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Stream1 change sets delivery to stream2 in RTC


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Stream1 Change Set Delivery to Stream2 in RTC CLM

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Stream1 change sets delivery to stream2 in RTC

  1. 1. Ankit Vashistha STREAM1 CHANGE SETS DELIVERY TO STREAM2 IN RTC The process for delivering stream1 (Component Initial Stream) change sets to stream2 (Component Version1.0 Stream) on requirement basis. It can directly be achieved by configuring flow target between streams but that doesn’t give us the freedom to select among the list of change sets to be delivered, also requires a lot of attention when there are multiple components in the stream. This we can achieve using eclipse client. Steps for the same are mentioned below along with screenshots. Scenario:- Here as shown in image below we have one GRP initial workspace against GRP initial stream. At certain milestone, another stream is created from the snapshot of GRP initial stream and named as GRP version1.0. Now for version1.0 work has been started in separate workspace, in parallel some work is also happening in base version that is GRP initial stream. From that work we need some of the change sets to be included in Version1.0 also, process for the same is described below. 1) Changes made in GRP initial stream shows in pending changes view in Eclipse Client.
  2. 2. Ankit Vashistha 2) Will create new change set to check in the changes.
  3. 3. Ankit Vashistha 3) Change set will be associated with work item. For that user needs to right click on the change set to look for the options, in that user needs to click on Related artifacts and select associate work item.
  4. 4. Ankit Vashistha 4) Here in user have an option either to go for creating a new work item to associate by clicking on create work item link at the bottom, or if they have any existing related work item for the changes that can directly be searched and linked using this window.
  5. 5. Ankit Vashistha 5) On Clicking create new work item, create work item window will appear to create as shown in image below.
  6. 6. Ankit Vashistha 6) Change set can be seen in the link section of the work item created as shown in image below.
  7. 7. Ankit Vashistha 7) Now user has to deliver the change set in the server using eclipse client by right clicking on change set and selecting deliver/deliver and resolve option.
  8. 8. Ankit Vashistha 8) Now you can see in the pending changes view of eclipse client that there are no changes to left to be delivered to server. In the same way we have multiple iteration of work and change sets delivered to GRP initial stream. Now we have requirement to get some of the work (change sets) done in GRP initial stream to be delivered to GRP version1.0 stream. Process to achieve the same is explained below along with screenshots.
  9. 9. Ankit Vashistha PART 2
  10. 10. Ankit Vashistha 1) As we see in image below, we have comparison of GRP Initial stream workspace with GRP ver1.0 workspace. This shows the list of change sets which are there in GRP initial but not available in GRP ver1.0 along with the associated work item number. Same changes can also be seen in Workspace area associated with the respective stream.
  11. 11. Ankit Vashistha 2) User needs to click on search for change sets option available in the right most dropdown menu available in pending changes view of Eclipse client as shown in image below. Where in a window will open with multiple options to set the search criteria to get the change sets specific to your requirement.
  12. 12. Ankit Vashistha
  13. 13. Ankit Vashistha 3) After providing the details of search criteria the result will appear in the search window of the eclipse client. 4) User needs to right click on the specific change set which he/she wants to be delivered to the GRP ver1.0 stream, and click on accept.
  14. 14. Ankit Vashistha 5) After clicking on accept a window will appear to choose the workspace for the component. 6) Now those change sets are accepted to be delivered in GRP ver1.0 stream, in pending changes view this change set is available to be delivered to GRP ver1.0 stream. NOTE:- It will work only in case new file or folder is added in initial stream, if any file is updated in initial stream and that update it is not accepting in version1.0 stream.