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A concept note for an international coffee coffee brand that is now foraying in Indian space. This concept note covers all the (possible) social media platforms where the brand can establish itself to gain visibility.

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Di Bella - Concept Note

  1. 1. Quality CoffeeExperience Unparalleled Service
  2. 2. “Coffee is very much a social experience.” Sachin Sabharwal Managing Director – Di Bella India
  4. 4. Coffee is strongly linked to Mood is strongly linked to Weather
  5. 5. TIMING MATTERS…A right tip at the right time can do the trick.Doesn‟t it happen that when we see an ice-cream commercialon a scorching summer noon, we develop a temptation of theflavor and sometimes even go ahead and grab one? The ideabehind this concept is to evoke a temptation for coffeethrough an irresistible description, visual and a directconnection with the weather.The Climate Connection App does just that.
  6. 6. Imagine …...a steaming cup of coffee …on a freezing winter morning
  7. 7. HOW THIS APP WORKS…The App analyzesthe weather or the …… there‟s another ….and suggests the If during the day temperature by prompt that puts it coffee type that there‟s a drastic asking the user to the user that he suits the current change in theenter the place and should try another weather the most weathertime as soon as he flavor. downloads it
  8. 8. Some more examples…for better understanding•On a winter morning, when the temperature is around 12 degrees, the Appbuzzes the user to try a steaming cup of Mocha with chocolate glaze. This wouldtempt even non-coffee drinkers to take a sip.•Or during monsoon, when it suddenly rains, the App senses the suddenchange in the weather and suggests a Gingerbread Latte to compliment theweather.We can also add a little, tempting description of the coffee suggested. LikeGingerbread Latte- a tantalizing blend of steamed milk, espresso, gingerbreadsyrup, topped with a pinch of nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla powder.
  9. 9. The Next Step…After the coffee suggestions of the day, the person is asked his views about theblend suggested… We just suggested „Gingerbread Latte‟ to you. Let us know your thoughts about it. LIKE Share Type Your Comment Here….
  10. 10. TWITTER TRENDINGTaking the social connect idea further, the mobile app will give coffee lovers a chance toinitiate twitter trending with their favorite flavor. For e.g.:- if they likeIced Coffee Deluxe, they can start trending under name:#mydibellaflavouroftheday Iced Coffee Deluxe wid my favorite Chocolate cookies.The trending name can be changed according to flavors as well. For e.g.. -#dibellaicedcoffeedeluxe it is yummy!! Try it with chocolate cookies.. #
  11. 11. INTEGRATING Twitter/Facebook WITH DI BELLAWEBSITE All the „LIKES‟, comments, tweets received through Climate Connection Mobile app will be showcased in the microsite. For e.g. we can have the live tweets on Di Bella flavors shown in a window like the one given here. The TOP 2 Tweets/Comments of the day will feature in the upper space while running Tweets/Comments will feature in bottom section (as shown here). (Please note, the attached picture is only for indicative purpose only.)
  12. 12. My Coffee Table Pals… (an extension to Mobile App)Sipping coffee alone is boring. One definitely needs something alongside it. MyCoffee Table Pals is a way to relish the best (and sometimes, the weirdest) coffee-snack combinations. If the user wants to suggest a combination of his own, he ismore than „Welcome‟ to do so.Some examples,-Strong filter coffee with Banana Chips or-Espresso with Nachos-Nescafe Instant with SevUser can share it with friends and ask them to vote for it. The most voted can laterbe featured as the “Coffee Table Pals” on the Di Bella website (along with theirphotos).
