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Racing Around The Office With The Uml Guy


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Saturday is Game Day! We download a free game and get it ready for play testing

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Racing Around The Office With The Uml Guy

  1. 1. Racing Around the Office with the UML Guy
  2. 2. @UMLGuy creates Office Race, a game based on his Ulterior Motive Lounge comic strip.
  3. 3. Naturally, I download it.
  4. 4. quot;Hey kids! Let's play a game!quot; quot;It's on paper. Go get the glue!quot; Excitement quickly builds.
  5. 5. quot;I'll get cardboard and newspaper!quot; Yes Virginia, we actually get newspapers here!
  6. 6. Since I'm the Ruler... ...I get to trim the sheet!
  7. 7. Now, we mark up the cardboard Cheerios ® boxes are superior! Sharpie ® markers really are permanent
  8. 8. Time for the glue Elmer's® has the best flavor* * In a survey of Kindergartners in Upper Sandusky, 8 out of 10 kids preferred Elmer's® Glue. I was partial to their cottage cheese-like paste.
  9. 9. This could take a while ...
  10. 10.
  11. 11.  $18
  12. 12.  Malcolm in the Middle Reruns are great!
  13. 13. quot;Pass me the Sharp Scissors that actually work!quot; Teamwork is crucial, here... My daughter sorts the swag from the paperclips
  14. 14. quot;At Last! Let's PLAY!!quot; A protective coating ensures hours of family fun! Best quote: quot;I'll buy the spoon for $30quot;
  15. 15. Get your free game of Office Race today!