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Outsourcing Contracts are the Corner Stone for Foundation


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Source A Tech, an affiliate of GBL, is redefining off-site employment options. We're not just a staffing agency; Source A Tech is a remote workforce recruitment, employment and management firm with offices across the United States and India. Source A Tech not only delivers the world’s best and brightest to your organization - we manage and promote your technicians to ensure their loyalty to your organization.

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Outsourcing Contracts are the Corner Stone for Foundation

  1. 1. Outsourcing contracts are the corner stone for the foundation of a successful business. What we need to remember while making Outsourcing contracts are : Reason for Outsourcing: In the absence of clear, agreed-upon motivations, some executives will inevitably be unhappy with the final arrangement. Clarity: Contracts can get quite complex. Developing a clearly written, agreeable contract between both parties is the key to a successful business relationship. Organizations frequently make the ‘first time buyer’ mistake when negotiating Outsourcing contracts. With Source a Tech’s experience and knowledge, we are able to walk the client through the contract step by step to ensure they have a thorough understanding.