Boss Management


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Boss Management

  1. 1. Courtier-ship Ankit Tiwari (An Ti)
  2. 2. Court King Ministers MinistersExecutives Executives Executives Executives
  3. 3. My Assumptions…• You all dreams to be at the highest level• You all understands – end justifies means – Little bad is OK for a greater good – Right or wrong, people cares if you are successful –HONOR IS FOR WINNERS
  4. 4. Three Types of creatures Boss Colleague Subordinates
  5. 5. Boss As You Know• Difficult, un-understanding• Threatening• Unfair opportunist• Miserable• Un-supportive an absolute blood sucker….
  6. 6. Colleagues – As you Know• Leg pulling• Back biter• Opportunists• Let you down• Your loss, their benefit secretly after you life…
  7. 7. Subordinate/Juniors• Helpless• Poor, Powerless• Good for nothing power of numbers…..
  8. 8. The Most Important Person….. The BOSS
  9. 9. Why…???• Can be helpful for your growth• Can keep you out of trouble• Can teach you with his bad experiences• Would serve as a next step….
  10. 10. When Time Comes….Cross Over
  11. 11. Understand Five Things About Boss……• He is a Human being• He is a Human being• He is a Human being• He is a Human being• He is a Human being
  12. 12. So What…??• Humans are (without exceptions) made of emotions. PLAY AROUND…• A human (without exception) has weaknesses. EXPLOIT THEM…• A human cannot be neutral/impartial. TURN IT IN YOUR FAVOR…
  13. 13. Key to Success…• Understand the personality – Level of EGO – Emotional triggers (Fear, Greed) – Likes/dislikes – Environment he/she is in• Plan your strategies around ignorance is the biggest crime…
  14. 14. Ego• Being a senior he is entitled for more ego than you.• Satisfy his/her higher Ego and you are through
  15. 15. Emotional Triggers• His fears (boss, career, money, insecurity etc.)• Greed (growth, money, fame etc.)• Anger (refusal, suggestions, timelines etc.)• Jealousy (with others)• Personal issues (looks, skills, communications) play around…..
  16. 16. Likes/Dislikes• Appearance/clothing/turnout• Interests (sports/movies/music/food/writing/ reading/politics etc.)• Comfort level (work/meetings/lunchtime/ ….and you think you are not his wife
  17. 17. Tricks…
  18. 18. Follow him…Wrong Right• He wears tie, you don’t • He wears tie, you wear• He likes sports, you are tie not interested • He like sports, “show” interest he likes himself, so be like him…
  19. 19. Flatter IndirectlyWrong Right• Boss you are genius • My boss is genius (in• Out shine him front of others with his• I will do it my own presence) • Down play yourself • Ask for help • Ego boost to him
  20. 20. Never Criticize or CribWrong Right• I am fed-up, tired, over • Discussed the issues, let burdened him understand your problems nobody likes a cry baby…
  21. 21. Be Frugal In Asking FavorsWrong Right• Boss… can I go home • Ask for favors very early, can I come late, rarely and he will be please extend my happy to oblige deadlines, please decrease my targets he is no welfare officer…
  22. 22. Appear Genius, Not WorkaholicWrong Right• Boss, I worked so hard, • Boss, I have enjoyed so many late evenings, working on this project, for this project. (Even if it was challenging but you did so) fun. Thanks for trusting me with this. (Even it took a hell out of you) knowledge is what you know, smartness is what they thing you know…
  23. 23. Mind Your BehaviorWrong Right• Give what they deserve • Give what they want• One stick for all • Stick or carrot, as• I am equalitarian (fool) required • I respect the hierarchy laddo to Ganpati, dhatura to Shiv Shankar
  24. 24. Avoid Too Much Attention, Mix UpWrong Right• Look how beautiful/ • I am just like you educated/rich I am • Connect• Being apart • Keep them with you• Let others down • Benefit: They will help• Harm: They will find ways to punish you youa cowboy among cowboys, an aristocrat among aristocrats
  25. 25. Arrange to Be NoticedWrong Right• Being invisible • Recognizable to• Harm: Being nowhere in everyone, specially seniors, two layers the radar above you • Benefit: Seems natural successor Its all about who you know and who knows you…
  26. 26. Take Credit IndirectlyWrong Right• I have done good • Others says/feels, He• Being credit hungry has done good• Recognized by your • Credit comes to you boss n below effortlessly • Recognize by bosses of your boss they may need a replacement for the top job…
  27. 27. Over Friendliness – Big No NoWrong Right• Hey boss…was up…. • Good morning, How you doing today… he needs no friend, he might have plenty. He needs a sincere subordinate…
  28. 28. Master Your EmotionWrong Right• You are angry, looking angry • You are angry, look calm• You are confuse, looking • You are confuse, look confuse confident• You are jealous, showing • You are jealous, give you are jealous compliments• Seem as you are • Seem as you want to, be a good actor • Be a good actor only a fool shows his true emotions…
  29. 29. Show Admiration For OthersWrong Right• Looking upset with • Look happy on other’s others achievements success• Criticize others • Give compliments (even false) • Be a good actoronly one person doesn’t like compliments, thedead one…
  30. 30. Choose Your Words IntelligentlyWrong Right• Say what you feel (Fool) • Say what is needed (Smart) “Go soft while choosing your words, in case you need to take them back.” a dog barks when he feels like…
  31. 31. Be a Source Of PositivityWrong Right• Showing indifference • Seem happy while meeting anybody • Greet everybody • Give smile • Crack jokes (mostly on yourself) a smile to win over…
  32. 32. Never Bear a Bad Outcome/News…Wrong Right• Taking no responsibility • Take responsibility• They think you are (front face) responsible • They know you are not• Taking on yourself responsible• Announcing bad news • Find a scape goat (poor guy) • Find a messenger shoot the messenger…
  33. 33. Conceal Your IntentionsWrong Right• Hinting true intention • Hinting modified (for (fool) self interest) intentions• Showing self beneficiary • “Showing” intention of intention greater good• Be a statue of truth • Be a good actor they would give you trouble if they know your intentions…
  34. 34. Go Fight Your War…. Incase you need some inspiration…..
  35. 35. कई बार गरा हू, कई बार उठा हू,इसी तरह मैने चलना सीखा हे ,घायल हुआ हू कई बार,इसी तरह मेने जीना सीखा हे ,आँ धयो ने कई बार मेर जड़े हलाई हे ,तफ़ानो ने कई बार मेर शाखे झकाई हे , ू ुिजंदा हूँ क मेने जीना सख लया,जीतने लगा हूँ क मेने हार को कई बार पी लया,ले कन हार का वाद मुझे अब भी नह भाता हे ,हर हार क बाद मेरा आधा खून जल जाता हे , ेद ु नया ने कई बार मझे दफ़नाने को लगाया हे ज़ोर, ुपर मेर दल हर बार कहता हे ,उठ जा बस एक बार ओर…एक बार ओर…बस एक बार ओर……. Ankit Tiwari (AnTi)
  36. 36. In case you need to discuss anything Thanks…..