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Prima Civatas Foundation Internship Program Presentation


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This is the presentation given by Prima Civatas for employers who are interested in creating internship programs at their organizations.

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Prima Civatas Foundation Internship Program Presentation

  1. 1. Sherry Doody Amanda Avila Human Resources Talent Development ManagerPrima Civitas Foundation Prima Civitas Foundation
  2. 2. Employer Internship Training Session Today’s Agenda • Interns today • 5 Steps essential for structuring program • Best (& worst) practices • How to recruit interns • How to identify potential internship opportunities within your organization • Resources • FAQs
  3. 3. Employer Internship Training Session• About the Prima Civitas Foundation (PCF) • Non-profit established in 2006 • Community & economic development • Talent portfolio• About the Michigan Internship Initiative • Partners-PCF & Hello West Michigan • Employer Internship Training Sessions • Employer Internship Toolkit
  4. 4. Employer Internship Training Session• When you hear “internship”, what do you think? • Only for large organizations? • That you had a bad experience in the past and would rather not deal with interns?
  5. 5. Employer Internship Training SessionWho are today’s interns?• High School students• College students  Traditional  Non-traditional• Career changers
  6. 6. Employer Internship Training SessionEmployer Benefits• Opportunity to create workforce pipeline• Start-ups• Interns can bridge skills gaps through connecting employers to education• Great way to groom future leadership• Return On Investment (ROI) • Promess Inc, Hart Davidson Design (HDD)
  7. 7. Employer Internship Training SessionHow to get started:Look at what can be completed by an intern• Review job descriptions for each department• Identify capacity issues• Do you have projects on your wish list? Don’t restrict the possibilities
  8. 8. Employer Internship Training Session• Budget • $10/hour ($7.45 min. wage + payroll taxes) x 150 hours $1500.00• Stipends • Monthly $$ • Gas cards + pizza
  9. 9. Employer Internship Training SessionFive-Steps to Developing a Quality Internship ProgramStep 1: Set goals and policies for the internship program What is the main goal for your organization’s internship program? Who will supervise and mentor the intern?Step 2: Write a plan for the internship opportunity Create Work Plan Can the intern be involved in other areas?  Meetings  Training/Seminars
  10. 10. W ork Plan Marketing Internship une 1 – August 31, 2011Length: JSchedule:Monday Tuesday W ednesday Thursday Friday Total Hours8 am – 4 pm off 8 am – 4 pm off 8 am – 4 pm 24 hours/weekEmail: Password: #@$&%Projects: · Style Guide · Marketing Plan including demographic research · Development and Implementation of S ocial Media · W ebsite maintenance and development · Assist with development of Presentations and Powerpoints for staff · Attend Marketing Committee Meetings · Assist with development of Events/Event Planning · Assist with general office operationsMid-Internship Progress meeting – J 11, 2011 uly
  11. 11. Employer Internship Training SessionPrima Civitas Websitewith a Style Guide…Jan10Workshop on Creating an Intern Program for Your Arts or CultureOrganizationJoin Amanda Avila, CBSP Talent Development Manager at Michigans ,Prima Civitas ...
  12. 12. Employer Internship Training SessionPrima Civitas Websitewithout a Style Guide…Workshop onCreating an InternProgram for YourArts or Culture
  13. 13. Employer Internship Training SessionFive-Steps to Developing a Quality Internship ProgramStep 3: Recruit a qualified intern• Contact local high school, college or university• Local networking groups• Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Michigan Shifting Gears program  Interview interns as you would employees  Extend offer to chosen candidate  Notify candidates who were not selected
  14. 14. Employer Internship Training SessionMEDC’sMichigan Shifting Gears Program (MiSG)• Program overview• How can you benefit?  Scan the QR code for more info
  15. 15. Employer Internship Training SessionFive-Steps to Developing a Quality Internship ProgramStep 4: Manage the intern• Orientation-without overload • Don’t make assumptions • Talk about attire, perfume, schedule, etc.• Give the intern resources needed to function • Computer • Phone • Access to server/share drive• Monitor & evaluate interns progress
  16. 16. Employer Internship Training SessionFive-Steps to Developing a Quality Internship ProgramStep 5: Conduct exit interviews and follow-up• Use feedback to track/improve your internship program• Communicate with Career Advisor
  17. 17. FAQ’s What is required of the employer if the internship is for credit? What is the difference between an intern and volunteer? What is the standard length of an internship? How many employees do you have to have in order to use interns? Can we use interns for positions that deal w/confidential info? What should I do if the intern is not working out?
  18. 18. ResourcesResources mentioned today can be found on the Prima Civitas website at
  19. 19. Sherry Doody 517-999-3382 Sherry Pfaff-Doody@AmandaPCF Amanda Avila