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Recovery Tips After a Breast Reduction


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These are some guidelines only from Breast Reduction Surgery, your surgeon will provide you as postoperational instruction. Go through the listed tips and discuss with your surgeon prior to surgery.

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Recovery Tips After a Breast Reduction

  1. 1. Breast Reduction Surgery Breast reduction is a better option if you are suffering from neck and shoulders pain and difficulty in proper clothing as you have a large breast.
  2. 2. Control the Temperature around you • You should regularly control the temperature around you, as you are healing from breast reduction. • An increased temperature can cause serious infections. • Take the suggested antiboitics in a regular mannar.
  3. 3. Soreness & Pain Factor • You may feel some pain and soreness for few days after the breast reduction surgery. • Dont forget to follow the instructions and medications provided by your surgeon. • less pain will results a better overall experience and fast recovery.
  4. 4. Swelling (Edema) • Swelling is a common issue with all surgeries, as its a normal reaction and natural inflammatory action. • Swelling is not a bad thing, but severe swelling can cause some problem. • As your breast is smaller than before you can't notice the swelling too much.
  5. 5. Bruises • It may or may not occur after the surgery, as its totally depends on the patient and the techniques used for surgery. • Most of the bruises will vanishes with time, permanent bruises is very rare with some risk.
  6. 6. Sleeping • Sleeping will be difficult for first few days, hence its better to keep 2 or 3 fluffy pillows under your upper back and head to keep your torso raised. • This will help to relieve pressure on your treatment area, reducing swelling and pain.
  7. 7. Bathing • Dont use any hard scrubbers while bathing, until the incisions are completely cured. • No need to wash your hair for a while since you won't able to raise your hand to do that. • Otherwise get assistance from others to wash your hair.
  8. 8. Activity • Its better to walk and move around as soon as you are able for healthier recovery. • Avoid exercise or engagements in heavy activities for at least 3 to 4 weeks, bleeding may occur as your blood pressure increases. • Allow your incision to heal properly so that you give yourself the best healing environment possible.
  9. 9. We would put together a must-have list of recovery tips for patients after Breast Removal Surgery. We hope that it will help you in faster recovery.
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