Brokerage firms


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Brokerage firms

  1. 1. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS:Brokerage firms are the business entities that deal with stock trading. India, with anincreasing capital market and a growing number of investors, has a number of brokeragefirms. In Indian retail brokerage industry, the brokerage firms primarily work as agents forbuying and selling of securities like shares, stocks and other financial instruments and earncommission for each of the transactions. There are plenty of brokerage firms in India. Letshave a look at the top 10 brokerage firms in India.Financial brokerage market in India is going through sweeping changes with new playerslooking to be a part of the highly competitive brokerage market characterized by dwindlingbrokerage and exponential growth of brokers and sub brokers. On the other hand, manyexisting players have been forced to undercut operations due to lack of revenues while othersstill surviving on the basis of consolidation. The market is witnessing new guidelines by theregulatory authorities and new innovative offers by banks and brokerage companies.Before talking anything about top brokerage firms in India, lets have a glance at the Indianretail brokerage market, which is going through a wonderful phase with high growth rate. Thetotal trading volume of the Indian brokerage companies stood at US$ 1239.1 billion in theyear 2004, which increased to US$ 1492.1 billion in 2005. It is further expected to reach US$6535.7 billion by the year 2015.List of Top 10 Brokerage Firms in IndiaAmong all the Indian brokerage companies, the top 10 Brokerage Firms in India can be listedas below: Name Kotak Securities Limited Terminals 4320
  2. 2. Sub Brokers 910No. of Employees 4008No. of Branches 350Name Karvy Stock Broking LimitedTerminals 1700Sub Brokers 19000No. of Employees 3910No. of Branches 581Name IndiabullsTerminals 2876Sub Brokers NANo. of Employees 5873No. of Branches 522Name IL&FS Investmart LimitedTerminals 1644Sub Brokers NANo. of Employees 1900No. of Branches 294Name Motilal Oswal SecuritiesTerminals 7923Sub Brokers 890No. of Employees 2193No. of Branches 63Name Reliance Money
  3. 3. Terminals 2428Sub Brokers 1494No. of Employees 2037No. of Branches 142Name India InfolineTerminals 173Sub Brokers 173No. of Employees NANo. of Branches 605Name Angel Broking LimitedTerminals 5715Sub Brokers NANo. of Employees 284No. of Branches NAName Anand Rathi Securities LimitedTerminals 1527Sub Brokers 320No. of Employees 4566No. of Branches 220Name GeojitTerminals 627Sub Brokers 247No. of Employees 343No. of Branches 314
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