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Public speaking and personality development


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Public speaking and personality development

  1. 1. Public Speaking and PersonalityDevelopment
  2. 2. Public Speaking Presenting and Larger Expressing number Ideas of and Audience Views
  3. 3. 2 elements- Content Body Language
  4. 4. Characteristics Structured and 1 way( need to systematic make 2 way More Formal Monitored Planned and Media can be used Screened to make it effective
  5. 5. Factors for Public Speaking • Identify Audience • Identify message • Identify best way or channel • Identify Location • Identify ways to involve your audience
  6. 6. Some Tips- Take time to prepare well for your presentation- preparation enhances your confidence Begin and end your presentation on time. Know your audience- profile them- demographically and research in detail. Dress appropriately, look well groomed. Have a back up plan for visual aids used in your presentation.
  7. 7. Some Tips- Tone down information overload. Don’t use inappropriate humor, know audience. Vary your speech tones and engage people. Relate topic back to audience, don’t talk about yourself. Learning from your experience, remain calm.
  8. 8. Some TipsA picture is indeed worth 1000 words, but choose wisely. Maintain a positive attitude. Body language and communication should be assertive. Participation of audience depends on body language and voice modulation (93%), only 7% content.
  9. 9. Some Tips Never memorize the content. If required use cue cards. Follow rule of 3! People tend to remember list of three- A, B, C, or 1, 2, 3. Always brief at the start and conclude at the end. Take questions and Feedback at the end. Exercise self control and synchronize your body language
  10. 10. Checklist- Dressed accordingly Content ready Confident Visual aids with enhance Visible to all audience Equipped with all material Timed your presentation Alternate plan
  11. 11. Now!!!You Are Ready For An Activity
  12. 12. Unique PresentSelling Preposition
  13. 13. Personality What Comes To Your Mind ???
  14. 14. Personality Development Appearance Externalcharacteristics Height, weight Stature Complexion Physique
  15. 15. But in Reality Out of our control Its use less to waste time and energy thinking of them Physicalappearance can help, but there are many other aspects contributing greatly to one One’s personality.
  17. 17. 3 Aspects of Personality Character Behavior Attitude
  18. 18. PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT Improvement of InterpersonalBehavior Communication Attitude Relationship
  19. 19. Personality= Building StrongFoundation- character and behavior. Fake smiles and mannerisms- Short term. Steven Covey – The best personality should be based on the solid foundation of character.
  20. 20. How to develop Personality Communication Skills Participation Listener Converser Be Open Optimistic Supportive Integrity