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Marketing Plan for app : "GymOn"


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Marketing plan for mobile gym app "GymOn"

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  • People used to laugh at me behind my back before I was in shape or successful. Once I lost a lot of weight, I was so excited that I opened my own gym, and began helping others. I began to get quite a large following of students, and finally, I didn't catch someone laughing at me behind my back any longer. CLICK HERE NOW ➤➤
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Marketing Plan for app : "GymOn"

  1. 1. Title Layout • Subtitle
  2. 2. Marketing Plan for app “GymOn”
  3. 3. Executive Summary Situation Analysis Goal Strategy Tactics Implementation
  4. 4. Executive Summary GymOn is much more than a gym app, it is a lifestyle change. Through personalized workouts, proper nutrition advice, goal setting and direction, and client education, all in a fun environment, we help clients identify the perfect recipe for achieving a fulfilling fitness program. Our certified personal trainers utilize state of the art equipment and training procedures to ensure you get the best possible workout at the comfort of your home or office. If time is important to you and you want the absolute best personal trainers to your home or office, book a session today to schedule the best workout of your life
  5. 5. Executive Summary Situation Analysis Goal Strategy Tactics Implementation
  6. 6. Company Overview • GymOn– Mobile Personal Training is the most advanced and revolutionary mobile personal training app. With just a few sessions you will see immediate results. • Workout at home or your office. Whether you are looking for a local personal trainer to get you in the best shape of your life at home, work or school you come to the right place. Our certified personal trainers will assist you in achieving your fitness goals at any level.
  7. 7. Market Overview • In recent times, busy working class people were not finding enough time daily to do workout to stay fit. Most of them joined a gym with a membership fee, but couldn’t be regular to make it to the gym daily. Now, with gyms coming up in buses on roads, it would become so easy with a mobile app to book a session • Currently, customers need to book session by dialling on a number, but with an app they could seamlessly log in and book a session anytime anywhere by choosing their favourite trainer • None of the companies have come up with a mobile app for the mobile gym service in the US market
  8. 8. Target Customers Working Professionals Housewives in metro cities Kids Senior Citizens
  9. 9. Executive Summary Situation Analysis Goal Strategy Tactics Implementation
  10. 10. Goal GymOn is committed to enhancing and changing the overall health and fitness of individuals worldwide. As the leader in Mobile Personal Training, we take pride in providing convenient, customized and creative workouts that results in a new you. It aims to launch 100 gym vehicles in the first year in prime cities across the US with 10 thousand app downloads.
  11. 11. Executive Summary Situation Analysis Goal Strategy Tactics Implementation
  12. 12. Target Market Customers Collaborators Competitors
  13. 13. Customers • Need : To stay fit without going to the gym at your location and time. • Customer Profile : Busy professionals and housewives, lazy kids and senior citizens. Collaborators • Include Certified Professional trainers, gym vehicle drivers • Can earn high income from short regular sessions booked via app Competitors • Companies like,, • None of them still have a mobile app to book workout sessions.
  14. 14. Customer Value Proposition • Instant booking 24*7, vehicle on your location in 30 mins., customised session report on app, pay online via app, quit chat with your trainer for tips • Schedule weekly sessions as per your schedule • Positioning : Demos in residential societies and office parking lots, first session free on booking via app • Positioning Statement : “We Provide Convenient, Customized and Creative Workouts”
  15. 15. Collaborator Value Proposition • Regular & high end customers, high earnings from short sessions throughout the day, convenience of not owning physical infrastructure of gym and its maintenance • Rating of trainers by customers after sessions • Positioning : Hiring freelance certified trainers on contracts, inviting physical trainers from various institutes & gyms
  16. 16. Executive Summary Situation Analysis Goal Strategy Tactics Implementation
  17. 17. Marketing Mix Product Promotion Place Price
  18. 18. • App to book workout sessions anytime & anywhere • Premium weekly and monthly subscriptions available in advanceProduct • Demos in residential societies and office parking lots • Banners in prime city locations • Local Radio • First session free on booking via app Promotion • Download on Google Play and iOS platform for free • Give a missed call on XXXX to download the appPlace • Basic version of app will be free for individual bookings • Premium version at $2.99/ month & $29.99/year for customized reports, chat with trainer for health tips and daily diet recommendation system Price
  19. 19. Executive Summary Situation Analysis Goal Strategy Tactics Implementation
  20. 20. Infrastructure • A team consisting of developers to manage app, a marketing team, an operations team with drivers, a pool of certified trainers with partially owned & rented gym vehicles Process • Any user booking a workout session will provide his location for workout • Nearest gym vehicle driver will be notified about the booking and its location • In case, user wants a specific trainer, that vehicle will be notified with expected time shown to user Schedule • Instant workout session • Weekly and Monthly workout schedule • Combined workout schedule for residential society members, office workers and school/college kids
  21. 21. A Presentation by Anmol Agrawal, BIT Mesra (Ranchi) during an intern under Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM- Lucknow