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Various VoIP Solutions That Benefit The Education Sector


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As technology continues to upgrade, the learning environment is also changing. Switching from a traditional phone system to a VoIP solution can help the teachers and students for instant & better communication.
Here are 4 VoIP solution that is being used in the education sector.

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Various VoIP Solutions That Benefit The Education Sector

  1. 1. Various VoIP Solutions That Benefit The Education Sector
  2. 2. Education industry has seen a lot of progress over the last few years with the institutions changing their ways of reaching out to students by adopting new cloud technology.
  3. 3. Cloud telephony is helping the education sector to understand student needs and their career plans. Here are 4 VoIP solutions that are being used in education sector today.
  4. 4. 01. Virtual Number A virtual number helps the institute to publish single number everywhere-online and offline which students use to make contacts for asking queries.
  5. 5. 02. IVR Education institute deals with lots of calls during admission such as admission calls, fee related calls, exam related calls and more. Handling every call is difficult. IVR's help the students/parents to reach the right department via different extensions.
  6. 6. 03. Toll-Free Number When Internet is not working, toll-free number help the students to connect the institute without incurring any charge. It helps the students to resolve their query quickly without any delay.
  7. 7. 04. Outbound Calling Cloud-based outbound calls help in engaging students by sending important updates about educational offers, upcoming exams, pending payments, etc. It is integrated with CRM that displays all the students record.
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