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resume writing

this ppt is

tells you basics of resume writing skill

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resume writing

  2. 2. The Objective Of A Resume Is To…. Get You An Interview!
  3. 3. Writing The Effective Resume The First Step Toward Landing to your Job
  4. 4. Writing An Effective Resume • What information should be in a resume? • Characteristics of a successful resume. • Picking the Best Resume Format Functional or Chronological.
  5. 5. What Information Should Be In A Resume? • Identify Yourself • Education • Continuing Education • Work or Professional Experience • Volunteer Experience • Activities • Computer Skills • Professional Associations Optional Sections • Objective • Special Skills and Abilities • Reference Statement
  6. 6. What is Captured in the First 10-15 Lines of Your Resume? Capture Their Attention Highlight Your Strengths
  7. 7. Common Resume Components Section Headings
  9. 9. Professional Summary • Summary • Career Summary • Profile • Professional Profile • Professional Highlights All of these are professional summary headings - select the words that best fit your resume.
  10. 10. Work Experience • Experience • Related Experience • Professional Experience • Work History • Related Work History • Professional Work History All of these are work experience headings - select the words that best fit your resume.
  11. 11. Education • Education • Related Education • Related Coursework • Training • Related Certifications All of these are education & training headings - select the words that best fit your resume.
  12. 12. Skills Section Example of Skills Section Sub Headings
  13. 13. One Size Does Not Fit All Remember
  14. 14. Picking the Best Resume Format FUNCTIONAL CHRONOLOGICAL
  15. 15. Resumes Targeted • Addresses Specific Needs Tailored • Shows You’re a Good Fit
  16. 16. Chronological Resume If you choose to write a chronological resume, it is best to follow these tips: ▪ Include only the most important information about each position. ▪ Be specific rather than general in your descriptions, using concise and vivid language. ▪ Quantify the impact of your actions in your previous positions by including facts, figures, and numbers. For example: How many accounts did you work on? How many employees did you supervise? ▪ Be sure to include a list of key contributions you presented or achievements you made to your past positions. ▪ Find key words and terminology in the job posting and use them in your resume. ▪ Don't use unnecessary text.
  17. 17. The Functional Resume Focuses on your skills and experience. Does not include chronological time, and is used most often by people with work gaps or people who are changing careers. Avoid Functional Resumes - If you list your skills, abilities and achievements without matching them up with job titles and dates, employers will not be interested in going any further. Most employers prefer a Chronological or Combination resume with dates and job descriptions. Many employers distrust a Functional resume because they know it is used by those with something to hide or disguise. It makes them suspicious.
  18. 18. Do’s and Don’ts
  19. 19. Characteristics Of A Successful Resume • Focuses on skills. Uses action words to define the responsibilities of your job-related experience. • Easy to read and understand. • Visually powerful and free of gimmicks. • One page, or at most 2 pages long. • Language is grammatically correct. • Formal Style • Contains no inappropriate personal information
  20. 20. Basic Checklist  No spelling or grammar errors.  Important titles should be emphasized. Experiment with fonts & styles; bold, italic, and underlines. No more than 2 or 3 different sizes.  Bullet points when possible for accomplishments.  Neat, clean, and professional looking.  Length should be 1-2 pages.  Margins at sides and bottom.  Use Action Verbs for accomplishments & results.