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What Makes a Truly Great Customer Experience, and Why Does it Matter? Managing and controlling how your business interacts with your customers affects your bottom line. That’s right - the hard cold cash that keeps your company afloat. Before you can manage customer interactions, however, you need to build an understanding of what makes your customers tick, and know how to handle customer expectations, behaviors, and the unexpected – without the aid of a crystal ball. Our panel of customer experience experts will share their stories on how to improve customer service operations & customer loyalty, turn an unhappy customer into a raving fan, and tips on how to pay attention to your customer at every touch point. This is your chance to ask the experts how you can gain valuable customer insight that will impact customer engagement, retention, and long-term customer partnerships.

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  • Our panel has given us 3 perspectives on How to Get into our Customer’s Shoes.-Lori talked about how shaping the customer experience isn’t about what you DO, but HOW You THINK. It’s an attitude. And having a customer focused ATTITUDE leads to SALES.Marilyn showed us how to recognize 4 distinct personality STYLES. Understanding and reacting to these different styles enables us to CONNECT and build RAPPORT… and enables us to SPEAK, and COMMUNICATE with our customers in a way, and in a language that makes sense to THEM.Cynthia gave us a HOLISTIC view of the Customer Experience, and the many TOUCHPOINTS we have to take intoconsideration. And how RESEARCH and PERSONAS provide a deeper empathy and understanding of our customers. I am going to share another approach, to getting into your customers shoes.
  • Another way of gaining insight… is to take a Customer Experience Process Approach to help you Think like your customer I would like you to take an internaldiscoveryvoyage of explorationUse the steps of your sales & service delivery to THINK about your customer at multiple Touchpoints, involving people from across your businessCynthia addressed 3 key questions – There are another 3 that you can ask, of yourselves.
  • So, how do you go about this,?1st thing to do is to map out your core customer-facing processes…. If you haven’t already documented your core processes…. Take a Step Backwards…. Sometimes we get so tied up in doing the same things over and over again, that we end up on autopilot… So take breath, and step back.Map out the Key Steps in your sales and service deliveryHigh Level – Focus on Few Key StepsAs a template, I’ve broken this down into Pre Sales / Sales Engagement …. Your business may not fit this model precisely, but it will be closeDefine your own KEY StepsIf you are an equipment provider, that performs maintenance, like my previous client StairMaster, your process might consist of ……If you are an education provider you process might consist of …..Identify the Touchpoints where you contact, connect, and communicate with your customerthere may be dozens of touchpointsFocus on a fewIdentify WHO you make contact with – often there are several people in your client organization that you are dealing with…Decision MakersInfluencersUsers
  • I’ve included this mini-list….To get you thinking about your own process steps…. Presales includes Marketing & Marketing CommunicationsTalking with customers and potential customers on the phone EtcSales Engagement etc.
  • 2nd: Invite and Involve people from across your business to participate in a mini-workshopCross section of personnel – customer-facing & back-officeLock yourself in a roomPut some flip charts up around the roomList on each flip chart, three questions… Create a Flip Chart for each Key Process Step that you are going to explore THEQuestions …Gain Insight / Learn & understand What you Think you knowWhat you Do Know – what have our customers actually told usWhat you Don’t know Do some Brain Storming …SolicitDifferent views / PerspectivesRepresentatives from all aspects of your business – accounting, distribution/logistics, engineering, customer help desk, sales, marketingWe all tend to view the world from our own silos – Sales Department, Engineering, the Billing Department….If you are a Solopreneur – If youare the business….get people that you are close to / work with / folk who know your business …. Partners, otherentrepreneurs who are doing something similar to you, but perhaps serving different market…. … maybe your Accountant, Attorney or other service providers that know your businessWhen I was working with DX Hays in the UK the brief was to revamp their service offering, and because they were a mail delivery company, the most insight came from the person in the organization that ran the internal mail room – not the Product Development Team!.
