. Goal of TA is to help us become aware of these influences that speak to our subconscious, so we can control their influence on us – end sleepwalking and act rationally.P = values (taught concept of life)A = think (thought concept of life)C = feel (felt concept of life)Critical parent - Tell someone what to do, they have no options Adult - objective, non-emotional, logicalNurturing parent – Help someone in pain feel betterNatural child – spontaneous, impulsive, lovingRebellious – angry, fearful, selfishAdaptive child – try to earn approval
  • Transaction = stimulus & response Complimentary – lines are parallel (adult – adult or CP – adaptive child) Crossed – judgmental statement comes from CP, response comes from CP rather than child.Transactions occur simultaneously at both explicit and psychological levels.The child wants to buy, the adult makes the decision, and the parent gives permission
  • Selling Smart Workshop - Psychology and Selling: Applying Transactional Analysis

    1. 1. SELLING SMART WORKSHOP:PSYCHOLOGY AND SELLING: APPLYING TRANSACTIONALANALYSISKelly Parkinson –Allegra Print and ImagingChuck Martens –Shar Music CompanyJoe Marr –Sandler Training Ann Arbor
    2. 2. SELLING SMART WORKSHOP:THE BOARD OF DIRECTORSJim Woods –The CEO AdvantageGreg Peters –The Reluctant NetworkerJoe Marr –Sandler Training Ann Arbor
    3. 3. SELLING SMART WORKSHOP:FORMATWorkshop 9 – 10 am:Interactive Training SessionAddressing Common ChallengesPanel Q & A 10 – 11 amApplicationSpecific challenges in your businessAnything
    4. 4. SELLING SMART WORKSHOP TODAY:PSYCHOLOGY AND SELLING: APPLYINGTRANSACTIONAL ANALYSISWorkshop : Our personality is shaped by earlychildhood programming and impacts sellingsuccess. We’ll examine how to identifyprogrammed, non-productive behavior and howto replace it with more appropriate behavior.Panel Q & A : How transactional analysis works,real-world
    6. 6. RULE“In sales, leave yourmother and your 6year old in the car.”
    7. 7. DISCUSSIONWhat does it mean?Why does it matter?How have you applied TA in sales?
    9. 9. THE PARENT• Programmed script• Rules and regulations for life• The Parent says: "You should..."• CP: Scolding, punishing, controlling,judging• NP: Nurturing, encouraging, defending
    10. 10. THE ADAPTED CHILD• Emotional responses "replayed“• Compliant, guilty, fearful, needy• AC responses a source of "bad morale“• NP + AC = risk averse
    11. 11. THE NATURAL CHILD• “I want”• Intuitive "child"• Spontaneity, joy, surprise, amazement,exuberance, love• Decides who to trust• A + NC in sync = achievement
    12. 12. THE ADULT• Logical• Estimates probabilities• Broadens perspective• Dispassionate /objective• Without emotional bias• Data processor / Reviser
    14. 14. Grey Hair, GreenHorns & Big Shots
    15. 15. TA SITUATIONS PRACTICEGrey HairGreen HornBig Shot
    16. 16. Can you relate TAto these SandlerRules?
    17. 17. Selling is a Broadway playperformed by a psychiatrist.Sandler Rule
    18. 18. The problem the prospectbrings you is never the realproblem.Sandler Rule
    19. 19. Sales is no way to get youremotional needs met…Sandler Rule
    20. 20. Nurture, Nurture, NURTURE!Sandler Rule
    21. 21. I’m financially independent,and I don’t need the business.Sandler Rule
    22. 22. When under attack, fall back.Sandler Rule
    23. 23. You don’t have to like coldcalls, you only have to makethem.Sandler Rule
    24. 24. When setting appointments,always get invited in - NOBEGGING!Sandler Rule
    25. 25. Never become emotionallyinvolved in a sales call.Sandler Rule
    26. 26. Never make a move withouta commitment.Sandler Rule
    27. 27. 3 BIG IDEAS1. We all carry childhood programming2. Awareness of Transactional Analysis ego states helpsus avoid programming pitfalls3. Nurturing Parent and Adult Ego States are mosteffective: Higher credibility Deeper bonding / trust Stronger relationships
    28. 28. QUESTIONS FOR THE PANELOn break take a moment to write questions for the panelabout:The workshopThe panelists application of tacticsSpecific challenges in your businessAnything
    29. 29. SELLING SMART WORKSHOP:PSYCHOLOGY AND SELLING: APPLYING TRANSACTIONALANALYSISKelly Parkinson –Allegra Print and ImagingChuck Martens –Shar Music CompanyJoe Marr –Sandler Training Ann Arbor
    30. 30. LESSONS LEARNEDOne takeawayCan you use it?On Business Card:Questions – “Q”Speaking Opportunities – “S”Contact me – “C”Raffle (Free e-book, too!)
    31. 31. REVENUE NORTHBusiness GrowthConferencePromo Code:C23GH6
    32. 32. Increase Your Pipeline with Networking Finesse