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Basics of Solar PV O&M - Solarig Gensol


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Solar PV O&M looks easy however maintaining a Solar PV Plant at top performance is a task and based on the experience of Solarig-Gensol in maintaining a 2 GW portfolio of solar plants in India, here are some basics on Solar O&M.
Presentation has the following contents:
a) Balancing Soiling Losses with case study
b) Monitoring & Corrective Maintenance
c) Performance Ratio & Uptime Guarantee
d) Impact of O&M on IRR

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Basics of Solar PV O&M - Solarig Gensol

  1. 1. BASICS OF SOLAR PV O&M Feb, 2018
  2. 2. © 2017 Solarig-Gensol • Balance soiling losses with cleaning costs • Case study • Important assumptions and caveats • Monitoring & Corrective Maintenance • Other Considerations • Impact of O&M on IRR: A Summary Table of Contents
  3. 3. Generation losses due to soiling The annual electrical power loss due to the soiling of modules can range from 2.5 to more than 20%1 . Costs for modules cleaning The combined costs of labour, equipment and water for module cleaning is around 30% of the total O&M cost. Figure 1. Shows status of both cells after 80 days of experiment of a site in Punjab. The dirty cell produces around 2% less than its spotless counterpart after ten weeks. . Figure 2. Shows cost distribution of a typical O&M project in India whereby 24 cleaning cycles are considered. .1. Efficient and water-saving cleaning of the PV solar systems with TF-4 technology, RollingWash Balance soiling losses with cleaning costs ...
  4. 4. Cleaning with external tractor bringing clean water from the outside Maximum profit lies at 47 Lakhs per year. Figure 5. Shows that profits in case of tractors brought from the outside is lower. Also, that if this was the only method available, frequency of cleaning should be slightly lower compared to the manual method with free water. BEST FREQUENCY Every month CLEANING SESSIONS AVOIDED DUE TO PRECIPITATIONS 4 NUMBER OF ACTUAL CLEANINGS PER YEAR 8 Case Study: Punjab
  5. 5. Figure 4. Shows that yearly cleaning (as is the case in Europe) is not an option. But clearly 24 cleaning cycles -considered as a standard in India- is not cost effective. In this case, the best option would be to for 12 cleanings a year, which is reduced to around 8 actual cleaning sessions per year due to intense reain during the year. Manual cleaning method (pipeline with free water in plant and manual wiping) Maximum profit lies at 54 Lakhs per year. BEST FREQUENCY Every month CLEANING SESSIONS AVOIDED DUE TO PRECIPITATIONS 4 NUMBER OF ACTUAL CLEANINGS PER YEAR 8 Case Study: Punjab
  6. 6. Rainfall frequency Rainfall intensity Cleaning costs (less frequency required) Tilt angle Soiling losses (dust/sand doesn’t stick) Tariff per kWh Profitability of cleaning (should clean more often) Speed of cleaning method Soiling losses (production returns to optimal faster) Generation limited by inverter’s capacity Soiling losses (DC production of panels is limited anyway) Experimental soiling data from plant Precision of model (our conclusions are more reliable) The more experimental data we have, the more precise the resulting soiling model will be for predictions. Assuming more…. .. we get: Important assumptions and caveats
  7. 7. © 2016 Solarig-Gensol Monitoring & Corrective Maintenance
  8. 8. © 2016 Solarig-Gensol Monitoring & Corrective Maintenance
  9. 9. © 2016 Solarig-Gensol Monitoring & Corrective Maintenance
  10. 10. © 2016 Solarig-Gensol Performance Ratio Guarantee / Uptime Guarantee: Given comfort with plant design, equipment used, workmanship and plant operational data, Solarig Gensol undertakes PR / Uptime Guarantee, effectively taking on Owner’s risk of generation. Importance of Handover: Drawings, Specifications, Manufacturer Recommendations and Manuals have the vital information to customize preventive schedule according to the plant and minimize downtime in case of a corrective action. Other Considerations
  11. 11. © 2016 Solarig-Gensol Transportation & Accommodation: Depending on plant size and location, Transportation & Accommodation can add 4 - 10% to the O&M Cost. Options include: ● Building Accommodation / Porta Cabin for O&M team on site in case the nearest town is not adjacent ● Arranging accommodation in nearest town (not greater than 1 - 2 kms from site) ● Arranging accommodation and transportation in nearest town (greater than 2 kms from site) Other Considerations
  12. 12. © 2016 Solarig-Gensol Security In most cases, employing security is a way to provide local employment and appeasing the local strongmen. Porous and long perimeters of the plants allow at maximum for proper surveillance but it is not a guarantee for ZERO theft. Lack of liability on the Security Company further makes it harder to maintain accountability. Global Best Practices Have effective insurance with as small deductible as possible Employing Electronic Fencing, advanced and exhaustive Camera Surveillance with Superior Security Agencies for instant backup Other Considerations
  13. 13. © 2016 Solarig-Gensol Tools, PPE & EHS Although, the most insignificant cost component of O&M, it is also the most ignored leading to higher plant downtime or EHS site incidents. Solarig Gensol maintains the highest standards of EHS with BVQI vetted EHS Manual. Plant Health Diagnosis: Detailed Plant Health Diagnosis - once in a year - according to internationally accepted standards and samples with Thermographic Camera & IV Curve Tester ensures your modules are healthy and assist in degradation warranty claims. Other Considerations
  14. 14. © 2016 Solarig-Gensol Spares Quantity & costs depend on warranty arrangement with equipment suppliers and are typically 30% of O&M Cost. Recommendations: ● Order recommended spares upfront at the time of procurement ● Make the equipment supplier commit to an uptime guarantee ● Negotiate extended warranty arrangements with vendors upfront Consumables Grease, Silica Gel, Paint, Connectors and other regularly consumed material on site typically capped to Rs. 5,000 / MW / year. Other Considerations
  15. 15. © 2017 Solarig-Gensol Impact of O&M on IRR: A Summary Aspect %age of O&M Cost Impact on IRR Module Cleaning: Best Practices 35% 0.50% Preventive & Corrective Maintenance 25% 0.58% Security 23 0.11% Tools & Consumables (Spares) 5% (30%) 0.29% Total 100% 1.48%
  16. 16. © 2017 Solarig-Gensol Solarig Gensol Background Solarig Group Based in Spain, Solarig Group has an experience of Operation & Maintenance across 3000+ MW and 18 countries spanning over 13 years. Gensol Group Gensol has been Owners & Lenders Engineer as well as Design Consultant & PMCs for over 6.5 GW of projects in India and abroad. 2100 MWp 200+ Engineers & Technicians 53 Projects Solarig Gensol in India so far
  17. 17. Puneet Singh Jaggi Director M. +91 99 98 025 820 Anmol Singh Jaggi Director M. +91 76 98 83 33 11 303, Parshwanath Business Park, 100 Ft Road, Prahladnagar Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380015