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JMSB MBA ICC 2019_Info session_New Judges


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On the Judges Training page of the MBA ICC website, please post a link to view and download the updated 2019 presentation for judges training (attached). This link can be posted just before the training videos.

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JMSB MBA ICC 2019_Info session_New Judges

  1. 1. Information Session New Judges December 5th 2018
  2. 2. Welcome to the Executive MBA Sponsored Breakfast Patrick Kelley Executive Director, Corporate Relations Sharon Nelson Assistant Director
  3. 3. The John Molson Executive MBA • Proud sponsor of the 39th MBA International Case Competition • Many judges are graduates of JMSB’s MBA and EMBA – we welcome you back as our ambassadors! • As involved members of the Montreal business community, you understand the value of graduate business education • Let us briefly introduce the JMSB EMBA
  4. 4. The John Molson Executive MBA • First EMBA in Quebec – founded in 1985 • Extensive network of 900 EMBA alumni around the world • Boutique EMBA with a carefully selected cohort of 20 participants (on average) from a wide range of industries, encouraging classroom discussions and interactions
  5. 5. EMBA Curriculum & Schedule • A rigorous academic program • Many hands-on and practical components and complementary features • One day per week schedule (alternate Fridays and Saturdays) • 15 months of class time (over 20 months)
  6. 6. EMBA: ROI for employers & employees Beyond the business administration curriculum… • Broaden participants’ knowledge beyond their industrial sector • Further develop a wide of range of skills - Problem solving - Communication - Time management • Exposure to leading best practices, weekly • Gain confidence, on a personal & professional level
  7. 7. Questions? Contact us Andrea Limbardi, EMBA 2016 Vice President Strategic Initiatives at Indigo Rui Lopez, EMBA 2002 Director Business Marketing at Elekta
  9. 9. • History of the Competition • Organizing Team • Our Internal Stakeholders • Key Elements of the Competition • Competition Format • Judges’ Roles and Responsibilities • Team Evaluation and Match Scoring • Demonstration of Online Team Evaluation Form • FAQs • Final Words New Judge Information Session Outline
  10. 10. Ankit Kumar, Marketing 2019 MBA ICC Organizing Team Geneviève Roch, Sustainability & Hospitality Suite Julia Galbraith, Judges, Cases & Events Isabelle Bittar, Judges Evan Baker, Volunteers Juan Perez Rosario, Schools, Volunteers & Sustainability Vikram Vetagiri, Budget, Hotel, IT & Logistics JD Haitsma, Logistics Johane Nouala, Sponsorship
  11. 11. Ken Brooks, EY Antoine Soszynski, JP Morgan Diane Belliveau, BDC Chris Chandler, Access Cash The Board of Directors Serge Z. Helou, Bombardier Jean Béland, RBC, Retired Regis J. Rehel, Elopack Ron Dahms, Success Finder Dr. Anne-Marie Croteau, JMSB Andrea Polatos, SNC Lavalin Diane Lanctôt, Lanctôt LTD Bill Meder, Advisor Katherine Crew, TEC Canada Anne Beaudry, JMSB Patrick Lauzon, Attraction Group
  12. 12. • $213,950 raisedSponsors • 36 top MBA programs from 20 countriesCompetitors • 350 local business executivesJudges • 300 students from various faculties and schoolsVolunteers • 5 regular cases, 1 short case, 1 live caseCases Key Elements of the Competition
  13. 13. Sunday 6-Jan Monday 7-Jan Tuesday 8-Jan Wednesday 9-Jan Thursday 10-Jan Friday 11-Jan Opening Reception/ Cocktail Hockey Game vs Minnesota Wild Mange & Mélange Coaches’ Dinner Networking Cocktail Theme Party: Heroes & Villians Final Banquet After Party Hotel Bell Centre Vargas Hotel Hotel Hotel 2019 EVENTS
  15. 15. • Not-for-profit organization •Expenses of $312,950 Sponsorship Cash Sponsorhip, $133,250 In-kind, $39,500 Schools Registration Fee, $99,000 Donors, $41,200
  16. 16. Our Sponsors
  17. 17. JUAN PEREZ ROSARIO Schools, Volunteers & Sustainability
  18. 18. Australia Brazil Canada China Dominican Republic Finland Germany Ireland Israel Lebanon Mexico Netherlands Portugal Singapore South Africa South Korea Sweden UK USA Uruguay
  19. 19. LEAD VOLUNTEERS: Work Directly with Organizing Team TEAM HOSTS: Escort Teams & Enforce Rules SUPPORT VOLUNTEERS: Ensure Smooth Running of Assigned Tasks JUDGE COORDINATORS: Escort Judges & Coordinate Presentations 300+ Volunteers HOSPITALITY SUITE SUSTAINABILITY
  20. 20. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Finals: Winners of each Semi-Final match Prize money of $10,000 for 1st place Teams 1, 4, 7 Teams 2, 5, 8 Teams 3, 6, 9 * Wild card = team with the following highest scores Round Robin 6 divisions of 6 teams each – a team competes once against each team in their division Competition Format Semi-Finals: Total of 9 teams: Winners of Divisions 1 to 6 + three wild cards* (7 to 9)
  21. 21. The 2019 ICC Theme Disruption Venue Hotel Bonaventure January 7th January 8th January 9th January 10th January 11th 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 Final Networking Cocktail Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 Case 4 Live Case Case 5 Semi-Final Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  22. 22. REGULAR CASES Case Writing Competition to select 5 cases plus one backup Unpublished, untested cases dealing with real current business issues 20-pg case + appendices Teams have 3h to prep SHORT CASES Short Case Writing Competition to select one short case 4-pg think-on- your-feet case Teams have 1.5h to prep LIVE CASE Case revolving around a real company’s current challenge Company executives present the case live Identity of the company kept secret until the day of CASES
