March 2012 - Michigan Energy Forum - Richard Vander Veen


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Wind farms are growing in many parts of Michigan as the price to generate electricity by turbines drops. Once the decision is made to move forward with wind, what happens next?

Join us as we discuss answers to the questions below:

· What are the steps followed to site a wind farm?

· How are the locations determined?

· How are the turbines selected?

· Who does the construction?

· How is financing handled?

· What are the long term maintenance issues?

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March 2012 - Michigan Energy Forum - Richard Vander Veen

  1. 1. Rich VanderVeen, Wind Resource, LLC 414 E. Main Street, Suite B, Lowell, MI 49331; 616.897.1305 rich@windresourcellc.comMackinaw City 1999 - 2001 COD Bay Windpower•Emmet County, Mackinaw City and MPSC approved Consumers Energy Green Power Pilot Program Tariff +Thanks to you who provided support and leadership!2001 – 2012:•Michigan Wind Working Group, Great Lakes Wind Collaborative, NREL, et al.•2008 PA 295 = MI 10% RPS with your Support and Leadership!Gratiot County Wind Project – •Location: Gratiot/Midland Counties, Michigan •Size: 212.8 MW (133 GE 1.6 MW XLE Turbines) sited on 35,000 acres utilizing less than 300 acres; generating new clean power for 55,000 homes, annually = Energy Security. •Financial Capital: $450M + Investment; creating 200 Construction & 10 Permanent Jobs and new industrial park; increasing the County, Townships and Schools Tax Base, reducing others’ tax load. •20 Year DTE PPA Approved by MPSC locks in $94.43/MWh 2012 – 2032. •Social and Community Capital: 250+ Families signed the unique Wind Resource Pooling Easement Agreements, protecting family farms for future generations. •Countywide Wind Energy Zoning & Unanimous Permit Approvals. •MISO & ITC Interconnection completed providing 99.9999999% power quality.2012 – 2025: November 6, 2012 25 X 25 Ballot Initiative wins with your Support and Leadership!
  2. 2. Gratiot Wind Farm Wind Resources
  3. 3. Pooled Wind Sites– Wind Resource has created a unique Pooling Easement Agreement that allows for every landowner in the Project Area to become a part of the Project whether they own 1 acre or 1,000 acres.– More than 250 landowners have signed Wind Resource Pooling Easement Agreements totaling more than 30,000 acres in the Target Area.
  4. 4. Wind Studies• Gratiot Wind is currently assessing the wind potential in the Gratiot County area• Gratiot Wind has obtained extensive wind data over the past two years• Gratiot Wind has two 60 Meter NRG Meteorological Towers fully erected 2007→Sherwood Farm, Bethany Township 2008→Humm Farm, Lafayette Township• AWS TruePower determined 1.6 MW GE XLE on 100 m towers ideal
  5. 5. 133 1.6 MW XLE GE Wind Turbines• Hub • Approximate Length: 78’ • Approximate Weight: 75,000 pounds• Nacelle • Approximate Length: 113’ • Approximate Weight: 200,000 pounds• Tower Sections (5) • 100 meter tower • Approximate Length per Section: 70’ – 90’ • Approximate Weight per Section: 170,000 pounds• Foundation • Typically poured using a belt truck. • Base is 250 yards of concrete (843,750 pounds).• Blades (3) • Approximate Length per Blade: 150’ • Approximate Weight per Blade: 70,000 pounds • Pedestal is 30 yards of concrete (101,250 pounds).
  6. 6. Gratiot County Wind Project: Protecting the Great Lakes Est. Emissions & Waste Eliminated by Generating 500,000 MWh of New, Zero-Emissions Wind Power Annually Annual MI Emissions Eliminated Annual Great Lakes Air Pollution & by new, zero-emissions Regional Emissions Waste Wind, using Consumers Energy eliminated in Average emissions in lbs. /MWh lbs./MWh Sulfur Dioxide 3,200,000 4,100,000 Carbon Dioxide 971,500,000 1,093,000,000Oxides of Nitrogen 865,000 1,000,000 High-level,Radioactive Nuclear 3,450 4,150 Waste Wind power causes NO Mercury Mercury Deposition in our 10,000 MI lakes & Great Lakes Source:
  7. 7. Gratiot Wind ProjectGratiot Wind Project Team & ExperienceGratiot Wind Project Economic ImpactsThe Special Use Permits Approved Unanimously March 25, 2010Comply with:1. UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTED WIND ENERGY ZONING ORDINANCES2. WIND PROJECT OVERLAY MAPS and3. LAND USE REQUIREMENTS OF Emerson, Bethany, Lafayette (Gratiot Co.), and Wheeler Townships4. Unanimously approved site plan approvals for all 133 sites in four townships, Gratiot County
  8. 8. Construction Begins July 2011
  9. 9. 1st Turbine Erected August 16, 2011
  10. 10. Wind Power Educational Materials The following focus on solid science and market-based, Triple Bottom Line economics.• 2012 MI Ballot Initiative to Encourage 25% Renewable Energy by 2025 –• NREL 10 Benefits and 10 Myths about Wind Power Benefits- Myths-• The Michigan Wind Energy Siting Standards,• The MSU Wind Energy Siting Bulletin provided to Michigan Townships Association, Michigan Municipal League, Michigan Environmental Council,• NREL County Commissioners Planning Book – distributed at the 2007 meeting of the Michigan Association of Counties• AWEA Siting Guidelines• Utility Wind Integration Group – Setting siting and wind integration standards through utility experience,• The National Wind Coordinating Council• Wind on the Wires• The American Wind and Wildlife Institute• The Great Lakes Wind Collaborative, Please visit our websites for further information.