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April 2011 - Michigan Energy Forum - Dan Radomski


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Published in: Technology
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April 2011 - Michigan Energy Forum - Dan Radomski

  1. 1. Kinetik Partners Solar Technologies Pedro Guillen Dan Radomski This proposal contains Kinetik Confidential & Proprietary information and is intended only for use by the named client. This information may not be shared with any other entities without receiving written permission from Kinetik. Kinetik Partners | C O N F I D E N T I A L
  2. 2. Solar Thermal Sunlight to Heat Pool Heating Water Heating and Space  Kinetik Partners Project Number and Name
  3. 3. Parabolic Trough Sunlight to Heat, then Heat to Electricity Trough fields provide high-temperature fluid for boiling water and providing steam for Rankine steam  Kinetik Partners Project Number and Name
  4. 4. Dish/Engine System Parabolic Dish converts Sunlight to Heat Sterling Engine coupled to a Generator converts Heat to  Kinetik Partners Project Number and Name
  5. 5. Power Tower System Mirrors direct sunlight generating heat Heat is used to make electricity (for example steam turbine)  Kinetik Partners Project Number and Name
  6. 6. Photovoltaics (PV)  Absorber converts light into electricity – Silicon Wafer o Multicrystalline o Monocrystalline – Thin Film o Silicon – Amorphous (UniSolar) – Microcrystalline (Applied Materials) – String Ribbon (Evergreen Solar) o CdTe (First Solar) o CIGS (Global Solar / Dow Chemical) o In development – Organic semiconductors (Global Photonic) –  Kinetik Partners Project Number and Name
  7. 7. Thin Film PV Materials Amorphous Silicon • Copper Indium Gallium – A non-crystalline form Diselenide (CIGS) of silicon, like glass – Highest efficiency at 19.9% – Deposited directly onto a range (NREL) of rigid and flexible materials – High absorption coefficient – Inexpensive, but lower efficiency and current density (unless equipped to capture a – Long-term reliability wide variety of light streams) – Multi-junction Copper Indium Diselenide (CIS) • Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) – Very high absorption – Can be alloyed with Zinc, Mercury, & others to vary its characteristics and performance – Ideal band-gap & active R&D area  Kinetik Partners Project Number and Name
  8. 8. Historic Maximum PV Cell EfficienciesSource: NREL  Kinetik Partners Project Number and Name
  9. 9. Michigan Solar Supply Chain1 ABB Inc. 26 Eaton Electrical Sensing and Controls2 Accro-Seal 27 Electronic Solutions3 ADAC Automotive 28 EMC2 INC4 ADCO Circuits 29 Erie Technologies5 Agritek Industries, Inc. 30 Evergreen Solar6 Anderson Consulting Associates 31 FATA Automation7 Armstead Technologies 32 Forberg Scientific8 ASCO Numatics 33 Fronius USA LLC9 Augment Capital 34 Fulcrum Composites10 Automation & Modular Components 35 Gexpro11 AVL 36 Grand Transformers Inc12 Bauer Power 37 Guardian Industries Corp.13 Carbone of America - Ultra Carbon Div 38 Harley Ellis Devereaux14 Cobasys 39 Harlo Corporation15 Coffman Electrical Equipment Co. 40 Hemlock Semi-Conductor16 Conestoga-Rovers & Associates 41 HS Die & Engineering Inc.17 Continental Corp. 42 ICR-Industrial Control Repair18 Contractors Building Supply 43 Integrity Desing & Mfg.19 Controlled Power 44 Intellicon, Inc.20 Cosma Engineering, div of Magna 45 Intricate Grinding & Machine21 Creative Foam Corp. 46 Invensys Controls22 Delphi Corporation 47 IPR Center Plastics.23 Detroit Electrical Services 48 J King Solar Technologies24 Dow Corning - Solar Business Unit 49 JD Candler Roofing Company25 Dunnage Engineering, Inc. 50 Kerkau Manufacturing  Kinetik Partners Project Number and Name
  10. 10. Michigan Solar Supply Chain51 Knight Global 77 Power Panel52 Koops Inc. 78 PrimeStar Solar53 K-Space 79 Progressive Dynamics Medical54 KUKA System Corporation NA 80 Progressive Technologies55 LMS 81 Promess Inc.56 Lotus International Company 82 Puritan Automation57 Luma Resources 83 Raven Engineering Inc.58 Madison Electric 84 Ricardo Inc59 MAGNA - Cosma International 85 RMMP Testlab60 Marelco 86 RS Electronics61 MARELCO Power Systems 87 Sharp Electrical/Energy Services62 Masterline Design & Mfg. 88 SIPCO MLS63 Merrill Fabricators & Tool 89 SKF64 Metro Welding Supply Corp 90 SSOE Inc.65 Michigan Industrial Controls 91 The AIM Industrial Group66 Midbrook 92 Top Craft Tool67 Midland Tomorrow 93 Top Line Electric LLC68 Miller Tool & Die 94 United Solar Ovonic69 MxLaren Performance Technologies 95 Utica Enterprises70 Myles Group 96 Vehma International71 Newkirk Electric 97 Viking Products72 Nextek Power Systems 98 Visteon Corp73 Ort Tool and Die 99 Vogel Industries74 Outbound Technologies 100 Wacker Chemie75 Patriot Solar Group 101 Weldall Corporation76 PJF 102 Windemuller  Kinetik Partners WTI/Integrity Design/Warnke Tool 103 Project Number and Name
  11. 11. Detroit | BarcelonaPedro Guillen, Partner Dan Radomski, PartnerTechnology & Business Innovation Industry & Government danr@kinetikpartners.com248.921.543 248.721.3192Guy M.R. Reed Debora PeraltaInternational Partnerships Market Research and 678.641.7575