November 2011 - Marketing Roundtable - Jeremy Lopatin


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Planning for the future means understanding which industry trends will impact your business and budgets. Here's your opportunity to engage with industry experts sharing stories that directly influence your 2012 marketing planning. Google is surely a line item in your budget, what are they up to now and where is Google going? Will Facebook advertising still be important to allocate budget to? Search Engine Optimization powers your visibility, but what trends should you be aware of and how will they impact your site's future? You'll get the insiders' perspective of B2B corporations, as the panelists take you through the upcoming trends and where you should focus your planning. You'll get answers to these questions...and much more... guaranteed!

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  • Digital marketing isn’t an easy business, which you probably already know. And unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of easy answers for you. But knowledge is power, and I hope that the trends I’ll be sharing with your will help you prepare for the coming year. The overarching trend I see for the coming year is diversity and fragmentation – in social media channels, local outlets, devices, and content types. You need to be aware of these trends, and what they mean to you if you’re going to be ready for next year.
  • Expect a growing need for diversity. Even if Bing and/or Yahoo fail to gain sizable market share over Google in the coming years, the growth in social media platforms alone should lead you to conclude that the internet marketing winners of tomorrow won't be playing a Google-only game. For the right client, ads on Facebook work just as well as, if not better than, trusty Google Adwords. And don't overestimate the value of optimizing for Bing in addition to Google... Oh, and written content alone won't cut it anymore... plan to incorporate image and (especially) video content into your content creation strategy - the diversity of elements on the SERP offers both threats and opportunities to future traffic.
  • The local search scene is, at it ‘ s very essence, a diverse and fragmented space
  • In SEO, we know that users intent can be gleaned from the words they use… well, we can also begin to understand their likely behavior based on the platform or device they use. Every device type has a role in the sales process – you need to figure out how your customers use them all!
  • Expect a growing need for diversity in content. The diversity of elements on the SERP already places a priority on multi-media content (images, video, etc.) – and search algorithm updates will continue to prioritize these, particularly video. Plan on incorporating high quality images and video into your content creation strategy – these trends offer both threats and opportunities to future traffic
  • Don ‘ t rely on past assumptions about your industry or audience... These are surprising times! Local is going to matter where you don ‘ t expect it Mobile is going to matter where you don ‘ t expect it Social is going to matter where you don ‘ t expect it. Localization will continue to eclipse the search environment Businesses you never thought had a mobile dimension will develop one Social platforms you never though would be viable marketing environments could pan out better than expected
  • Here’s the good news: - The more things change, the more they remain the same!! - None of the things I’ve talked about (Local, Mobile, Social, Content) are not new concepts by Internet Marketing standards - Content will still be king. Quality and Authenticity will matter even more than before. In spite of all the change I just described, I still spend most of my time worrying about fundamentals like engaging content, product quality, website performance, visual appeal, brand message, etc. Know that there will be an increasing diversity of platforms, social networks, local environments, and content types to deal with, and that you’ll need to make trade-offs to get the biggest bang for the buck. Consider (if you can) setting aside resources for emerging initiatives that crop up mid-year. Get comfortable with the idea of doing a pilot test of new opportunities, in order to test their value to your organization. And don’t overlook the basics in favor of the “next big thing”!
  • November 2011 - Marketing Roundtable - Jeremy Lopatin

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