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My Life Story


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Presented at Toastmasters International (June 2012)

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My Life Story

  1. 1. My Life Story: Breaking My Shell – Caterpillar to Butterfly
  2. 2. Ankur Means… ‘Sapling’: A New Life
  3. 3. My Fondest Childhood Memories • Cherishing togetherness in a Hindu joint family • Celebrating festivals with drama and fun • Winning the best actor award • My first crush in elementary school • Earning my first penny by selling wooden crafts
  4. 4. My Favorite Childhood Toys
  5. 5. Entering Teenage • A trip to Himalayas • Being broadcast on a local media channel: Made to the State Merit List in High school • A happy accident: Learning harmonica
  6. 6. Becoming An Engineer • Appreciating diversity at India’s most elite engineering college • Solving complex assignments – The power of teamwork • My Master’s thesis – Marriage of crafts and technology • Swimming – Not my cup of tea! • The nostalgic moments at the Music Club
  7. 7. Mid-Twenties – The Joy of Impacting Community • Hearing out the dreams of slum children • Volunteering at Deepalaya schools – Being a teacher and a counselor • Giving back to my elementary school – Setting up an English communication lab
  8. 8. Stepping Into The Professional World • Wearing multiple hats at a start-up • Consulting Small & Medium Enterprises to increase their bottom-line • From engineering to econometrics: Being a data- driven storyteller • Launching India's first bilingual e-portal enabling students to make an informed career choice • My first publication
  9. 9. There is Always a First Time • Venturing into internet space – Help people track and achieve their life goals • Running my first half-marathon – A dream come true • From shyness to full-blown self-expression: Addressing a global audience at UNICEF • First class of my harmonica students
  10. 10. Lessons Learned During MBA • Offering actionable solutions to complex business issues. • Jumping into new problems with a new team and new challenges. • Receiving and giving feedback gracefully • Being calm and taking charge in stressful situations.
  11. 11. What I Would Like to be Remembered For? • Leaving a technology legacy in publishing, advertising, teaching and learning • Enabling people to lead a happy and fulfilling life • Giving back to my alma mater • Bringing affordable innovations home
  12. 12. ‘I will flower, I will leaf, I will fruit, I will seed and I will create more of me.’ Thank You!