  13. 13. The Website Connect… (Microsite Extension)There is more to „Coffee‟ than just flavors. A dedicated space in the Di Bellawebsite (a microsite) can be created to educate viewers about various aspects ofCoffee.The Microsite will hold the following elements : A. Details of all the Di Bella flavors B. Coffee blends found across the world. C. Coffee blends found in India D. Inviting innovations/novelties to the regular blend E. Facts about Coffee F. Coffee hang-outs in your city G. Health benefits of coffee H. Link to the best of Koffee ka Krishma (Refer to Slide17-19)
  14. 14. Adding to the LIST… COFFEE MASTER The Game There are a number of elements scattered on the The social connect buttons will console. The elements may or There’ll be a ‘Wow Meter’ again help you share your may not go well with ‘Coffee’. which marks you on your recipe with friends on Social The challenge is to mix and recipe. Media. match the ingredients to make a ‘wonder blend’.
  15. 15. SOMEWHAT LIKE THIS … WOW Meter 78% Hey! You Scored 78% on WOW Meter!!! Wanna share this recipe with your friends? Share Tweet
  16. 16. THE USPs OF THE CONCEPT Arouses the ‘go-grab-a-cup’ temptation Works even for non-coffee drinkers Endorses flavors from around the world Vouches for ‘coffee’ as a brand Keeps the users interested as after every buzz there’s an innovative brew to try. Makes you not only a coffee drinker, but also a coffee enthusiast. Exploits the potential of Social Media and starts a trend by the name of Di Bella
  17. 17. Platform FacebookPage/Microsite
  18. 18. REV-UP YOUR RIGHT BRAINCalling all the creative wiz-kids (poets,designers, painters, photographers,bloggers, novel writers, play writers etc.)to showcase their karishma.Share stories behind their masterpieces.Get recognized and rewarded.The masterpieces in the form of blogposts, paintings, sketches, doodles,stories, craft-work, photography can beshared on the Di Bella FB page.The best entries will be featured on theDi Bella Microsite or even on the packsof the brand.
  20. 20. The 360 degree approach to „Coffee‟.From engagement perspective, the existing Di Bella website suffers heavily.It fails to deliver the experience, it should be offering otherwise.Following elements can be incorporated in the existing website/microsite tomake it more livelier, more engaging and more informative.
  21. 21. Different Di Bella Coffee flavors etc.Coffee blends found across the world.Coffee blends found in IndiaInviting innovations to the regular blendLittle known facts about Coffee & its various health benefitsCoffee hang-out spots in your respective cityLink to the best of Koffee ka Karishma (Refer to Slide 17-19)And much more …. Di Bella Wonder Blend Game (Refer to slide 14, 15)
  22. 22. INTRODUCING Cup aur KismetPlatform : Facebook/Mobile App
  23. 23. • For most of us, reading the horoscope of the day is the first thing done in the morning.• Although, we don‟t believe most of what is written, we still read and try to relate the predictions to our lives• The elements such as lucky color of the day and lucky stone of the day adds to the interest factor.
  24. 24. • This is an interesting App wherein the users will be able to predict their day ahead/ future by reading their coffee cup• Tasseography is the astrological science of predicting the future by reading the residuals of the tea/coffee cup. It is practiced in Turkey.• The person is asked to drink the (Turkish) coffee. Turkish coffee is not strained, so they leave the residuals behind.• The pattern made in the cup by the coffee residuals are read and interpreted to predict the future of the person.
  25. 25. The Cup aur Kismet App workslike this- The user is asked to shake/fliphis cup (graphically) on the Your Lucky Coffee of the Daymobile/website. Every time, Gingerbreadthere is a set pattern of coffee Mocharesiduals on the cup. He will be tantalizing blend of steamedasked to read his cup and match milk, espresso, ginhis interpretation with the gerbread syrup, topped withsystem‟s. a pinch of nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla We can end the prediction on a powder.„coffee note‟, by suggesting the„lucky coffee of the day‟ to theuser. A new recipe/blend ofcoffee everyday!
  26. 26. The USPs of the concept Let the user start their day with Di Bella-style horoscope Element of interest (introduction of Tasseography) which is relatively a new concept to the Indian audience Personalization Element of surprise and uncertainty A unique aspect to ‘Coffee’ is discovered A new recipe following each day’s predictions