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Mythology Quiz Prelims 2-3-2013


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Mythology Quiz Prelims - Ankan and Prakhar

Mythology Quiz Prelims 2-3-2013

  1. 1. Mythology Quiz 2-3-2013Ankan and Prakhar
  2. 2. PrelimsAnswers
  3. 3. Q1.X was the king of the eastern kingdom Pundra.He tried to imitate Lord Krishna and attached2 extra imitation arms, painted himselfblue, and carried the conch, lotus, chakra. Hehad enmity with Krishna. He was an ally of theking of Magadha, Jarasandha. Id X.
  4. 4. Paundraka Vasudeva
  5. 5. Q2.In Greek mythology X was the first woman.All gods helped create her by giving herunique gifts. X’s other name is Anesidorawhich means “one who sends up gifts”.According to the myth, X opened a boxreleasing all evils of mankind. Id X.
  6. 6. Pandora
  7. 7. Q3.In Hindu mythology, X is regarded as themother of all cows. She is not worshippedindependently as such, and temples are notdedicated to her alone; rather she is honouredby veneration of cows in general.
  8. 8. Kamdhenu
  9. 9. Q4.In Norse mythology, a _______ is one of ahost of female figures who decides who fallsand dies in battle. They select half of thosewho die in battle and bring them to theafterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla. Theysometimes also appear as lovers of heroesand other mortals.
  10. 10. Valkyrie
  11. 11. Q5.In Roman mythology, X is the god ofbeginnings. He is also the god ofdoors, gates, endings and time. He is usuallyshown with two faces since he looks to thepast and the future.
  12. 12. Janus
  13. 13. Q6.In various Hindu traditions, X is regarded asthe first king to rule this earth and also as thevery first man. He was initially known as“Satyavrata”. Y was the wife of X. Id X and Y.
  14. 14. X- Manu, Y- Shraddha (Niharika)
  15. 15. Q7.In Norse mythology, _______ is a burningrainbow bridge between Midgard and Asgard.According to Prose Edda, the bridge ends atHiminbjörg. Some scholars believe that thebridge may have originally represented theMilky Way.
  16. 16. Bifrost
  17. 17. Q8.X was a soldier of the Roman Empire who refused totake part in the persecution of Christians. In a legendX is the protagonist in which he slays a man-eatingdragon who guarded city’s water supply . The city’sinhabitants were so grateful that they convertedfrom Paganism to X’s Christianity.
  18. 18. St. George
  19. 19. Q9.The Xs are a nation of all-female warriors ingreek mythology and Classical antiquity.Herodotus placed them in a region borderingScythia in Sarmatia (modern territory ofUkraine). Other historiographers place them inAsia Minor or Libya.
  20. 20. Amazons
  21. 21. Q10.X were Norse warriors who are reported in theOld Norse literature to have fought in a nearlyuncontrollable, trance-like fury, acharacteristic which later gave rise to theEnglish word Y.Give me X and Y??
  22. 22. Berserker and Berserk
  23. 23. Q11.Sometimes X, a horse Headed godwhose name is derived from Sanskritwords for Horse and Neck , isincluded in the list of avatars ofVishnu.ID X.
  24. 24. Hayagriva
  25. 25. Q12.A X in Japanese folklore is analogous to the westernconcept of soul reaper. The term X is used todescribe the creatures that are responsible formaking sure that a person dies when their timecomes, and then, taking their souls to theUnderworld. However, contrary to the concept ofGrim Reaper, there are multiple X working together.
  26. 26. Shinigami
  27. 27. Q13.X was the personification of the Sun in Greekmythology. X was imagined as a handsomegod crowned with the shining aureole of theSun, who drove the chariot of the sun acrossthe sky each day to earth circling Oceanusand through the world-ocean returned to theEast at night. X is sometimes identified withApollo. Y was the statue of X erected in thecity of Rhodes by Chares of Lindos between292 and 280 BC. Give me X and Y.
  28. 28. X- Helios, Y-Colossus of Rhodes
  29. 29. Q14.The X, although technically the shield ofZeus, was carried by Athena. She let Y borrowit so he could slay Medusa, since looking ather directly would have turned him into stone.After he had returned to Seriphos and turnedPolydectes into stone, Y placed the head ofMedusa on the X and returned it to Athena. Xand Y ?
  30. 30. X – Aegis Y - Perseus
  31. 31. Q15.According to a fable, X married 27 daughters of Daksha,but truly loved only one of them. His other wivescomplained about this negligent behavior to Daksha,who cursed him that he would become ugly forever. Asa penance, X prayed to Lord Shiva to remove the curse.However, Lord Shiva said that he could not remove thecurse completely, but said that whenever X lost hisbeauty completely, he would again gradually gain hisbeauty and the cycle would go on.Who is X, and what resulted thus?
  32. 32. Chandra
  33. 33. 16.The 12 Norse(Scandinavian) gods weretogether called X and , their home was calledY. There was also a second group of godscalled Z.ID X, Y and Z.
  34. 34. X-AesopY-AsgardZ-Vanir
  35. 35. Q17.The animal X had a primary significance in thefunerals in ancient Egypt. People at that timebelieved that X were only male in gender andreproduced by depositing semen in ________.This supposed self creation was similar to thatof Khepri, the god of the rising sun. That’s whyX were linked to Khepri. Give us X.
  36. 36. X- Scarab Beetle