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have you ever heard of MICE tourism.incase u just thought of it as a rat touring faciltiy,click on the link and look at this ppt.:)

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  1. 1. GROUP MEMBERS Anmol Srivastava Anisha Dua Kanupriya Ahluwalia Sreelekha Subhash Radhika Madan
  2. 2. •Economic growth of the region as a whole gets a boost. •Development of better infrastructure, mainly in transportation, accommodation and air services. •The elements of relaxation, shopping and sightseeing are usually included in MICE trips. Hence ,most MICE travellers can be converted into leisure travellers who would spend money on sightseeing and shopping. •It is quite common for delegates to bring along a companion. Thus, MICE tourism is a powerful revenue earner and the foreign exchange generated goes straight to the core of the region’s economy, ultimately generating income for other parts of the country. •MICE events increase awareness of the host country , create employment and income. •MICE tourism strengthens the brand value and profile of the country as an international tourist destination.
  3. 3. •Efficient transport network, connections and airport arrival processes. •Proximity of MICE facilities to airport and public transport facilities •Hotels with good MICE facilities (conference and meeting rooms) •Cultural attractions in the city (theatres, churches, museums) •Shopping (souvenirs, fashion, local delicacies, handicrafts), sightseeing and excursions in the MICE environment.
  5. 5. Estimate Of Global Market Size Various sources report that the MICE market is worth around $30 billion a year worldwide. Some countries rely heavily on the MICE segment – 30% of Singapore’s tourism revenue is from MICE, and Malaysia is specifically targeting the MICE market, running schemes such as the Meet and Experience campaign. Worldwide, at least 50 million trips are taken each year for MICE purposes. Main Source Markets The main source markets are the main industrial countries in Europe and North America. However, there is significant growth from emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. •United States •Germany •United Kingdom •France •Italy •Spain Emerging Markets •Brazil •Russia •India •China
  6. 6. •World incentives United states •Maritz incentives United states •Capital incentives United kingdom •World events United kingdom and United states