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October 2010 - Marketing Roundtable - Sean Hickey


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As marketing and sales become less discrete activities, alignment is increasingly critical. The marketing discipline now includes a wide range of functions to help identify, nurture, and close sales. This panel of industry experts will review topics like demand generation, CRM/database tools, call centers, and the best ways to integrate these elements to enable your sales force and improve their results.

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October 2010 - Marketing Roundtable - Sean Hickey

  1. 1. pwb marketing communications Sales Support Tools Marketing Roundtable Sean Hickey – COO, PWB
  2. 2. Demand Generation is Like Fishing • The right tactics • A solid plan • Flawless execution • Patience • Some luck • Adapting to the unique situation
  3. 3. Marketing-Sales Continuum • Marketing and Sales are no longer discrete activities Marketing Sales Progress
  4. 4. What is Demand Generation? • Marketing integrated and aligned with sales • The process of targeting, identifying, engaging, and nurturing prospects • The engine that drives growth • An extension of integrated marketing
  5. 5. Forward or Out • Demand generation programs must continuously advance good prospects and eliminate or grow weak ones Prospect SALE Drip program
  6. 6. Demand Generation Process Strategy & Sales Alignment Core PWB Expertise Target List Construction Content Development Creative Platform Outbound Execution Response Capture Partner or Nurturing & Growth Client Execution Metrics Evaluation
  7. 7. Alignment • The best demand generation programs align with: • Solid strategy • Sales objectives and efforts • Business cycles
  8. 8. Remember the Basics • Old direct response mantra, updated • The list • The creative • The offer • The medium • At every step, offer the right THINGS to the right PEOPLE using the right MEDIUM in a CREATIVE way
  9. 9. Tell An Intriguing Story • Messages can get more complex and more compelling as prospect progresses deeper in the sales cycle: • Awareness • Interest • Consideration • Selection • Purchase
  10. 10. Metrics • Identifying meaningful metrics is important at the outset • A feedback loop to the agency is critical • Value of data builds over time • Comparative • Trends
  11. 11. Case Study – PWB Referrals Search Direct Mail PR White Papers Proposal Qualified? Yes Drip Program No Yes • Budget • E-News Initial Meeting • Need • White Papers • Active Search No
  12. 12. PWB Drip Program Components Direct Mail – 2-3 week cadence E-News – monthly White Papers – ad hoc
  13. 13. DG – How You Do It Right • Take prospects on a messaging journey • Build in meaningful metrics • Establish a process at the outset • Respect your unique product/service • Don’t take your eye off the ball
  14. 14. Catch More and Bigger Fish! Questions?