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Dee Davey Customer Experience Handout

  1. 1. MARKETING ROUNDTABLE Customer Experience, March 13, 2012What Makes a Truly Great Customer Experience,and Why Does it Matter? Managing and •Customer Service IS Sales / Relationshipscontrolling how your business interacts with your •How you THINKcustomers affects your bottom line. That’s right - Lorithe hard cold cash that keeps your companyafloat. Before you can manage customerinteractions, however, you need to build an •Getting Under the Skin / Build Understandingunderstanding of what makes your customers •Build Relationshipstick, and know how to handle customer Marilynexpectations, behaviors, and the unexpected –without the aid of a crystal ball. Dee Davey’spanel of customer experience experts will share •User Experience at Multiple Touchpointstheir stories on how to improve customer service •See Customer Through Their Eyesoperations & customer loyalty, turn an unhappy Cynthiacustomer into a raving fan, and tips on how to payattention to your customer at every touch point.This is your chance to ask the experts how youcan gain valuable customer insight that will impact •Tecnique to Help You Think Like Your Customercustomer engagement, retention, and long-term •Getting Into Their Shoes at Different Touchpoints Deecustomer partnerships.KEY POINTSLori Jo Vest- Customer service IS sales. Its how you build a loyal customer base and get referrals.- Business is relationships - customer service is about building strong relationships, no matter how long the sales cycle is or how infrequent the sale. Strong relationships are the only way to build a successful business.- Customer service is not about what you DO to create a relationship, its how you THINK. When you think appropriately, youll naturally do the right thing.Marilyn Suttle- The four basic styles of customers(Amiable, Direct, Expressive, Analytical) and how identifying preferred styles can make you a provider of choice.- How to build instant rapport by treating customers according to their preferred style.- How to identify your own preferred style and calm yourself when handling a style that challenges you.- Recognize and respond appropriately to individual customer styles.Cynthia Zimber- The holistic Customer Experience.- Internal collaboration + process: essential.- The key 3 questions that must be addressed.- One size does not fit all: developing scenarios and personas.- The experience of the customer you can’t see.Dee Davey - Moderator- A “Process Approach” to slipping into the shoes of your customer: gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience.- Key questions to ask for a deeper appreciation of The Customer Experience.- Ways for testing internal assumptions against the “real deal” of what your customers think. Dee Davey, Creative Ideas Marketing LLC, Plymouth, Michigan 48170, Tele: 734 259 0060, Cell: 734 233 1513
  2. 2. MARKETING ROUNDTABLE Cynthia Zimber Lori Jo Vest VP, Business Development VP/Sales and Marketing TecEd, Inc. l User Experience: TVS CommunicationSolutions Research and Design Lori Jo Vest has been involved in Cynthia Zimber has more than thirty sales and marketing in the televisionyears of experience in consumer marketing, Fortune production industry for over 20 years. She currently1000 sales and business development. Following a serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing forcareer in consumer sales promotion management roles TVS Communication Solutions.She matches thein San Francisco, she led national sales teams for studios’ service offerings – which include videoleading software publishers in Silicon Valley. As a production, webcasting, web-based training and otherconsultant, Cynthia helped startup solutions companies technical communication services – with the needs ofexpand their channels, develop their sales strategies Fortune 500 companies and broadcast entities. Vest isand secured early-adopter customers to fulfill investor also the author of the best selling customer servicerequirements. As an entrepreneur she co-founded book, “Who’s Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Mostseveral consumer product and internet companies, and Difficult Customer into Your Biggest Fan.” “Who’s Yourfrom the experience of shipping a product that buyers Gladys?” offers real-world advice on creating highcould not easily assemble, she recognized the value of levels of customer loyalty from successful companies incustomer insight. Incorporating feedback from target a wide range of industries. In spite of her busyconsumers in the early design phase and conducting schedule, Vest is committed to mentoring and coachingusability testing would have saved time and budget others with her formulaic approach to new businesswinning back those frustrated customers! Cynthia loves development, client retention and referral sales.helping businesses realize that providing a good Through her company, LJV Consulting, LLC, shecustomer experience requires paying attention to the provides sales training resources, as well as salescustomer at every touch point, it’s a holistic effort. consulting and coaching to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Marilyn Suttle Dee Davey CEO Marketing & Product Management Suttle Enterprises LLC Creative Ideas Marketing As the founder of personal and Dee improves her clients’ marketing professional growth training firm, performance and sales revenue Suttle Enterprises, Marilyn inspires through strategic planning, producther clients to the highest levels of personal and development and business process improvements;professional development. Using humor and primarily for companies who offer business-to-businesscompelling stories that zero in on relevant points, services to their customers. Since 2004 her businessMarilyn creates long-lasting results for her clients, Creative Ideas Marketing has been identifying newanchoring her material with highly interactive and sources of revenue and bringing ideas for new productseducational group activities. She specializes in creating to life. Dee helps businesses who want to take the next“Suttle Shifts” in the way people think and act to step in marketing their business, but lack the resourceproduce massive results. She spent over a year or time to pull it all together.Dee has extensiveinterviewing CEOs, managers, and the front line staff of marketing experience helping mid-sized to major multi-companies that have developed strong service cultures national companies improve business growth. Anthat work, even in a tough economy. Her bestselling international marketer resident in England for 30 years,book, Whos Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Dee also has a unique ability to view and understandDifficult Customer Into Your Biggest Fan offers a global marketing issues from a different perspective. Inblueprint for how to examine and benchmark customer 2011 Dee was selected to be a contributing member ofservice operations. She’s been quoted in the LA Times, the SPARK Marketing Roundtable and since 2007 hasChicago Tribune, Inc., Ladies Home Journal, and been managing the marketing communications andWoman’s World to name a few. promotion of LA2M – Lunch Ann Arbor Marketing. Dee Davey, Creative Ideas Marketing LLC, Plymouth, Michigan 48170, Tele: 734 259 0060, Cell: 734 233 1513