  • TYPES OF QUESTIONS TO ASK…..What do we Think we Know? – Our Perceptions / personal experience, observationOur gut feelIf we were the customer, how would we want to be treated?How have we reacted in a similar situation? How do we think we would have reacted?How important, do we think, this touchpoint is to our customer?What do we think we are doing well / not so well?What do we think we’re really good at doing / could be doing better? What else?, what else?What Do You actually Know – In capturing what you actually know – Capture What customers have already told us?Customer testimonials, surveys, conversations - Customer Services - Help Desk Comments - Field Engineers - Reception - Social Media Conversations - Social Media ReviewsWhat Don’t You Know? – what doubts do you now have / where are you unsure?
  • Get everyone in your workshop to fill in their ideas on Post It Notes…. And place them on the flip charts….Post It Note Pads Bold Marker PensPopulate your flip charts
  • 3rdConsolidate / Group your Ideas / Prioritize
  • Take this approach with each of your core process areas….Do your brainstormingConsolidate the information …….and THEN…
  • OutcomesImproved Customer ExperienceRetentionRepeatRecommendationReferral$
  • That concludes our panel presentations… And we open the discussion with Q&A…..… to get us started I have a question left by one of our attendees who wasn’t able to stay for the entire program….This question will be for you _________.James asks: ___________.
  • March 2012 - Marketing Roundtable - Dee Davey - Slides

    1. 1. MARKETING ROUNDTABLE Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    2. 2. MARKETING ROUNDTABLECustomer Experience - Process Approach• Internal View• Sales / Service Delivery• Workshop • Steps / Connection Points • Business Perspectives• The Other 3 Questions? Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    3. 3. MARKETING ROUNDTABLE Sales Service Pre Sales Post Sales Engagement Delivery• Step Back / Map Your Processes• Key Steps• Decision Makers / Influencers / Users• Touch Points – Focus on a Few Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    4. 4. MARKETING ROUNDTABLE Sales Service Pre Sales Post Sales Engagement Delivery• Marketing • Customer • Delivery • Invoice• Communication Acceptance • Installation • Payment• Conversations • Acknowledge • Configuration • Updates• Meetings • Schedule • Set Up • Revisions• Site Visits Delivery • Training • Post Service /• Demos • Variations to • Handover Sales Calls Order • Ongoing• Proposals • Installation / Maintenance• Presentations Implementation Plan Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    5. 5. MARKETING ROUNDTABLE Capture Input What do we think Customers want? What do we already know? What do we need to ask? Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    6. 6. MARKETING ROUNDTABLECustomer Experience – Questions• Think• Know• Don’t Know Sales Service Pre Sales Post Sales Engagement Delivery Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    7. 7. MARKETING ROUNDTABLE Capture Input What do we think Customers want? What do we already know? What do we need to ask? Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    8. 8. MARKETING ROUNDTABLE Group / Prioritise What do we think Customers want? What do we already know? What do we need to ask? Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    9. 9. MARKETING ROUNDTABLE Sales ServicePre Sales Post Sales Engagement Delivery Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    10. 10. MARKETING ROUNDTABLEDon’t Assume - TestSurvey – Traditional / Web – Formulate questions… and ask!1-2-1 Interviewing – In depth, enlightening, unforeseen opportunities! Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    11. 11. MARKETING ROUNDTABLEWorkshop Outcomes • Deeper Understanding • Quick Wins • Key Messaging • Improvement OpportunitiesImproved Customer Experience = $ • Retention • Repeat business • Recommendation • Referral Customer Experience, March 13, 2012
    12. 12. MARKETING ROUNDTABLE Cynthia Zimber Lori Jo Vest VP, Business VP/Sales and Marketing Development TVS Communication Solutions Marilyn Suttle Dee Davey CEO Marketing & Product Management Suttle Enterprises LLC Creative Ideas Customer Experience, March 13, 2012