  23. 23. It is imperative that business students are cognizant of how disruptive business models are shaping the future. Selection will favour relevant and timely cases that demonstrate the challenges business school graduates will face in the years to come. There are many factors both within a company and the external environment that can have a disruptive effect on a business, a business model or an industry and case writers are encouraged to submit cases where managers/owners are facing the opportunities and challenges of either being “Disrupters” or dealing with the consequences of being “Disrupted.” It is our intention to emphasize the wide range of this theme, as well as its application, and although Technology has been a key element and a prime mover in the disruption of many businesses and business models over time, we do invite case writers to consider a broader definition of the term “Disruption.” Theme: DISRUPTION
  24. 24. Preparation & Presentation Times For each case, a team has: Regular Case Short Case Preparation Time Presentation Time Q&A 3 hours 25 minutes 15 minutes 1.5 hours 15 minutes 10 minutes
  26. 26. Based on the scoring criteria: • Position & size of the company • Experience • Education • Respected member of the community • Commitment to judging the week of the competition Judges’ Recruitment – WHO
  27. 27. BREAKDOWN OF JUDGES 2019 Key Statistics: 360 Judges 47% Women 19% IT Background 122 New Judges 10% 26% 64% Consultant, Professor and other Director, Senior Manager President, VP, C- Level Executive and Executive Directors
  28. 28. TIME DURATION ACTIVITY 9:00 – 10:50 2 h Arrive at Judges’ Room Sit and Read Case with the Members of Your Panel Discuss with Case Briefer 11:00 - 11:25 25 min Team 1 Presentation (Team 2 is not in room) 11:25 - 11:40 15 min Team 1 Q&A Session 11:50 - 12:15 25 min Team 2 Presentation (Team 1 may stay in room) 12:15 – 12:30 15 min Team 2 Q&A Session 12:30 – 1:30 1 h Judge Deliberation Period A Typical Day for a Judge
  29. 29. We are Counting on You! • Must arrive on time • No replacements • Judges who no show are not re-invited for future competitions • If anything: Contact Us! Isabelle Bittar Julia Galbraith 514-531-6950 isabelle.bittar@mbacasecomp 416-931-4731 julia.galbraith@mbacasecomp
  30. 30. Preparation • Review sequence of activities & judging procedures with panel Q&A Session • Open Q&A session after each presentation Deliberation Period • Initiate discussion during evaluation period • Manage time given for deliberation • Complete online evaluation form & include feedback for each category Lead Judge’s Role
  31. 31. Dos and Don’ts in the Presentation Room Role Dos Don’ts Introduction Introduce yourself •Short intro (name, position & company) •Long intro (> 30 sec) Presentation Listen •Listen attentively •Listen passively •Be open minded • Communicate verbally & non- verbally•Write down comments & qs for Q&A Q&A Session Ask questions •Be culturally sensitive •Lead the conversation •Ensure clarity in question formulation •Undermine participants •Demonstrate patience when seeking an answer •Move on too quickly •Initiate a debate Deliberation Period Deliberate •Support decisions with concrete examples •Fixate on one solution based on preconceived notion •Consider the alternatives •Penalize teams who appoint one member to answer questions Evaluation Provide feedback •Provide constructive criticism & detailed comments •Provide short, vague sentences & general comments •Point out development opportunities and how presentation could have been improved •Discuss case with participants
  32. 32. Category (Assigned Score 1-10) Weight Multiplier Presentation x 1 Analysis & Development of Alternatives x 2 Recommendation(s) x 2.5 Implementation x 3 Question Period x 1.5 Team Evaluation Criteria * A score in the midrange of a category indicates that the team met the judges’ expectations.
  33. 33. Comparing Cumulative Evaluation Scores 11 Match Point Split 3.4 point or less differential 6 match points to winning team 5 match points to losing team 3.5-10.4 point differential 7 match points to winning team 4 match points to losing team 10.5-20.4 point differential 8 match points to winning team 3 match points to losing team 20.5-35 point differential 9 match points to winning team 2 match points to losing team 35.5 point or more differential 10 match points to winning team 1 match point to losing team Match Scoring – Changes this Year
  34. 34. Match Example 1 Category Team A Team B Presentation (x1) 8 8 6 6 Analysis & Development of Alternatives (x2) 6 12 7 14 Recommendation (x2.5) 7 17.5 9 22.5 Implementation (x3) 6 18 7 21 Question Period (x1.5) 8 12 6 9 Cumulative Score 67.5 72.5 Score Differential 5 Match Points Awarded 4 7
  35. 35. Match Example 2 Category Team A Team B Presentation (x1) 8 8 6 6 Analysis & Development of Alternatives (x2) 6 12 7 14 Recommendation (x2.5) 5 12.5 9 22.5 Implementation (x3) 6 18 7 21 Question Period (x1.5) 6 9 8 12 Cumulative Score 59.5 75.5 Score Differential 16 Match Points Awarded 3 8
  36. 36. Lav Crnobrnja Online Evaluation Form
  37. 37. Where can I park? Access to indoor parking is located on Mansfield & corner of St-Antoine Is the hotel accessible by metro? Yes. Bonaventure & Square-Victoria What time do I need to be there? Refer to your schedule What is the dress code? Business professional Who should I tell about my food allergy? Julia & Isabelle What to bring with me? Nothing but yourself FAQs
  38. 38. • Wednesday, January 9 from 6:00 – 9:00pm • Mingle with sponsors, participants, volunteers, and other judges Networking Cocktail
  39. 39. FOLLOW US! Get the App!
  40. 40. Questions? See You in January! We’re Counting On You!