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Draft slide of Demystifying DHT in GlusterFS

Demystifying DHT in GlusterFS

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Draft slide of Demystifying DHT in GlusterFS

  1. 1. Demystifying DHT in GlusterFS Ankit Raj
  2. 2. ●Why we need distributed file system...? Storing and accessing files in a client/server architecture. ● Uses multiple servers to store data and use multiple clients (local or remote). ● Organizes and displays files and directories from multiple servers as if they were ● stored in your local system. ● It is easier to distribute documents to multiple clients, provide a centralized storage ● system ● Client machines are not using their resources to store the data.
  3. 3. Terminology ● Bricks ● Volume ● Node ● Translator ● Trusted pool storage ● volfile
  4. 4. Why DHT? ● Why we use distributed hash model for glusterfs
  5. 5. How DHT solve your problem? ● Will describe it’s internal working
  6. 6. DHT fops ● Mkdir ● Create ● Lookup ● Lookup-selfheal ● Rmdir ● Read ● Rename ● Unlink
  7. 7. Managing Scalability in GlusterFS ● Expand volumes ● Rebalance ● How rebalance works: ● Shrink volumes ● Replace brick
  8. 8. ● Q&A