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2015 Company Profile EXPOSITIONS INDIA 2015


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2015 Company Profile EXPOSITIONS INDIA 2015

  1. 1. expositions india An Introduction 2015
  2. 2. What do we do? Our focus – Building a unique relationship that creates and secures future earnings ……. Creating live interactions between companies and their customers to foster strong emotional bonds
  3. 3. To understand our clients universe - work closely with you, use this information as a whole to identify the areas of opportunity and provide business recommendations Our Job
  4. 4. Our Process Our process in this regard is very simple and powerful : determine what you want to achieve and then show you how to get there using your budget most efficiently
  5. 5. Ideation Great ideas mean business The goal of ideation is to generate new ideas that can be brought to life to solve your business issues and create blue oceans of opportunity
  6. 6. Invention Ideation can lead to the need to invent new products and services. We help bringing new ideas to life , manage the project and deliver your invention. Physical solutions to our clients needs
  7. 7. Experiential Marketing Experiential marketing usually allows the consumer to experience a brand in a real life way. A program , where the target consumer is allowed to touch, feel, taste, play, hear or use it
  8. 8. How does it help The power of this marketing approach is to cut through the clutter , create emotional bonds with the defined customer segments and generate measurable business results
  9. 9. How does it help It’s a marketing process to create authentic connections with your target audiences, inserting the brand into a target’s life so that he adds it to the list of brands he uses
  10. 10. THE GREAT MOTIVATORS Among the notable findings from research: 43 % of women rate experiential marketing as the medium that will most likely cause them to purchase a product compared with advertising (20%) and direct mail (37%) Source: “Experiential Marketing Survey” (Jack Morton Worldwide/SRI)
  11. 11. How does it help Events that integrate entertainment along with an opportunity to test a product are strongly preferred by respondents across all age groups. They indicate that experiential layers increase the impact of traditional sampling or promotion
  12. 12. Are We the Right People?
  13. 13. Our USP’s  Over 25 years with an in-depth knowledge of the Delhi/NCR Market  Conceived & conceptualise niche promotions to highlight the brands  Clients predominantly include category leaders  Quality of the work resulting in long term associations
  14. 14. Client recommendations Anjali is a superb human being and above all a superb professional. She always goes beyond the call of duty and delivers above expectations. Her man management skills are worth emulating and I would call her the female guru of 'product promotion" industry. There is so much to learn from her and with that cool temperament that she has, work becomes fun.” August 7, 2008 Sanjay Raina, Product Manager - Personal Care, Philips India Limited
  15. 15. Client recommendations Anjali is one of the most trusted and hardworking people i have worked with in my entire working life. Few companies deliver work in a professional manner as her company and all credit goes to her for her personal involvement and dedication. One can give her work and be rest assured that no follow up is required and things will get done on time as discussed. The best direct marketing company that i have been associated with.” May 27, 2008 Pradeepak Malvai, Director Sales & Marketing - South Asia, Greater China & middle East, Corning International
  16. 16. Road Show Discovery & FameX
  17. 17. Retail Outlets – Promotions LEO MATTEL
  18. 18. Exhibition & Road Show ITC Foods
  19. 19. Sampling - Gyms & Markets TATA TETLEY MiDDAY
  20. 20. Colleges & Institutes HLL – Ponds & Lakme
  21. 21. School contact Program Kellogg’s & Eureka Forbes
  22. 22. Road Show – Client’s  Discovery Channel – 5 days road show to encourage Discovery viewers to watch the program INDIA WEEK – 4 years on various themes .  ITC – Foods – 0 % Maida & 100 % Atta Road show – 15 days covering all the major markets in Delhi & NCR  Philips India Ltd – Spot the Philishaver - Shave while you drive . Lead generation activities - Office to Office , In – Shop , Clubs & Jogging tracks .  Yahoo India – Van promotion in front of colleges & youth hang out’s to encourage them to create a yahoo email id .
  23. 23. Office Promotions – Client’s  Tata Tea – Sampling of Green Tea – 100 offices / 50 Gyms / Jogging Tracks . Delhi haat – during nature Bazar .  MiDDAY – Sampling & subscription drive covering 1OO BPO in Delhi & NCR  Philips India Ltd – Office contact program - Lead generation for Philishave  Johnson & Johnson – Tampons Sampling - Office to Office / Home to home . 80000 contacts .
  24. 24. Retail Audit – Client’s  Tata Tea – Identifying outlets retailing a specific product for a new launch . 26000 outlets – Delhi & NCR  HLL – Distributor wise audit of - the number of Window Display’s hired / Size and the amount being paid per outlet . 30000 outlets covered .
  25. 25. School contact – Client’s  Kellogg’s – School nutrition educational program for 5 years – 150 schools annually in Delhi / NCR reaching out to 67500 students between the age group of 8 to 10 years .  Eureka Forbes – Delhi Inter School Environment Quiz – 24 schools participated .  GSK – Booster DPT vaccination reminder . 50 - A category schools in Delhi reaching out to 30000 parents .  Johnson & Johnson – Tampons Sampling - Educational institutes . 40000 contacts age group of 19 to 25 years .
  26. 26. Mall Promotions – Client’s  LEO MATTEL – In store promotions for Barbie / Hot wheels  ITC Foods - Sampling organised at Mall’s / Exhibition’s / Kitchens of India / Aashirvaad Multi Purpose Cooking Paste
  27. 27. Thank You Contact Details