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Coding For Community - Team Encore Dev Labs


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Overheating problem in Maplewood Public Schools. Sustainable Jersey Coding for Community 2017 Presentation.

Published in: Technology
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Coding For Community - Team Encore Dev Labs

  1. 1. School Heat Map - Maplewood Ankur & Nirali Patel and Tracey Woods
  2. 2. Municipal Need Maplewood has a chronic overheating issue in their school district Teachers keep windows open to cool down room Lot of Energy is Wasted that can saved Increase overall comfort in classrooms Need a way for teachers to let admins know that rooms are hot
  3. 3. Solution Measure and collect data about temperature in classrooms Give teachers a way to report overheating Trigger alerts to School Admins to take action See trends using graphs and analyze temperature data collected over time Reduce overall energy consumption in public schools by taking action on data collected
  4. 4. Demo Hardware thermostat-sensor Software thermostat
  5. 5. Impact Letter by Municipal Representative
  6. 6. Thanks! Questions? Contact Info: